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May 2006

May 31, 2006

The Guide by LKY -- An AU snippet. Rated PG-13.

Forces Merge by Brate -- AU. Blair meets Jim when he is several years younger, and more in tune with the shaman nature of the Guide. But the pair's connection still can't be denied.

May 30, 2006

Blessed Overprotector by Lyn -- Blair discovers that having a Blessed Protector, even if Jim's a little overprotective at times, has its benefits.

May 29, 2006

Death of a Beloved by KAM -- Blair suffers a devastating loss. Originally appeared in Sentry Duty 9. (Note: Humor.)

Detaching by KAM - After TSbyBS, Blair comes to a decision. Originally appeared in Sentry Duty 9.

Game Over by KAM - Blair gets a new Palm Pilot. Originally appeared in Sensory Overload 9.

May 22, 2006

Wraith Canyon by LKY -- A chance to take a vacation and earn extra money come the boy's way. #9 in the Lineage of Lies Universe. Rated PG-13.

May 21, 2006

Just the Facts by Debra Noellert -- Jim and Blair start teaching young Vin and Ezra what it means to be a Sentinel and a Guide. Crossover with The Magnificent Seven; sequel to The Cub and the Kit.

May 19, 2006

Right of Birth by Freya-Kendra -- A continuation of Murder 101. Norman Ventriss is a powerful man with a very good, very well paid lawyer. A lack of hard evidence has resulted in clearing his son, Brad, of murder charges in the death of Dennis Chung. Now Brad is out to "teach the teacher," intent on showing Blair Sandburg how the right of birth sets everyone's place in society. What he fails to realize is that Blair and Jim have a right of birth of their own....

May 18, 2006

South Pacific by Saul -- Mab asked: Can you Mary Sue your own country? Well I thought - sure you can, so here's mine.

May 14, 2006

The Glass Ceiling by Demeter -- AU. Blair discovers the life he was leading was not quite real.

Peace at Last by Quiet Wolf -- The sentinel has his work cut out for him taking care of his ailing guide, until he learns the secret behind Blair's restlessness.

Double Dating by Arnie -- Jim had a bad day, but Blair's was worse.

May 11, 2006

By Any Other Name by Cheryl R. -- Blair has a complaint.

May 10, 12006

A Matter of Magic, Part Six by Jenifer -- Back to home territory, but not alone.

Unforseen by Arnaa -- AU. In a world where Sentinels and Guides are known, a Sentinel finds his one true Guide. Of course, things are never that simple! Previously published in Sentry Duty 9.

May 7, 2006

Dreams and Portents by JudyL -- Part of the Vet Series.

Stumbling In by Lyn -- Blair's eagerness to help his partner lands him in hot water.

May 1, 2006

The Goldfish and the Guppy by Candied Yam -- I was sitting in a the pinkest, ponyish, Barbie-est, girliest bedroom, watching Meganís (that was the little girlís name) two pet fish - one silver and lovely, the other multi-coloured and quirky - and it got me to thinking (as always) about Jim and Blair, and this smarmy little piece of fluff was the result...

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