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Last modified April 29, 2009

Tapu's stories
recommended by Becky

One of the early Sentinel writers is Tapu. She writes both full-out drama stories and fall-down funny humor stories. For humor stories, my favorites are Bad Hare Day and Secret Agent Man. Hysterical reads.

The 3 Blairs by CarolROI
recommended by NEM

This is a nasty/funny satire that should be read by every Fan/Fic writer out there. I know that as a writer, I spotted some of my 'charater assasinations' in the story. It is very funny, with an edge that will sting some people who take only one facet (all-be-it a lovable facet) of these complex charaters and let it take over the whole story. So read before you write, and may the REAL Jim and Blair stand up please.

Ahhh, Sweet Revenge by Wnnepooh
recommended by Robyn

Jim's in the kitchen and Blair is interfering. This short piece is sooo funny and cute, it's sure to make you smile. I love the wonderful job Wnnepooh does in capturing a frustrated, pouty Blair when Jim ruthlessly won't let him have what he wants.

The Affronted Anthropologist and His Lovely Spittoon by Robyn and Becky
recommended by Myf

Blair standing up for the dignity of an "artifact". Blair defending the honor of said artifact. Can this story get any better? YES! Blair being able to see the humor of the situation. That's what I admire in the character of Blair Sandburg: the ability to respect something without getting all "stuffed shirt" about it.

The Altoids Adventure by Besterette
recommended by Crowswork

This is a very cute little story - with the 'evil' Sam acting the ultimate sourpuss, and slipping Jim some horrid candy (also explains whatever happened to Samantha the bad witch).

The Baboon's Foot by Hephaistos
recommended by Robyn

Blair gets an unusual present from Dr. Stoddard -- a rather disgusting baboon's foot which is supposed to grant wishes -- and of course the Major Crime gang has to try it out without Blair's permission. I always enjoy Hephaistos's humor stories, and this one was no exception. It had me alternately laughing and getting horrified looks on my face as the guys made their wishes! There were so many good parts -- it was extremely well-written and well-planned, with the plot very tightly written and clever like all her stories are. A wonderful episode. A Faux Paws Productions virtual 5th season episode.

Bad Hare Day by Tapu
recommended by M. Blaze

This is an older Tapu story that deserves more attention. It's a well balanced mix of the serious with the hilarious and it captures the guys beautifully. Jim and Blair has some of the funniest lines ever and it's simply a great story.

The Beanie Bandito by Mackie
recommended by Becky

Jim gets assigned a rather ... interesting case. Don't want to ruin the plot, but just look at the title... Hysterically funny.

Blair VS the Bandaid by Taleya
recommended by DebraC

A very funny story in which Blair is in a bit of a painful predicament and Jim comes to the rescue.

Bugged by Besterette
recommended by Robyn

This story had me howling with laughter! Jim can't sleep because of a cricket chirping in the loft and he hunts it down -- unsuccessfully. Blair hears somebody prowling around, and... well, you have to read the story! Perfect ending too!

The Checklist by Johanna C.A. Fally
recommended by ElaineH

Very funny story about Jim's wacked-out checklist that he uses when he's sick. You have to read for yourself to truly understand just how hilarious this can be. Good characterizations, sly poking of fun at the number of times Blair gets kidnapped by psychos, and just all-around entertaining.

Cherry Bombs by DawnC and Hephaistos
recommended by Shelley Knepley

Hysterically funny! Blair gets smashed and them gets involved in something he shouldn't. The story is co-authored by the Queen of Blair-owies, but it's not a bad one. Go. Read!

Cold War by Sheffield
recommended by NEM

I usually groan at Lee Brackett stories but this one is a hoot. Blair is plucky, funny and true to form in this comedy of errors. The danger is real, but so is the "you can't tell the villians without a program" slapstick. Sometimes things go SO wrong that the only thing you can do is laugh.

Disneyland Detour by Becky and Robyn
recommended by A. Harrison

Just imagine...Jim, stuck in Disneyland with Blair. Just the thought of those two together there brings a smile to my face! And imagine Blair with the Micky Mouse hat with *Chief* written across it.<G> Just a great read!

Draw Four, Draw Eight, and Uno Attacks by KimAnne and Liz
recommended by Becky

A series of three stories (so far) about the Major Crimes gang playing Uno that starts when Blair says he can't find the poker cards one evening. The first story has the whole gang. The second two are the guys and Megan. And, no, they're definitely not as pedestrian as they sound. ~grin~

Exercise in Futility by Besterette
recommended by Becky

LOL! A hysterical little tale having to do with a weight scale and a very determined Blair.

Fame by Sis
recommended by Becky

Being voted "best-looking professor on campus" isn't always all it's cracked up to be -- especially when the wrong people find out. Very funny.

Fever by Red Soprano
recommended by Kim Heggen

A hilarious little scene. A delerious Blair, a patient Jim, and a tub of water. While this is definitely humor, in Red's hands the guys come out realistic and not silly as sometimes happens in TS fic. You'll laugh your behind off but you'll swear you can picture the entire scene in your mind (which could be a dangerous thing to do, come to think of it...)

For Sale: A Slightly (Mis)Used Anthropologist by Mackie
recommended by Becky

Ever heard of auctioning off people to the highest bidder...? Well, Blair has. And he definitely doesn't want be the auctionee. Not that he has much choice, mind you. You can't miss this one!

For the Benefit of All by Dreamweaver
recommended by Shadowhawk

The annual police benefit show is approaching, and it's up to Major Crimes' newest detective to see that the department does well! Features Blair as a Cop. Totally hilarious!

Giddy by Toni
recommended by Becky

Wildly funny! Toni calls this a "Pop Tart with no nutritional value." But who needs nutritional value when you get such great laughter in this delightful piece. Short and sweet and "cute as h*ll."

The Good Guide's Guide by Rebel
recommended by Roslyn

Having reviewed Rebel's stories while reading her author interview, I came across this gem of humor. It is often overlooked because her humor story, "Who Am I?" has gotten more press over the years. This hearkens back to the old style questionnaires women used to take to make sure they were being good little housewives and lovers. This one, filled out by Jim as a joke about his partner's excellence at 'guidance' just leaves you laughing out loud. Enjoy!

Grapes of Smarm by XmagicalX & G9
recommended by Becky

Grapes. Donuts. Chinese noodles. Really bored detectives. One misplaced, flying grape, and figure it out. Another 'can't miss.'

The Great Escape by Hephaistos

  • recommended by DawnC
  • Okay, so I'm her beta-reader and that makes me biased, but, really, this is a very good story! Lots of good humor and a well-thought-out ending. If you haven't read it yet and you like humor stories, especially those with a slight touch of smarm and angst, then you'll definitely enjoy this one!

  • recommended by Robyn
  • I'm not Hephaistos' beta ~grin~ but take it from me -- any lover of Sentinel humor fan fiction MUST READ this hilarious story! It's humor with an extremely clever plot, and that's a rarity. In a battle of wits, Blair (our favorite escape artist) is challenged by the guys from Major Crimes to escape their custody by the end of the weekend. Our anthropologist is in fine form, deliciously clever and in character, and the ending is... well, incredibly satisfying... you HAVE to read this! One of my favorite humor pieces of all time!

  • recommended by Catgirl 
  • This is one of the smartest stories I've ever read. If you haven't read this amazing story, I feel very sorry for you.

    Home Alone by Johanna C.A. Fally
    recommended by ElaineH

    Absolutely hilarious story about what happens to Jim when Blair has to leave for a conference for a few days. The scenes with Simon and the guys in the bullpen, plus the image of Jim rescuing a cat (fat, mangy, and grumpy) and dealing with Naomi without Blair are just too good to pass up. Very witty dialogue and a little surprise crossover at the very end (but not enough to be considered a crossover story).

    I Liked That Toothbrush by Gil Hale

    Description: Blair is already juggling studying, teaching, observing, and two blondes and a redhead... when Jim becomes the housewife from hell.

    Very funny story where Jim senses are/are not in the fritz, which shows as Jim's compulsion for cleaning the loft far, far above the usual Sentinel standards of cleaniness and neatness: "At some point during the week, the jars had not only been lined up but their contents had been levelled so that every jar was full to exactly the same point."

    Why you want to recommend it: Blair's busy - what with his work at uni and his work with Jim and the never-ending marking. But when the guide's busy, a sentinel gets bored. So what does Jim turn to in his hour of need? Housework! Unfortunately for them all, Jim's need for order extends to his desk in the bullpen, and things turn a little tense when Rafe borrows a pen from Jim's desk.

    Insomnia by Marianne Edison
    recommended by Becky

    Jim can't sleep. And he's bored. Blair is asleep. And he's snoring -- something he denies. Jim decides to do something about it. Some good Jim/Blair bantering as well. A cute little story that made me smile.

    Into the Drink by WhiteJazz
    recommended by Becky

    A short little piece with Blair working on cheering up his unpleasant-to-be-with partner. Lots of Jim/Blair bantering and a dip in some nasty-looking water. Made me smile.

    Jim and Blair Meet Stoppit and Tidyup by MegaRed
    recommended by Robyn

    A short, sweet, must-read humor story by Mega. Jim and Blair are unwittingly introduced to cartoon characters bearing an uncanny resemblance to, well, themselves. Full of laughs and tickles (Mega's trademark) and complete with illustrations of said cartoon characters. I loved it!

    Just a Spider and Revenge of the Arachnophobic Anthropologist and his Squeamish Sentinel by Mog
    recommended by Robyn

    Anyone who's been scared of spiders (or knows someone who is) will find these two stories absolutely hilarious! Cleverly written, with excellent classic Jim and Blair banter. I loved how the two guys finally triumph over the "biiiiiiiig spider." I hope this author writes more, because she has Jim and Blair right on!

    Payback's a Banana by Gil Hale
    recommended by Sarah

    Why you want to recommend it: Gil Hale writes wonderful humour stories. In this one, Larry the Barbary Ape returns for revenge and brings his mother along for the ride! Fortunately, it's Jim to the rescue in his best "Up against the wall!" fashion. I honestly think that anyone who likes epilogues and humour will love this story.

    The Pez Conspiracy by Mercury
    recommended by Becky

    Jim's in the bullpen at his desk and starts to hear a noise that he can't quite pin down. Blair plays innocent -- never a good sign. And then Simon walks in and he's just too good a target for one slightly-bored anthropologist to pass up. Very funny little story.

    Smarm and Punishment by XmagicalX & G9
    recommended by Becky

    Sequel to Grapes of Smarm. Simon and Blair get their revenge; boy, do they get ever their revenge.

    Something to Talk About by Hephaistos
    recommended by Becky

    Once again, one of the great TS humor fic writers doesn't disappoint. A very funny short little tale about how simple little things like words can be misunderstood. Definitely good for some laughs and a smile.

    Temporary Insanity by Taleya
    recommended by Becky

    A short little piece which left me in stitches. Jim's sleeping. Blair's doing dishes. Lots of soap bubbles left....

    Three to Tango and The Rehearsal by Robyn
    recommended by DebraC

    I love the image of Jim and Blair doing the Tango in the Major Crimes bullpen and Megan is oh so clever in this story. Both stories are very believable...I can just see two good friends cutting up like this!

    Tibbles to the Rescue by Gil Hale
    recommended by Sarah

    Why you want to recommend it: Told entirely from the POV of Tibbles, a neighbour's cat, who helps save Blair when a Babe of the Week uses her wiles on him. Tibbles originally thought of his neighbours as "Dammit" (Jim) and "Oops sorry" (Blair), as those were their respective apologies when they fell over him in the hall. Fortunately for Blair, Tibbles sticks around to help save the day.

    Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians by Sealie
    recommended by CarolROI

    I haven't laughed so hard at a story in a long time. It has humor, action, drama, Jim in a towel, and Blair saving the day.

    Traffic Jam Series by BeckyRobyn
    recommended by A. Harrison

    Whew! Becky and Robyn have kept us all on the road this summer with this series. I have hopes that the guys will one day make it home...but who knows? We have been stuck in traffic, we've had fun at what passes in Cascade for MckyD's...Blair even got a Kids Meal. ~grin~

    What's not to love? Lots of humor here. And for anyone who ever been trapped in traffic..hope for eventual escape while having fun along the way. ~grin~

    Page maintainer's note: This series is now complete.

    Twistin' by the Pool by MegaRed
    recommended by Becky

    Jim and Blair are relaxing by the pool and decided to have a little competition on who gets to do the Spring Cleaning. Well, at least that's how it starts. The ending is the best. Just don't be drinking anything when you read this story. Your monitor would not be happy with you!

    Walking the Cat by D.L. Witherspoon
    recommended by Robyn

    I *SO* enjoyed this short story! Jim is missing and it's up to Blair and Simon to find him. According to witnesses, the detective's acting funny and keeps saying he's "walking his cat." I loved the whole thing.

    Who Am I? by Rebel
    recommended by Crowswork

    This one is hilarious. Jim and Blair fill out a form. That's the whole thing - but the dead-on way Rebel answers the inane questions as our heroes might, will have you laughing out loud.

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