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Last modified April 28, 2009

Agnes Mage's stories
recommended by Iris

Agnes Mage casts spells with her words! She is blessed with a talent for creating beauty in the form of prose. If you like stories that emphasize the parental/brotherly nature between Jim and Blair, her stories are not to be missed. In order, they are: Stealing Memories, For Wild Things, Homespun Logic, and Lost in the Clouds. Special note: don't pass over the "Aggieisms" that are sprinkled throughout her stories. They speak to the soul.

D.L. Witherspoon's stories

  • recommended by Valerie
  • I love the way these stories portray Jim and Blair's friendship. Simon is also in these stories a lot which I really like. Well, all I can say is they rule, so check 'em out!!

  • recommended by Kim
  • Amazing. Simply amazing. I am an absolute fanfiction freak, but I have to say that "the professor's" stories are among the most intelligently and well-thought out works of fiction I have ever seen. Some of the things she has coming out of these characters mouths are so insightful that I have to believe that she takes her time with every word she puts to paper! Great examples of this are debates sparked between Jim and Blair during the Family series, the references to Dante in Inferno, and the absolutely hilarious conversation of movie metaphors between Jim and Mulder in the XF/TS crossover Circle. Just pick any of her pieces for an excellent read - you can't go wrong!

    Donna Gentry's stories
    recommended by Dawn Marie Sobi

    Man, I'm telling you...if you like writing with hold-on-to-the-seat-of-your-pants intensity, then you owe it to yourself to read Donna Gentry (Ysone). She preys upon the guys and their well-developed senses of guilt and responsibility and teases you with the essential question of trust in their friendship.

    Accessibility shows Jim and Blair as victims of circumstance with a HUGE amount of pride. They're both strong individuals, and they're both wounded spirits trying to keep each other from feeling guilty, which of course is what they do best. Falling Awake and its sequel Onoma should have been filmed. Donna has created the ultimate in desperation as you find yourself practically out-running Jim to get to the villain. Deliver Us just grips your heart as Jim's unrecognized sixth sense becomes the only link to a missing guide. And you just know how much Jim trusts that sixth sense...that's Blair's job. My absolute favorite is an AU called Mark of the Beast where Blair finds another Sentinel for his research, an emotionally abusive and possessive Neanderthal whose trail crosses that of the undiscovered Sentinel detective of Cascade. Blair, true to form, is loyal to a fault, and trapped in a life where he's ignored.

    Be prepared to curl up with your monitor. Once you start reading Donna's stories, you're going to be hooked!

    Fidus Amicus's stories
    recommended by Christine

    I must say, I absolutely love Fidus. She has portrayed both Jim and Blair in what I believe is as close as possible to the on-screen characters. All of her stories are complex, compassionate and exceptionally well-written. Not to mention, as a self-professed 'Jim-babe' it is brilliant to find someone who can work so well with his character that you don't get the feeling he is some stone-faced child incapable of emotional expression unless pushed. Bravo! I highly recommend reading her entire collection, again, and again...

    K. Ryn's stories
    recommended by NEM

    All the stories are well written and very dramatic. I really liked the Set-up. A story where Jim is arrested for murder...Blair's.

    Kim Heggen's stories
    recommended by Iris

    Kim sprang into the world of Sentinel fanfic with Justifiable Means, a magnificent piece of TS fiction. It became obvious with this first story that Kim is a gifted author, and her subsequent offerings have only served to support that fact.

    Kristine Williams's stories

  • recommended by Becky
  • One of the very first Sentinel writers, and definitely one of the best writers in the fandom, is Kristine Williams. Full of friendship, partnership, solid characterization, hurt/comfort, adventure, and mystery, her stories are not to be missed. As her stories are meant to be read as a series, it is impossible to recommend only a few for reading, though I do have favorites - Legend (Jim and Blair go on a short trip to pick up the body of a Rainier student, but then it turns out to be something a little more), The Game (the second Brackett story - Blair is injected with a particularly nasty drug), Choices (Jim decides it's time to get a solid commitment to their partnership out of Blair - one way or another - a non-case story), Shadow of a Doubt (the third Brackett story - Brackett goes on trial), ChinaWhite (drug smuggling at the University and some nasty complications of cocaine exposure for Jim) and her wonderful Blind Man's Bluff missing scene, Recovery.

  • recommended by Debby
  • As a brand-new reader of Sentinel fanfic, I read Kristine Williams' stories first, and I was hooked! There wasn't a single one that was less than excellent! Her writing skill is obvious, and the stories have a great combination of plot, h/c, action, and a little smarm here, a little angst there. As for my favorites, I have to include Avalanche, The Game, and Scapegoat, as well as her Blind Man's Bluff missing scene, Recovery. I would consider them an absolute must for any new reader, but don't start unless you have a free week, because you'll want to read them all very quickly.

  • recommended by Shelley Knepley
  • Everything by Kris Williams is worth the time. Her stories are friendship stories within the framework of a case or situation. She has well-written believable characterization, with some Blair-owies.

    LRH Balzer's stories
    recommended by Becky

    Another of my favorites is Lois Balzer. Wonderful stories full of friendship, some with heavy plots, some about choosing the right kind of shampoo, all of them depicting the touching brotherly love between Jim and Blair. Her stories are also meant to be read as a series, though each story is complete by itself. Stories of hers that cannot be missed are The Legacy (epilogue for Warriors), Promises in the Dark: Legacy Concluded (second epilogue for Warriors), Some are Silver, Others are Gold, (very long, very excellent story with Blair being kidnapped and forced to regress to a much younger self) and Double Room (a short follow-up to the previous story).

    Martha's stories
    recommended by Kim Heggen

    Martha may be best known in the fandom for her smarm collaborations with Kitty, but her full-length drama stories are literature in the Sentinel fandom. Her writing is technically flawless, her characterizations alway spot-on, and her highly original story lines will suck the hapless reader in for days. Start with Plank, then read the entire Tristes Tropiques trilogy (say that five times fast) but make sure you have a few days off before you commit yourself! (Her stories also make me hungry... read Cake and you'll see what I mean!)

    TAE's stories
    recommended by XmagicalX

    TAE's many stories can be read as a single series, weaving the life and case histories of Jim, Blair, and the rest of the characters beyond what we see in the show. Her knowledge and personal experiences with the police give her plots a realistic edge, and along the way she gets in some humor, angst, and healthy doses of smarm. Always a good read (her cross-overs are fun as well!).

    Tapu's stories
    recommended by Becky

    Another of the early Sentinel writers is Tapu. She writes both full-out drama stories and fall-down funny humor stories. Check out the humor section to see recommendations there as well. For drama, my favorites are Buried (Blair caught in the basement of a building during a bombing), Heartbeat (somewhat intense as it deals with torture, so be careful, but still good), and Spirit Wind (a body is found in New Mexico and is identified as Blair's).

    Accessible by Donna Gentry
    recommended by Bonnie

    Donna always writes intense stories, based on the friendship shared by Jim and Blair, but this story is especially gripping. Blair is injured while on the job with Jim, and faces painful obstacles on the road to recovery. Both guys have to face doubts about themselves and their future. Donna writes very convincingly of Blair's struggle, and really knows how to tug on the heartstrings in her emotional scenes with Jim and Blair as they deal with the complications. Simon and Daryl are also prominantly featured, lending their compassionate support. This is just a powerful story, with plenty of angst, smarm and even humor. A must-read!

    Acquainted with the Night by D.L. Witherspoon
    recommended by Franziska

    What? You haven't read any stories of DL yet? Then go read them! I started with Acquainted with the Night and it was a great one!!! I can't say anything about the content of the story without telling too much. So be prepared for some heavy Jim Angst and a *wonderful* storyline! And once you've read one of her stories, you will never get enough from her Sentinel Fanfiction. I promise!

    The Ariel Series by Azar
    recommended by M

    They're a fun and light series that introduces a wonderful OFC who is so very *different* from OFCs or Mary Sues (Which Ariel is *not*) that you can't help but love her. It is romance and its done so well you love it. Particularly when she introduces a Jim/Megan romance and pulls it off *well*. All in all its a great read and I look forward to the next one.

    Back to School (FPP-503) by Brenda Bailey
    recommended by Roslyn

    Part of Faux Paws Productions. Brenda's work was the result of the compilation of quality canon stories available within the fandom. Serving as her introduction to the show itself, she has added to that list of stories which would have made outstanding scripts for a fifth season of TS fun.

    “Back to School” credibly, and amusingly, deposits an anxious Ellison into the Police Academy at the same time his best friend and future 'official' partner begins his stint there as a cadet. All the ingredients of a typical episode are there, from the guys' love affair with motor vehicles to corruption in the ranks. It is executed with humor and Brenda's usual enthusiasm for her task as story-teller.

    Bayou by D.L. Witherspoon
    recommended by XmagicalX

    DLW is one of Sentinel fic's treasures, and Bayou is among her crown jewels. Full of supernatural happenings, Sentinel abilities beyond what we've seen, great original chars, and wonderful interaction (especially dialogue) between our boys, this story is a great, intense read.

    Beautiful by Carolyn Claire
    recommended by Becky

    ~sigh~ This was a gorgeous story. Lovely, angsty, bittersweet, hopeful, melancholy. Perfect. I adore well-written Jim/Carolyn stories, what few there are. And this Jim is romantic and Carolyn is all she could and should have been on the show itself. And the title? That, and where it makes its way into Jim's words, is probably the best thing of all. Lovely, lovely. And although this story is definitely more for the romantics, there is some Jim and Blair and Simon interaction scattered throughout the tale as well. My very favorite Jim/Carolyn tale.

    Beggar's Ride by inkling
    recommended by Kim Heggen

    When this story first came out, I read it and enjoyed it and decided it was well-written. Now, after almost a year of voraciously reading Sentinel fanfic, I've come to realize what an utter gem Beggar's Ride really is.

    This is a good long read, first of all: no it-just-started-getting-good-and-now-it's-over-blues here. The author writes a highly original case story with huge doses of suspense and mystery and a whopping surprise ending. She gives us one of the most memorable original female characters I've encountered: more than victim, yet no Mary Sue, almost an anti-heroine. She tells the story mainly from Jim's point of view giving us rare insights into his character and motivations. In her hands, both Jim and Blair are well-characterized with all of their strengths and weaknesses intact it takes both of them and all of their resources to solve the case.

    And the writing itself! Nothing short of magnificent, with extensive vocabulary, imagery that will make you cry and laugh (imagine Jim dreaming about Hortas, for starters. Hard to explain) and a painstaking attention to the detail of every scene. To me, this doesn't read like fanfic; it's what I would expect of a professionally written novel if Pet Fly were to commission one to be written.

    Now if she'd only write a few more stories...

    Blair's Choice by Fidus Amicus
    recommended by NEM

    Blair's Choice is very involving and all her stories will have you on the edge of your seat long into the night. Don't start them until you have a day off, because you won't be able to stop with just one.

    Blind But Not as a Bat by Androgene
    recommended by Jenifer

    This story points out that Sentinels are stil human. They're not superheroes. They can still recieve permanent physical damage, and they can still continue on with their lives, can still be Sentinels. People can overcome a lot, and this story shows that very well. It's very well written, and it gets the point across very well.

    Catch Me If You Can by Michelle Furnas
    recommended by Kelly Harrison

    I liked this story because it was a series and it has a lot of action. Found at Aldaj's Sentinel Site.

    The Center Cannot Hold by Iris Wilde
    recommended by Robyn

    A long and truly superior H/C drama, you'd never know this was Iris's first fan fiction story by the wonderful characterizations of Jim and Blair, uncannily true to their characters on the show. The premise of Blair shooting another person has been approached in a few other stories, but in my opinion never as well-written as by this talented author. It is full of vivid scenes, witty tension-breakers, and touchable emotion as the two men work through the difficult aftermath without ever abandoning each other. A wonderful story and a must-read. This has all the markings of a classic TS fanfic piece.

    Closet Monsters by Iris Wilde
    recommended by Angie

    Gripping story and after you read it, you may find that you have more sympathy for David Lash than you ever had. A deep story, somewhat intense, but highly recommended. If you've had an opportunity to watch Cypher, this is a don't-miss-it story. Iris has a special touch with these characters. I enjoy the inside peeks she gives us to their thoughts and personalities. I hope that she continues to entertain us fanfic folks for a long time.

    The Commitment by Aubrey Robin
    recommended by Kim Heggen

    Aubrey's been up to some nice things lately on her page, but this story is my favorite of hers. This is a post-TS by BS story, with Blair as a cop, so be aware of that. She skillfully weaves several plots together as we watch Jim and Blair cope with an unexpected assignment and its ramifications. The story is told in the first person, alternating between Jim and Blair. There's a whiff of danger, a bit of suspense, and nice dashes of angst for both guys.

    Aubrey also has a talent with words... I find that several phrases from this story simply stick in my head as being perfect. Sigh. Anyway, enjoy it, and bug her to write more!

    Companions to our Demons by Holly Lyn
    recommended by Becky

    A story set during first season, chock full of some of the best hurt/comfort I've ever read, from beginning to end. Just reading/watching a very gentle and empathetic Jim taking care of an injured Blair makes the story wonderful reading by itself. Added to the h/c is a plot that moves the story along quite nicely. Features one of our favorite bad guys, Lee Brackett. Good characterization. Well-written relationship scenes, plus easy-to-see action/drama scenes.

    Fallout by Taleya
    recommended by DebraC

    A very good, edge of your seat story! It's still being written, but well worth the wait. Lot's of mysticism, h/c. (Page maintainer's note: This story is now complete.)

    Falls the Shadow by Just Jen
    recommended by A. Harrison

    I couldn't believe this was a novice writer! Falls The Shadow was one of the most well written, best characterized stories that I have ever read. Jen did a great job in portraying Jim and Blair in this one. Full of drama, angst and shows the care that typifies their relationship.

    Following the Wolf by Susan L. Williams
    recommended by DanaWheels

    This was EXACTLY like watching the TV show! (First episode in the Faux Paws Productions virtual 5th season.)

    Heartbeat by Tapu
    recommended by NEM

    This is a really strong story, but the love and caring of the characters is stunning. The finale is sure to make you gasp. Jim is forced to make a horrible choice, with Blair being heartbreakingly brave. It stays with you and makes you wonder what you would do under these extreme circumstances. (Page maintainer's note: this story contains torture.)

    Hilltop Hour by JET
    recommended by MegaRed

    This is one THE best Sentinel stories I've read since discovering fanfic. Hilltop Hour contains the perfect blend of smarm, hurt, comfort, love, cuddles, humor and tenderness without descending into a sugar-overloaded mush-fest. (Plus there’s a tickle scene, so automatic MegaRed Bonus points are added!:-D) The guys are vulnerable without being wussy. Stern and strong without being overbearing. JET has nailed the characterization, and I believe that this is very close to how the canonical characters might have developed if given the chance. I am especially proud of this and all of JET's stories thus far, because she came to me for advice when she first came on the scene of Sentinel fanfiction. She's gotten off to one hell of a start, and I can't wait to see what she does next. Truly JET is one of the hottest and most promising writers to join the Sentinel family of authors. I hope she stays for a long, long time. :-)

    Hurricane Sam by Teej (Terrijo)
    recommended by M

    It's a well written story. A great ride. Sam's not a perfect Mary Sue either. She's written in such a way that you react as if you actually knew her. Angry when she screws up, relieved when she straightens something out. Her interactions with Blair are great too, as well as with Jim. All in all, 'tis a long but great read!

    The Iceman Returneth by MegaRed
    recommended by Becky

    One of the very first long stories I read after joining the original Sentries fanfic mailing list that has been absent from the web for quite some time. An older story that will be quite new to a lot of newer fans. This is definitely one of my favorite stories to read and reread. I love how Mega writes Jim and Blair. Excellent characterization. The tickling scene is one of my favorites. That and the h/c scenes later on. But be prepared, this albeit wonderful story ends on a cliffhanger note and, trust me, you'll be writing to Mega, begging her to hurry up and finish the sequel.

    Identity by Kit Mason
    recommended by Kim Heggen

    With a smooth, compelling, almost hypnotic style, Kit takes us into Blair's head during his first undercover case as a detective. Jim is of course nearby, hovering, solid and protective as you would expect. The author skillfully weaves Blair's abstract thoughts into the action, with a result that has both a gritty, matter-of-fact realism and a dreamlike quality. A lovely, suspenseful and poignant piece. (whew, how's that for adjective abuse?)

    If The Fates Allow by Paula

  • recommended by Becky
  • Whoa! I was blown away by this story. Paula does a wonderful, wonderful job with an excellent portrayal of the guys, especially Jim, with right on- target characterization. A very gripping tale that holds Jim -- and the reader -- in its grip from the very start to the very end. Very highly recommended.

  • recommended by NEM
  • I loved how this story started. It's all about fate and how Jim comes to grips with a nightmare that seems destined to happen for real.

    In the Wrong Place by Paula
    recommended by Becky

    My favorite story by Paula which I've gone back to read again and again more times than I can remember. Starting with a murder, a scared witness, and some really nasty bad guys, this is a wonderful read, with some especially touching moments between Jim and Blair.

    Inheritance by Dasha
    recommended by Pat

    Inheritance is a beautifully written short story, written from the POV of Stephen Ellison. While seeing Jim suffer through a bout with food poisoning, Stephen gets to see that Jim is not the invincible big brother he remembers from childhood. Dasha has a miraculous way of getting to the emotions and inner voices of the characters. I applaud that she has written a strong Blair, who stands up to Stephen and William Ellison's disdain, all the while taking tender care of Jim.

    Inside and Out by DawnC

  • recommended by Becky
  • Another of the hurt/comfort variety stories, but this one is a little different than you might think. Our boys are separated throughout quite a lot of the story as Jim struggles to clear Blair, who is wrongfully accused of a very serious crime and then sent to prison.

  • recommended by Shycat
  • This story was intriguing, suspenseful, heartstopping, emotional, and just flat out a perfect example of Jim and Blair's close friendship. Some delicate issues are brought up that Dawn takes great care in addressing. It was one of those nice, long stories (of which I'm extremely fond) that kept my attention to the last. Make sure to check it out if you haven't yet!

    Jenna by Carolyn
    recommended by Becky

    A little girl, the daughter of a political candidate, has been kidnapped. It's up to Jim and Blair, who have met the little girl, to find her. Excellent characterization, especially of the little girl Jenna. Good hurt/comfort scene at the end.

    Justifiable Means by Kim Heggen
    recommended by Becky

    In her very first TS fanfic story, Kim writes from Blair's first-person POV. She does so very effectively, showing us a strong Blair with a secret in his past that he hasn't -- until now -- told anyone about. Kim handles this story and its sensitive subject matter very delicately and extremely well. Jim and Blair are written perfectly, bouncing from concern to just a touch of anger at times, and back again, never straying very far apart as they learn to deal with the past and the case Blair's past relates to. A wonderful story by a talented writer.

    Last Duty by Kateri
    recommended by Audrey Lynne

    Beautiful, it was just beautiful. A death story, but so well done. I won't ruin it if you haven't read it, but if you do read death stories, this is a MUST. I was shocked by the twist at the end, and I'm usually pretty intuitive about these things.

    Last Man Standing by JET
    recommended by Germaine White

    JET's stories are simply beautiful and I find myself reading them over and over. Last Man Standing is set outside the confines of Cascade amidst a series of seemingly unrelated murders. It's a wonderful plot with some terrific small town characterizations and features that beautiful Jim and Blair friendship and soul deep bond that always warms my heart. There are scenes that made me weep and many that made me smile and sigh. JET never disappoints. I'm keeping this story very close at hand as I know it's one of those I'll be reading again and again. A beautifully written, well crafted story by one of my favorite gen TS writers. The ending was tender and lovely.

    Lost by Gabrielle Bessey

  • recommended by Becky
  • I don't normally like death stories (which this most definitely is), but this one just struck me. There's only been one other death story that I liked and that was an ending to S2p1, which this is not. But while this story is sad and somewhat melancholy, Gabrielle doesn't leave it that way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If I cried at stories, this one would've done it. Sweet and sad at the same time. A very good story if you can handle the very honest emotions of grieving and loss.

  • recommended by Crowswork
  • This is a death story for people who don't like death stories. This one has a beautiful finish that will have you laughing and crying with the rightness of it all.

    Lullaby by Iris Wilde
    recommended by Robyn

    Wow! This was *such* a wonderfully entertaining story -- a great mix of drama, humor, and even warm fuzzies. One of the best FPP virtual episodes written so far IMHO, and it would have made an even better real episode! The excellent imagery made me feel like I was there, and the great characterization of Jim, Blair, Megan, Brown, and Rafe was so familiar. A perfect episode for me as a "Blair's not a cop" kind of fan. This story was another fine story from this superior author. Second episode in the Faux Paws Productions virtual 6th season.

    Making the Grade by Suzie
    recommended by Becky

    Blair goes undercover at Simon's request. But not everything goes quite as planned. Very well-done story, worth reading to see how Jim reacts to the situation and how he finally comes to understand.

    Memories and Memorabilia by Ronnee
    recommended by Chance

    This was such a moving story. At first I thought I'd blundered into a death story, but that's not the case. The characterizations here are right on, and the emotions she managed to bring forward were very vivid. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I cried. ~grin~

    My Arm Bleeds for You by TAE
    recommended by DanaWheels

    This whole arc where Blair is a detective before TSbyBS is great, and shows that the gang at Major Crimes knows the value of our favorite observer, and he even gets to be a detective before going to the academy, just has to take self defense and fire-arms training.

    New York by Shedoc
    recommended by DanaWheels

    I find it fasinating how Blair handles suddenly having a 3 year old son. The charactarizations are right on, and I can see this being an episode (or episodes) of the show.

    Nightmare Realized series by Saul
    recommended by Stefanie Ottmann

    A great ongoing series continuing where the television show left off. The author draws you in to an enthralling look at Jim and Blair and their lives as the military's newest draftees.

    Nimrod by Amanda
    recommended by DebraC

    Just a good, well written Jim-and-Blair-in-trouble-again story.

    Observations and Haircuts by Shedoc
    recommended by Roslyn

    Shedoc has delighted the TS fandom with her diverse themes of brotherhood, the formation of families via emotional ties, with excursions into mystical realms, kid!fic and “slice of life” genres. I chose her story "Observations and Haircuts” to recommend because of it is typical of her briefer works and manages to combine her many themes into this 34 KB tale. It was a winner of the 'Day in the Life' category of the 2007 LMFAs as well.

    Shedoc highlights the insecurities of Ellison and Sandburg as the partnership undergoes Blair's transition from student observer/guide to the greater equality of professional partnership. Interjecting two OCs who 'ride along' to study the high solve rate in that department, offers a window into the different points of view of all our favorite characters.

    The Observer by Jess Riley
    recommended by Roslyn

    In taking the perspective of that elder statesman of the TS crew, Simon Banks, we get to see the dour Captain as a consummate observer of his men and human nature in general.

    Obsessed by D.L. Witherspoon
    recommended by Swellison

    This is one of my favorite short drama stories. D. L. manages to cram an incredible amount of action, angst and relationship into 10 pages, and uses a unique interlocking timelines approach to do it. Read it!

    Ordeal by Martha
    recommended by Debby

    Martha has an excellent style of writing, and Ordeal is a great example of that story-telling skill. The story itself is told in a shifting time-frame, so the reader has to peel away the actual events. Then it puts each of the guys in the shoes of the other, so to speak, and shows why neither can take the other (or what he can do) for granted. A great role-reversal situation for both!

    Outtakes by Becky
    recommended by Myf

    While I generally like longer stories, Outtakes is really nicely done. It gives the reader a glimpse into those small moments that highlights the close friendship between Jim and Blair. One of the best part in Outtakes is Megan's view of the friendship which is symbolized by....pancakes!

    Psychic series by Tate
    recommended by Becky

    Tate's first foray into the Sentinel fanfic world started with an alternate ending for Dead Drop, including the first mention (that I can remember) of a psychic link between Jim and Blair. And it led from there on to five more stories. Also available in a fanzine published by Mysti Frank called Lifeline. (Go to the Agent With Style page for purchasing info.) One of the classics of TS fanfiction.

    Priorities by Sandra McDonald
    recommended by Sealie

    You know when you come across a story which you re-read and re-read? Priorities comes into that category. I don't want to give the gist away so read it and see.

    Procedures by Starfox
    recommended by Arianna

    I've been hardpressed to choose only one of Starfox's stories to recommend. She has only written eight stories, but they are all wonderfully crafted and true to the characters and canon ... while at the same time often having an unusual twist.

    In Procedures, we see Blair charged after Simon and Jim have caught up with him and the uniforms have arrested Iris and her cohorts (from The Girl Next Door). Many of us have taken a stab at explaining and exploring Blair being charged and the implications thereof, but this is the only story I've read that takes this tack. I don't want to ruin it for the reader, but I will say it's more true to the characters than any I've read and is certainly more 'authentic' than the one I wrote.

    We're all familiar with Starfox's wonderful Mansion, and I for one can attest to what a joy it is to be hosted there. But few of us think of Starfox, the author. After you've checked out Procedures, read The Call, and have a tissue handy. Again, can't give it away, but it's a gentle and lovely epilogue to TSbyBS. For a longer and exceptionally satisfying resolution to TSbyBS, treat yourself to Processing. This one has it all: drama, smarm and hurt/comfort. I loved it. I'm sure you will, too.

    I can only hope that Starfox will write more stories for us in the future. Maybe, if we all encourage her, she will!

    Puppy Love and Suicide Watch by Emerald
    recommended by NEM

    All of Emerald's stories are great. Puppy Love is very sweet, but everyone stays in character. Suicide Watch is very dramatic and one of the best H/C stories around.

    Reality Echoes by Tate
    recommended by Becky

    Reality is sometimes defined by what you believe -- and that is exactly what happens in this story when a head injury twists Blair's version of reality into something he never wanted to see. An excellent story with Jim trying to discover what Blair is seeing and help him see the true reality.

    Reflecting Hearts by Vision
    recommended by Jess Riley

    To me Simon has always been more than just the gruff captain bursting through the door and barking orders. Vision’s story, Reflecting Hearts gives us a glimpse of Simon’s capacity for understanding and showcases his ability to connect with the people he works with. I found this story to be a wonderful reflection of friendship on several levels.

    Reflections on the Human Condition series by Carolyn
    recommended by NEM

    This is a series of stories filled with anguish, guilt, and love. All that good stuff we read Sentinel fan fiction for. Each chapter is told from a different charater's POV. The opener is a real grabber with Jim making an awful mistake, again showing the 'senses' are as much a curse as a gift sometimes.

    Right Place, Wrong Time by Alberte
    recommended by Dawn Marie Sobi

    Alberte's snippet of a tease suggests that there are "unexpected consequences" for Jim and Blair when they meet up with someone who's not dealing well with Y2K. Oh man, not another Y2K story! OK, that's not fair, so I clicked on Right Place, Wrong Time and gave the story a few minutes of time. What Alberte has done with the written word is so engrossing, you find yourself forgetting that it's just a story. She paints a picture with emotions that has your heart tied up in knots. Blair owies, the greatest being his shattered sense of value and belonging. Jim owies from trying to deal with things beyond his control. Alberte sets the story post TSbyBS where Blair and Jim are partners, Simon writes poetry, and we find out just why Blair thinks people accept him. It's an eye-opening, heartfelt story. Give it a won't be sorry...and you won't have to debug your computer!

    The Road Less Travelled Series by Graywulf
    recommended by G.L.

    Most people are very iffy about Original characters much less OFCs in Romances but she approaches it with a very logical and mature in Jim and Cat. Plus, for those who don't like that she offers The Road Not Taken for a OC present but non romance option. All in all they're a great read and I visit often to see if she has more. Found at Cat's Eye View of Cascade.

    Safety Zone by Swellison
    recommended by merlin

    After Rogue, Blair has a serious talk with Jim about how to prevent zone-outs from incapacitating him. Jim agrees to a series of tests to help the situation. I liked the story because it had a lot of Jim and Blair interaction. Nice to see them working together on specific sentinel issues and development, giving Blair's efforts the spotlight here. Good segue at the end.

    Sandburg Squared (CVT-516) by Zadra and Cindy Combs
    recommended by Becky

    This is one of the stories from the Black Panther Productions virtual 5th season. And what a story it is! A sometimes wild, sometimes crazy story of what happens when Blair's Uncle Obie comes to visit. Humor and drama follow along as chaos ensues and Jim deals with two Sandburgs. Fast-paced and well-crafted. A definite good read. An episode for Black Panther Productions.

    Saviors Trilogy by Danae
    recommended by Brinson

    Danae's first set of stories is perhaps her best--chock full o' angst, lively minor characters, great description, and an *evil* cult thrown in to boot, this series once again afirms that we should always be a tad afraid when Blair says he can "handle it". ~grin~

    Second Strike by JET
    recommended by Kim

    Everything you could possibly love about Sentinel fanfiction is in this story! Huge amounts of drama, smarm and angst abound as Jim is recruited back into the army for a training mission that goes seriously wrong. This is probably one of the best written representations of Jim and Blair's Sentinel/Guide relationship that I have ever seen. The follow up to this piece, "Vengeance is Mine", continues along the same wonderfully written vein. I only hope JET continues to entertain us with her writing well into the future! Great job!

    The Seed by Kikkimax
    recommended by Hill

    One of the first "horror" genre stories I read for The Sentinel, and I loved it. In fact, there has not been ONE SINGLE story from this author that I haven't liked. They all have great pacing and don't dissolve into unrealistically mushy drivel the way a lot of stories tend to do. I also recommend Relapse and Dead Man Walking. She has a very good take on the characters. They have their good sides and bad sides neither one is made out to be "perfect." "The Seed" has some very exciting, creepy images that add new life to the "Blair in jeopardy" plot.

    Silver Cloud, Dark Lining by KandaceK
    recommended by Becky

    A very good, wonderfully long, enticely complex story with lots of plot, mystery, and characterization. Kandace tells a tale of Jim and remnants from his last mission to Peru and just want repercussions it's having now. Since I have a weak spot for stories that have Jim going "camouflaged" or "Jungle Jim" as it's sometimes called, this story hit big with me in the last several acts. An excellent story with good research and background as its foundation.

    Smoke and Mirrors by K. Ryn
    recommended by Becky

    K. Ryn is one of my favorite authors and I absolutely loved this story. Excellent plot and wonderful characterization of Jim, Blair, and Simon. Touchable angst and a very powerful mysticism undercurrent. Riveting from the moment you begin to read until the very last word.

    So This is Christmas by Saoirse
    recommended by Roslyn

    Best new author in the 2006 LMFAs. This tale combines an interesting case/action plot while highlighting the way in which the protective instincts prevailing in the Sentinel/Guide relationship will always trump police department protocol.

    A killer is targeting store “Santas” and Blair has to override Jim's plans for conducting a stake-out in the overwhelming environment of a mall in the days preceding Christmas. Earning an honorable mention in the LMFA category of short stories, it is indicative of Saoirse's love for story canon and how it might have progressed following the events of TSbyBS.

    A Soldier in the Rain by Fidus Amicus

  • recommended by NEM
  • This story will have you talking out loud to your monitor, laughing and even tearing up a bit.

  • recommended by Becky
  • This was an excellent drama and a wonderful way to explore Jim and Blair's friendship, first with the idea that Jim is gone and then with Jim having to remember just who Blair is. I also really liked that Simon was in the story so much. Just as Jim and Blair have an interesting friendship, so do Blair and Simon. And Simon even gets to save the day! <g> I think this story goes down as a favorite drama tale of mine.

    Sounds of Silence by Fidus Amicus
    recommended by Becky

    I loved this story. It may seem like BMB with a twist, but I found it to be be an original idea and plot. It was interesting seeing Jim so dependent on Blair but still independent in his own way -- wonderful. Blair figuring out the solution to their dilemma was just ingenious A very smart and clever story.

    Sparrowhawk Sandburg series by Besterette
    recommended by Becky

    Original characters are typically approached with caution and a bit of "don't want to read about them" in the world of fanfic. However, Sparrowhawk Rainbow Sandburg, better known as Beau -- Blair's half-sister -- is a wonderful original character created by Besterette. Written believably, she's an integral figure in these stories as we learn more about Jim and Blair and Blair's most interesting family. Very entertaining and well-worth reading stories, give these a try sometime. You'll be surprised.

    Suicide Watch by Emerald
    recommended by Becky

    Don't let the title scare you away. This story has some of the best h/c hospital scenes that I've read. I've gone back to reread parts of the story so many times, I have it memorized. Very emotional, very touching, and very plot-oriented in ways as well, this story follows Jim and the rest of Major Crimes as they try to find out just who is after Blair and why. Emerald writes a very caring and concerned Jim, and a Blair that definitely needs that care. Something I enjoyed reading since I like to see the boys taking care of each other, rather than not. Note: While this story ties up most of the loose ends, there is also supposed to be a sequel coming sometime as well. (Page maintainer's note: The sequel to this story is 'Little Boy Lost'.)

    Teddy's Imp by Shedoc
    recommended by salla

    It takes a lot to make me cry over a fanfic, and this one managed it. Read it, but keep the tissue handy.

    They Know by D.L. Witherspoon
    recommended by NEM

    This is a short gem of a story told from Simon's viewpoint. It ponders just what the others think of the Sentinel and Guide.

    Through a Window, Darkly by Robyn
    recommended by DebraC

    Very good story about the depth of the friendship and understanding between Jim and Blair. A three tissue story!

    To Do List by Aubrey Robin

  • recommended by Becky
  • Aubrey's stories are post-TSbyBS and while I still have a hard time seeing Blair as a cop (I'm in denial), her stories almost make me believe it. To Do List is the first of her stories as Blair prepares to remake his life after giving up his academic life, using a list of things to do. Jim, however, sees the list and makes some changes to it, not wanting to lose his partner. An excellent piece with Jim and Blair extremely well-written. Don't miss this author. Her stories are simply perfect.

  • recommended by JET
  • In this story, Aubrey Robin has given readers a touching insight into the emotions both Blair and Jim were feeling in the aftermath of the press conference. Touched with drama and humor, this story is well written and provides a look into the hearts of both men. It's definitely one of my favorites!

    To Make a House a Home by Jess Riley
    recommended by Roslyn

    There is a lovely tradition among this fandom for participants to write 'gift fics' for fans and fellow authors. Jess wrote this cute tale about how saving a few amphibians brought two roommates a little bit closer for her pal StarWatcher, who likes tadpoles almost as much as she does Jim and Blair.

    A Touch of the Flu & To Serve and Protect by Quiltaday
    recommended by Tara

    She really nails the guys characters, IMO. I love the way she portrays the friendship between Jim and Blair ... not to mention Simon! :o)

    Where Are They Now? by Rimilod
    recommended by Becky

    This is an intriguing take on why it taken Blair so long to get his masters and almost his doctorate. Filled with lots of laughter and some very classic moments between the guys, it is in the end a tale of friendship and sacrifice and Blair's search for his Holy Grail.

    Where Only I Can Go by Robin
    recommended by Lori

    This story is a well written beautifully done tale that has just about everything a fan could hope for. It has Jim rescuing Blair both physically and emotionally from a terrible trauma in a storyline that keeps you riveted to the end (and wishing for more!).

    Who Pays the Price by Suzie
    recommended by Becky

    Someone's kidnapping family members of Major Crimes, toying with the police. My favorite by Suzie thus far.

    Who Shall Guard the Guardians Themselves by K. Ryn
    recommended by Becky

    Though the story may sound a touch confusing at first, keep reading and you'll discover one of the most intriguing, mystical stories I've read. Well worth the time it takes to read -- and reread -- this multi-part story.

    The Whole Connection by Jackie Lang

  • recommended by Rike
  • Very well written, heart-warming, touching story about friendship and trust.

  • recommended by Brenda
  • Change of pace story since there are no serial killers or assorted other evil doers, just the common garden variety drunk driver and the aftermath of a serious accident. Jim has to come to terms with a past incident in his life and accept Blair as an equal in their partnership for them to go on. Great character development with smarm on the side.

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