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Want to read some The Sentinel fan fiction but don't know where to start?

Welcome to the Cascade Library's Sentinel fanfic recommendation page! Many talented author-fans of the television show The Sentinel have written several thousand fan fiction stories on the Internet. This page lists some of the best of Sentinel fan fiction stories and authors you can find on the web, including many of the older, "classic" stories. These delectable stories are bound to get you hooked!

Stories are categorized under drama, humor, smarm, alternate universe, missing scenes & epilogues, crossovers, or miscellaneous -- whichever category the story best fits.

Thank you to all the fan fiction readers who have dropped by and taken the time to submit recommendations on their favorite stories! We've got a lot of great stories listed here, and it's wonderful for so many authors to be recognized for their contributions to the fandom. To all of you who haven't yet told us about your favorite stories, please write in and share your discoveries with the rest of us!

The Rules

Enjoy the stories and let the authors know you appreciate their talents!

Before becoming part of the Cascade Library, the recommendations page was known as Best of Sentinel Fanfiction on the Web and was created by Becky and Robyn.

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