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Last modified April 28, 2009

The Alternate Universe Series by D.L. Witherspoon
recommended by Maggie C.

The summary on her first story says: "A new world where Blair is an attorney and Jim is a convict." A plain and simple description for the introduction to a wonderful and intricate universe. This series is, without a doubt, my favorite AU series. D.L. Witherspoon poses a wonderful 'What if?' and draws you in with her excellent storytelling and fantastic characterizations. A great read, not to be missed.

Bitterwood Creek, and its sequels, Oak Creek Canyon and Under the Wide Prarie Sky by Arianna
recommended by StarWatcher

Arianna writes great epic-length stories, very meaty and satisfying. In Bitterwood Creek, set in the American West after the Civil War, former Cavalry officer Jim Ellison meets itinerant doctor Blair Sandburg. They become fast friends and, together, learn how to deal with Jim's senses as they carve a niche for themselves in the small but thriving frontier town. Arianna gives great depth to the story, expertly delineating the hardships and satisfactions of life in that era. The familiar characters of TS people the town, recognizably in character even though they have different roles in this era. Settle in for a nice, long read, then continue the adventures in Oak Creek Canyon and Under the Wide Prarie Sky.

Blair Zone V: Reckless by MaBrown
recommended by Skipper

I liked the setting of this particular alternate universe. It's done rather well, and the villian is enjoyable to watch in action. I also liked the angst both characters go through in this story.

The Centurion by Ismaro
recommended by Pat

This is a must read for any TS AU lovers. Note: It is a work-in-progress, but please don't let that stop you. Ismaro (Izzy) has created a meticulously detailed historical tale. The characters names have been changed to reflect the period (Ancient Rome), but it's clearly the TS guys. Jim is drawn to a slave auction by the sound of a heartbeat. Fate steps in and Blair is rescued before he's sold to the highest bidder. Jim is portrayed as a brave war hero who doesn't understand what's happening to him and his senses. Blair is the headstrong but worldly slave, who wants his freedom but is also needs to help this stranger who saved him. There is a bond felt between the two, and they slowly learn to relate to each on a deeper level than just master and slave.

Coming Up for Air series by Delilah
recommended by Becky

A *very* intriguing AU about what would have happened if Jim (with his senses) had been misdiagnosed as a child as having autism and treated as such. Now as an adult, Blair finds him and knows Jim in his sentinel...but it's a little late. Three stories so far and told from Blair's first-person POV. Highly recommended.

Before Dawn (part of the Roachia series) by Cindy Combs
recommended by Becky

This is an AU story in the fullest sense. TS characters, along with characters from many other fandoms, have been removed from their normal location and reintegrated in a totally new world. Wonderfully long, very entertaining read. Make sure you let Cindy know you want to see the sequel!

The Family Series by D.L. Witherspoon
recommended by DanaWheels

I love the idea of Jim having a whole other life and that he is doing more than just being a police detective.

Forces Of Light And Dark by Java Head
recommended by Becky

Another in the growing line of stories "inspired by Susan Foster's GDP series." Another look at an alternate way that Jim and Blair could have met and become sentinel and guide together. I love the way Jim takes care of Blair and the well-written bonding scene at the end.

GDP series by Susan Foster

  • recommended by Becky
  • Susan has created an AU world where Guides are essentially slaves to their Sentinels. Blair is a Guide without a Sentinel and doesn't want one. Jim is a Sentinel without a Guide who doesn't believe that anyone can "own" another person and therefore doesn't want a Guide. However, things change, and the two are forced to bond. Susan writes Jim in a very caring while at the same time very "covert ops" and intense way. Blair is written as both vulnerable and strong. The three stories she has so far (Sentinel 101, Sentinel Primer, and Living with the Past) are filled with h/c, drama, and excellent story-telling. Simon also plays a large part in these stories, and is written very well, which for me, is one more selling point. Wonderful stories in a series that I hope will have more installments to come.

  • recommended by Dawn Marie Sobi
  • Susan Foster has a wonderful premise: What would happen if Guides, empathically gifted, were simply property and had no rights? What would happen if Blair had been forced to bond to Alex? What then happens when a mentally and emotionally broken Guide, who barely survives this abuse, is forced again to bond to a Sentinal who refuses to bond? This is the world of dark emotions and the horror humans inflict upon each other through their misdeeds and ignorance. In this world we revisit Simon, Daryl, Rafe, Brown, Carolyn, Megan and Naomi but with a twist caused by the politically connected organization that governs society's rules, the GDP. Sentinels are recognized and prized, and Guides are found kneeling at their feet. Hold on to your hearts, folks. These stories will really affect you.

  • recommended by Angie Harrison
  • Very AU, very different from our Sentinel and Guide but just really intriguing. I found the depth of the compassion and feeling between the Jim and Blair in these stories to be of the *soul deep* type and it just makes me want to see these characters continue to grow and evolve. Tons of *smarm* (warm fuzzies), angst, h/c..just a banquet of goodies waiting for the next reader to discover it.

  • recommended by Meggplant
  • Oh my, how to say this without gushing. The GDP series is amazing. The characters are very AU, but still our own boys at heart. The h/c is given and received equally, and there's enough plot line to see us into the next millenium without becoming confusing. Blair is a Guide Empath, a rogue captured after his powers as an empath manifested. Jim is a Sentinel in a world where many are born often, and Guides are trained basically as slaves to their Sentinels. Neither he nor Blair want to bond, but with Jim on the verge of a mental breakdown, Blair is forced to. And that is the start of an amazing partnership...

    I~L~A~S~C Series by Carikube
    recommended by Sherrylou

    This happens to be one of my favorite series and two stories (Inchoate and Deception) are up so far. Each story can stand alone, yet they continue to build upon the relationship of Jim and Blair. What's the basic premise? Take the show, The Sentinel, pick it up and plop it down in Australia. How will Jim meet Blair? Are their backgrounds still the same? Will they end up living together? Throw in an old friend, a great, new friend (Travis is a great character!), and mix well with some very evil, evil people. A great series and a great read!

    Imperfections series by Dasha
    recommended by Patricia

    This WIP is up to part 3 and I'm hoping for countless more to come. It's an AU where Jim is a 'late blooming' Sentinel and needs a new guide after his original guide (Brackett!) becomes dangerously negligent. In steps guide-in-training Blair, who is eager to show the rattled Sentinel how a guide is really supposed to handle his pupil. It's a heartwarming and terrifically entertaining series, which should not surprise any fan of Dasha's other work.

    In Time and Destiny series by Becky

  • recommended by Sis
  • This is actually a series of stories in an AU setting. It addresses the spiritual side of the Sentinel universe, and has a very interesting and logical premise. Nice otherworldly atmosphere, while keeping the guys firmly rooted in the TS 'real world.' Not to be missed.

  • recommended by Shelley Knepley
  • This is a bit AU, and deals with Blair as a shaman, please don't let that put you off this story! Well written, great plot, and all around a great read. The series is complete with the posibility of more in the future <please>.

    Inverse and Function by Brook Henson
    recommended by Becky

    These two stories paint an interesting (if way too scant!) picture, one I'm very intrigued by and hope that the author continues to explore. Vulnerable Jim...yes, a weakness of mine. I definitely want to see more stories following these two.

    Living at Fourth and Talmadge by Delilah
    recommended by Sheila

    Two words describe this story (and all of Delilah's stories) - brilliant and beautiful. There's shades of Martha and Dasha in her work, an intelligent, sweet and caring Blair and a Jim who makes me sigh, cry and smile at the same time. In this series Jim is a sentinel, yet autistic. He's vulnerable, strong, endearing, protective and beautiful. Simon makes me laugh in joy of him - he's gruff, endearing, loud and soft when needed - a leader. And Jim's family is wonderful as well, especially Stephen. Achingly beautiful are these stories, especially Living..., a soul deep kind of read that will haunt you the entire day - it certainly haunted me; and a lovely feeling it was. In my estimation Delilah is right up there with my very favorite writers such as D.L. Witherspoon, Martha and Dasha. {Page maintainer's note: This is part of the "Coming Up for Air" series.}

    Lookin' for Eight by Fidus Amicus
    recommended by Becky

    In short, this is "Jim and Blair meet in Amarillo, Texas" as she says in her description. To add to that, you've got a Jim the cowboy/cop, Blair the student doing research on a rodeo, and the perfect amount of h/c. Another very wonderful story by a great author.

    Mark of the Beast by Donna Gentry
    recommended by Becky

    A good AU will always capture my attention and drag me into the story, sometimes faster than a regular TS story will. And this tale is a very well-written AU about what could've happened if Blair had found another sentinel (not Alex) before he met Jim. Lots of drama and action and excellently written characters as Jim and Blair meet and their lives suddenly take a turn. As these changes take place, not all goes smoothly as our heroes soon find out. A great read.

    Miracles of Life by D.L. Witherspoon
    recommended by NEM

    This one could cause some great discussions. It all depends on how sorry you can feel for a sentinel who piddles away their chance to have a guide...big time. Give it a chance and you might just shed a tear for the last person you could imagine.

    A New Beginning by Trishbsc
    recommended by Stacey

    This AU sets guide and sentinel in Mercedes Lackey's Kingdom of Valdemar. A must read for fans of both series and should be enjoyable for anyone else who enjoys AUs. Trishbsc does a great job in portraying Blair and Jim as well as giving them fitting backstories for Valdemar.

    Obfuscator by Besterette
    recommended by NEM

    This is a sweet, funny story, where Blair is a not-so hardhearted con man. Jim is an ex-soldier, who recieved a medical discharge because he has 'spells'. The student/con-man gets a job as a helper to the sad and lonely soldier, and things get interesting fast.

    Outside These Walls by Jael Lyn
    recommended by Paula

    I've become fond of AU's and this one by Jael Lyn is brilliant. The premise of the story relates a Jim and Blair who met a few years after The Switchman. Jim is vulnerable in his lack of control of his senses yet so very strong and determined. Blair is brilliant, animated, and makes me smile. Their connection, when they finally meet, had me cheering. This writer is hugely talented and I dearly love her fabulous plots and glorious characterization.

    A Part of Me by Jess Riley
    recommended by Stefanie Ottmann

    This great AU story begins with Jim discovering he has a three-year-old son named Blair. Of course, Blair has just arrived on his doorstep with a note from Naomi. If you have not yet discovered this gem, I highly recommend it.

    Restored by XmagicalX

  • recommended by Becky
  • Xmag's first Sentinel story and what a story it is! Rating high on the angst-o-meter, this story is a wonderfully complex read that leaves lots of room for a prequel or a sequel or both and still is a complete story by itself.

  • recommended by Robyn
  • Eloquently written, long AU piece in which Jim has been presumed dead for several years and Blair is now a full professor at Rainier -- and Jim reappears in Cascade. The depths of angst and emotion in this story are among the most incredible I have ever read. Well worth the read for angst lovers.

    Upgrade Series by Yvonne S. McCool
    recommended by Grey Bard

    Upgrade is a truly *original* AU and a joy to read. In the far distant future police officers have neural chips that try to replicate Sentinel senses. Lt. Ellison's chip has, unfortunately, broken down. Luckily for him, the brilliant Dr. Sandburg knows exactly what's going on and why there's nothing really wrong with Jim. Of course, he's going to need to stick around to keep track of his patient... Interesting premise, fascinating cases, a cool twist on genetic engineering, and the absolutely most memorable portrayal of Blair ever, bar none.

    Where We Love by Saoirse
    recommended by merlin

    This is a story that held my attention the entire way. A burnt-out Jim and Blair stumble across a seemingly idyllic place with just one problem -- they can't find their way out. I think this is Saoirse's first attempt at an AU and she painted the universe very clearly and believably. It had my attention the whole way through.

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