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August 2006

August 31, 2006

Hearing the Shaman by LKY -- Blair returns for another lesson, but something goes wrong. Rated PG-13 for language. Warning: Kid Fic.

August 28, 2006

The Kid by Leesa Perrie -- AU. A 14-year-old runaway boy is in need of help and finds it.

August 19, 2006

Thoughts After Crossroads by Shadde

Bet, Her Guide and the Horrible, Terrible Smell by Shadde -- Part of the Ellison and Sandburgs Join Up Series.

Change Isn't Necessarily Bad by Shadde

Change Isn't Necessarily Bad-Epilogue by Shadde

August 11, 2006

Baggage by Jayed -- That Ubiquitous Backpack.

Typecast by Jayed -- Answer to June 2006 Themefic Request on SenA: Rafe [is] severely injured and sustain[s] permanent disabilities that [force him] to create a completely different life. Warnings: Permanent disability of minor character.

Once Upon a Time When I Was Young by Shadde

August 8, 2006

Kaleidoscope Eyes by Jess Riley -- A week before Christmas, Blair comes home to recover from a car accident that nearly claimed his life. During his convalescence, a past that he thought he'd left behind comes back to haunt him and both men discover a new depth to their friendship.

August 6, 2006

Quondam Guide by ljc -- They met years before. It changes POV from Blair to Jim and back again a number of times.

On the Cusp by ljc -- Simon thoughts! Part one of the Simon Ponders completed series. Rated PG for one word.

Guardian by ljc -- Simon's POV again. Part two of the Simon Ponders completed series. Rated PG for Simon being a bit tipsy and thinking a bad word or two.

Perception by ljc -- A short, uneasy little piece, from Simon's POV. Part three of the Simon Ponders completed series. Rated PG for a couple of words.

August 4, 2006

Dufus by Helen W. -- Blair gets a pet. Crossover with Kim Possible.

Out of the Darkness by Helen W. -- A reunion in difficult times.

Extreme by Demeter -- Warnning: Death story (major characters); deals with assisted suicide.

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