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October 2005

October 31, 2005

Statistics by JudyL -- Can the guys beat the odds?

Song in the Night by Cheryl R. -- It can't always be a happy ending. (Death fic)

Ironic by Clea Saal -- Jim and Blair talk about their more immediate concerns as a terrifying encounter looms in the horizon. Part of the Birds of a Feather series; sequel to One Week; crossover with Stargate: SG1.

October 29, 2005

End Games by LKY -- Sequel to Head Games; part of the Uncle Buck Universe. The boys fight back. Rated R.

Mismatched by ljc -- AU meeting. Very loose reworking of The Debt, so there are definitely spoilers, also for Murder 101. Rated PG.

We welcome Demeter and her 16 stories to the Library!

October 28, 2005

Controlled Glide by Saoirse -- It's a long way down, and sometimes the best we can do is maintain a controlled glide and hope for the best. Rated PG-13.

October 27, 2005

Then Some by LKY -- Is Jim hearing things? Follows Iceman. Rated PG-13 for language.

Synth-Sense (aka 'the Rest Stop fic') by Freya-Kendra -- Is it possible to synthesize a sentinel? Immediately after the events of TSbyBS, Blair is tracked down by a woman from Boston who talks him into taking a road trip with her. If only he knew her real intentions. Originally posted on CascadeTimes.

Saved by McBreakfast? by Freya-Kendra -- Blair makes an unexpected, life-saving stop at McDonald's. Originally posted on CascadeTimes.

October 24, 2005

One Week by Clea Saal -- Jim considers the future. Part of the Birds of a Feather series; sequel to The Lines are Drawn; crossover with Stargate: SG1.

October 23, 2005

Evolution of Friendship, Part Ten: I'll Stand By You by Annie -- AU retelling/epilogue for Flight.

October 22, 2005

The Marker Pen by Arnie -- Basically, Jim + marker pen = trouble.

October 17, 2005

Delayed by Sharilyn -- This one isn't just about Jim and Blair; Henri has a part too.

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This by Lyn -- Bridging epilogue between Switchman and Siege.

The Lines are Drawn by Clea Saal -- Jack finds himself dealing with a situation that was not in the recruitment manual. Part of the Birds of a Feather series; sequel to Flies on the Wall; crossover with Stargate: SG1.

October 16, 2005

Blind Spot by Fluterbev -- Jim thinks back to the events in Dead End on Blank Street, and wonders how he missed seeing Veronica's true intentions. Previously posted on Sentinel_Thursday.

Bang! Holy Grail Time! by Leesa Perrie -- Blair's POV. Some early missing bits from Switchman.

October 15, 2005

Devil's Night by Dreamweaver -- Jim agrees to help chaperone a fraternity party with Blair; trouble ensues.

October 10, 2005

First Aid by Helen W. -- Blair learns something.

Flies on the Wall by Clea Saal -- Jim and Jack listen in on their respective trouble magnets. Part of the Birds of a Feather series; sequel to Carrots on a Stick; crossover with Stargate: SG1.

October 8, 2005

Head Games by LKY -- Blair just can't say no. Part of the Uncle Buck universe. Rated R. (First part of a two-part story)

October 3, 2005

Carrots on a Stick by Clea Saal -- What's an anthropologist's dream job? Daniel has some ideas. Part of the Birds of a Feather series; sequel to NMMHFHU; crossover with Stargate: SG1.

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