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Last modified April 25, 2009

See also the Library's Crossovers index.

Blessed Protector by Laura Picken
recommended by Becky

A crossover with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Jim and Blair investigating a series of mysterious deaths in Sunnydale, with a little help from Buffy and her friends. Though I hadn't seen Buffy when I first read this, I still loved the story and found it very entertaining.

The Cub and the Kit by Debra Noellert
recommended by MasterDeski

Crossover with Magnificent Seven and Alternate Universe for Mag 7. I haven't read a lot of Mag 7 fic, but I really like what the author did with those characters here. Blair's a cop, so that might dissuade some, but I feel the story, and hopefully the series it begins, is worth any aversion to that situation. This is one of the few fics I've come across with a child Sentinel-Guide pair that isn't our Jim and Blair, and the interaction between the two pairs look to develop nicely.

Distant Thunder, and its sequels, Fire and Ice, and Desert Wind by Arianna
recommended by StarWatcher

One of Arianna's strengths as a writer is her detail as she considers how sentinel senses would 'work', and how they might be handled in different situations. In Distant Thunder, Blair is requested, post TSbyBS, to help SG-1 interact with a planet where many people have sentinel senses -- but there are no guides. Another of Arianna's strengths are the care with which she builds a new society; here, the ramifications for such a society are interesting, and given thoughtful treatment. Meanwhile, Jim is drawn to Cheyenne mountain because he fears for his guide. On the planet, and back at SGC, he discovers that, compared to what SGC has seen in the galaxy at large, people regard heightened senses as useful, rather than freakish; he needs to consider the consequences that might have for him as a sentinal and a man. Like many of Arianna's stories, this is a lovely, long satisfying read. And then continue the adventures of SG-22 in the equally engaging stories Fire and Ice, and Desert Wind.

Dose of Confusion, Murder On The Side by Becky
recommended by Eagle Eye

This is without a doubt what I'd consider one of the best One West Waikiki/Sentinel crossovers on the web. Becky masterfully blends both characters and series without overshadowing one with the other. She pays close attention to correct characterization while at the same time weaving an interesting tale of revenge, intrigue, and a just little bit of mistaken identity. It's a good sized story but her skill keeps your interest until the last word.

False Pretenses by DawnC
recommended by Becky

A crossover with The Pretender. And, yes, another show I haven't seen, but know enough about to understand. Jarod shows up in Cascade. Dead bodies are found reminiscent of Lash and things go on from there. Good hurt/comfort piece.

Father Figure by Sheila Paulson
recommended by Carole

This story is a wonderful cross-over between TS and Riptide, and looks back at an event in Blair's childhood. It's great!

Innuai by Anne Murdoch (Kareila)
recommended by Gale Dumont

I've been a PtL fan for about 4 years now, and live over at LegacyWeb, the unnofficial PtL site. A bunch of other PtL fans also like TS, and one of them recommended this one to me. So I went and checked it out, and was floored. The characterizations on both shows were dead-on, and it just did a really nice, believeable job of fitting both shows together fairly without compromising anyone or any aspect of either show. Generally, when there's a crossover, it's more like "Here's Show A. Here are some characters from Show B. Let's throw them together." In this case, it was, "Here's Show A. Here's Show B. Here's a common threat. Here are characters from Shows A and B working together to defeat it."

Overall, it's one of the best pieces of TS or PtL fic I've ever read, and I highly recommend it. I only wish Anne Murdoch had written more, 'cause I'm pretty sure that this is it.

The Inquisitor by Sorka
recommended by Becky

A crossover with X-Files, followed by two other stories. If I said I didn't know anything about X-Files, I'd be lying, but I do have to admit I've never seen a full episode. However, our two FBI agents show up often enough in other fics for me to get to know them fairly well. In this one, there are scenes that make me crack up, whether involving Scully and Mulder or Jim and Blair. A good story with some good plot twists along the way. Found at her page - Sorka's Fiction Page.

La Femme Nikita crossover series by D.L. Witherspoon
recommended by Becky

Starting with with the very short Chance Encounter, then moving on to Adaptations and Saving Simon, this has become a favorite alternate Sentinel reality of mine. Another show I haven't seen, but still love the crossovers I read. Excellent plots, especially the twist she threw in the last one near the end. A definite must-read series.

MacGyver crossover series by Cindy Combs
recommended by Becky

Starting with The Maze, this series is a delight to read for MacGyver and Sentinel fans both. Wonderful and perfect characterization with solid storylines and plot twists. Other stories in this series, in order are Control, Coatlicue, Ares Bugle, Heirs to a Nightmare, Neutral Party (a follow-up to Sentinel Too), and Hot Time in Chicago. I think at least one other is in the works. Be sure to read.

Meeting at Nic's by Maggie C
recommended by Jess Riley

Crossover with Stargate: SG1. I read this story years ago but it's one that I've always remembered and enjoyed. I found Blair and Daniel to be just so, well, typical Blair and Daniel and Jim and Jack don't disappoint either as they quietly, but firmly vie for the position of top dog.

Old Wounds by Wnnepooh
recommended by Marianne

While it's not a regular crossover per se (Which is one of the reasons its so good. <G>) . There aren't that many appearances by canon Highlander characters. Wnne drops an OFC Immie (Yes an Original character and an incredibly well written one at that) into the Major Crimes department and proceeds to have great fun with the reactions of Blair and Jim. Their suspicions and the like. Basically its an incredibly great story to read. I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel. *grins*

On The Edge of Forever by DawnC
recommended by Angie

A bit unusual, a Star Trek:The Original Series/The Sentinel crossover but well worth the read. Having some familiarity with the Star Trek characters is good, but not really needed to enjoy this story. Much h/c, angst, and wonderful smarm for our main guys Jim and Blair. Please do give it a read... you will be most pleasantly surprised.

Our Unconquerable Soul by Sealie
recommended by A. Harrison

Our Unconquerable Soul had an excellent plot. It took characters from a program that I know little about (Poltergeist: The Legacy) and made them as interesting to me as my favorites, Jim & Blair. The story also had those wonderful hurt/comfort elements, plenty of smarm and a fascinating mystical element also. I just enjoyed it immensely!

The Sentinel/Homicide: Life on the Street crossovers by D.L. Witherspoon
recommended by Sue

This series crosses TS with Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss, the Baltimore detective partners from Homicide: Life on the Street. The whole series does a great job of capturing the feel and spirit of both shows. My favorite story is Busman's Holiday, but they are all well worth reading. What else can I say? After reading the first 2 stories, I started taping and watching Homicide again. I had watched H's first season, but lost track of it when NBC started shifting it around on their schedule.

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