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November 2004

November 30, 2004

Imperfections V: Passing Through the Underworld by Dasha -- AU. Crossover. Blair tries to straighten out Jim's love life, a nasty murder case gets complicated by the out-of-town experts sent in to 'help,' and nobody is quite as reasonable as they'd like to be. Violence warning.

'Swings the Scaly Horror of His Folded Tail by LKY -- A string of unrelated crimes in Cascade open the door to an evil that nearly destroys Jim. Rated R for horror.

November 28, 2004

Christmas Spirit by Lyn -- Blair is depressed when it appears Jim doesn't want to spend Christmas Day with him.

Evolution of Friendship, Part 7: Trainwreck of Emotion by Annie -- Extended epilogue to Love and Guns.

Who Shot Santa Claus? by Arianna -- A friend of Blair gets into trouble.

Doodles by Twilight -- Too short for a summary.

Drabbles by Twilight -- A sequel of sorts to Doodles.

Bugged by Twilight -- Blair goes on a little excavation with a group of students and comes back bugged.

November 24, 2004

The Woman by Susan Foster -- AU; part of AU/GDP Fever Dream series. When a woman tries to break a parnership, a new force comes forward to protect it.

November 22, 2004

Fifty Seven Channels and Nothing On by Clea Saal -- Blair gets stuck watching TV at a time when there's very little on.

November 21, 2004

Love and Other Bruises by Annie -- In the midst of a murder investigation, Blair goes missing, but is Jim following the right clues to his disappearance?

Dependence series by MagPie -- AU. My take on the 'A world where sentinels are known' scenario. (1) The Kindness of Strangers; (2) Home Sweet Home; (3) Friend or Foe; (4) Sleeping Beauty Awakes; (5) Freaks by Nature; (6) Mommy Dearest; (7) The Tribe.

November 19, 2004

Arnaud You Don't by Gil Hale -- Can a Sentinel sense an Invisible Man? Crossover with Invisible Man.

November 17, 2004

Obsession by JET -- Moonridge Auction story for Karen. A serial killer stalks Cascade. Rated PG.

November 16, 2004

Scrying by Fluterbev -- A missing scene for Mirror Image. The frightening encounter with Warren Chapel in Conover brings back some bad memories for Blair.

November 14, 2004

Darkness by Carole -- There are some things that a Guide just isn't ready for, even one like Blair Sandburg.

Accepting the Path - Epilogue by Shallan -- Knowing what has to happen next doesn't make it any easier to do, or does it? Jim and Blair finish what they both agree is the next and final step to complete the bond and solidify their partnership.

Promises of Rainbows by JudyL -- Part 14 of the Vet Series. Jim and Jenny pick up the pieces.

You Came Back by Quiet Wolf -- A peak at the guys five years after the events of TSbyBS.

November 12, 2004

Thankworthy by Autumn Skies -- Jim and Simon face the prospect of celebrating the holidays without their former police observer. A short prequel to Falling Rain. Takes place after TSbyBS.

November 8, 2004

The Stop by Linda Stoops -- Two patrol officers pull over a certain Volvo, and we find that even guardians need guardians.

November 4, 2004

Ride of a Lifetime by Lyn -- A bad case has Blair ruing the comment he made regarding rollercoasters and merry-go-rounds.

November 3, 2004

Delivered From Exile by Java Head -- The third installment of the Exile series. Blair settles in and meets some of the MC gang. The mystery of the pizza is solved.

24...November 24 by Cheryl R. -- 24 desperate hours.

November 1, 2004

What My True Love Gave To Me by Evermore -- Ahh, Christmastime in Cascade! And it's Blair's turn to decorate the loft. Warning for extreme weirdness.

Sentinel Links by JudyL -- Part 4 in the series.

Alas, Poor Fargo by Arnie -- Jim and the Fargo Hat have a 'special' relationship. Anything more would spoil it.

Naomi's Plea by Clea Saal -- Naomi has something to say to fanfic writers.

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