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Last modified July 15, 2002

Becky and Robyn's stories
recommended by DebraC

Aw, heck....I just recommend everything by Becky and Robyn!

Charity Saga by Modesty Blaze
recommended by DebraC

A very good Jim story. Gives an interesting take on Jim's life Before-Blair. A not-yet-finished series, but if we all pester the author enough.... {Page maintainer's note: These stories no longer available.}

Counting in Fives by Shelly
recommended by Becky

Shelly has a way of painting pictures with her words that I have always envied. It is especially evident in this story. Starting with Blair at age five, we see short glimpses of his life in five-year increments as he figures out life and how it works. Wonderfully sweet and angsty.

Crispy Duck by smb
recommended by Crowswork

This is hard to place - it's exciting and funny and has a neat revelation about Jim - all in a story about an ill-fated seach for Chinese Food.

Firing Range by Tate

  • recommended by Robyn
  • Set after Megan's arrival into Cascade, this short story has Blair trying to take up up another skill to be a better partner to Jim. This wonderful piece is written from Jim's POV by an author who has mastered the first person style. My favorite part is the beautifully intense scene of Jim teaching Blair to fire a weapon. I read the piece over and over just to experience it again.

  • recommended by Kim Heggen
  • Tate's fanfic page was one of my very early stops on my TS fandom journey, and I still love her stories. Firing Range may possibly be my favorite of hers. A short piece, it nonetheless captures the essence of deep friendship: for those we love, we will push ourselves beyond what we thought capable. A touching and wistful tale.

    Grace Notes by Shelly
    recommended by Becky

    Music is the theme in this story. Music and laughter - lots of it during the Cascade PD talent show as our three guys and Daryl just have a nice, relaxing few days together.

    Incidents of Indifference by Eagle Eye
    recommended by Becky

    Jim comes home to find Blair somewhat depressed. A short but sweet piece dealing with humanity and insensitivity to the plights of others.

    Kith and Kin by Sealie

  • recommended by Becky
  • A short piece that shows our boys at a much, much younger age. Her first story and one of my favorites. A scene I wish I could actually see on the show sometime.

  • recommended by Robyn
  • This piece is worth reading just to read Sealie's description of a young Blair. The boy surely was just as adorable as a toddler, right?

    The Life and Times of a Well-Used Sweatshirt Series by Lila Kulp (and others)
    recommended by Carole

    These stories (containing drama, humor, smarm and more), are fun to read.

    The Second Generation Series by Jen R (and others)
    recommended by Carole

    The stories in this series are a wonderful mix of drama, humor, smarm, and more.

    Sword of the Heart, Shield of the Soul by Dead Fly Productions

  • recommended by Pat
  • I sincerely feel that Dead Fly Productions' series called "Sword of the Heart, Shield of the Soul" is just as good as When the Stars Walk Backwards. I think they deserve a nod for this series, which is based in medieval times and so richly explores the friend/partnership between two characters that are based on Jim and Blair.

  • recommended by Lori 
  • Sword of the Soul/Shield of the Heart is a fantastic AU story set in the Middle Ages. The characters resemble a very familar cop/grad student team we all know and love but the setting and storyline weave a very original tale (that still reminds us that it really does all come down to being about friendship.) Excellent writing and characterization makes this a series to be read and reread.

    Found at the Dead Fly Productions site.

    Twilight by Anne Murdoch (Kareila)
    recommended by Shiloh

    Oh, goody! Another recommendations page (thank you, Becky and Robyn) and another opportunity for me to recommend my all-time favorite Sentinel Story. I have a number of favorite TS stories, all of which depict the wonderful friendship between Jim and Blair, but no story out there touches me quite like Twilight. Kareila is a very gifted writer who isn't afraid to let Jim and Blair love and care for one another, and she writes about their mutual regard in a manner that is both natural and extremely moving. In my opinion, Twilight is her masterpiece, a story that takes the friendship between Jim and Blair and extends it into their later years and beyond. A word of caution: Twilight is not for the faint-hearted. You'll need a hanky and you'll need to be prepared for a deeply emotional experience. But don't let that scare you--the emotional ride is worth it. The story simply shines as a beautiful and poignant portrait of the very best of lifelong friendships.

    When the Stars Walk Backwards by Dead Fly Productions
    recommended by Shiloh

    Oh, my. To think that I almost missed this story. I don't read a lot of AU stories, and I passed this one by for ages. Then one day I decided to give it a try and was hooked from the very first paragraph to the very last sentence. Do NOT miss this wonderful story!

    WTSWB does not feature our Jim and Blair as we know them, however, the two main characters resemble a certain beloved duo enough that you'll have no trouble identifying who they are based upon (though the disclaimer makes no claim to TS fandom other than a few veiled remarks about friendship and the "dead" giveaway of the site's name <g>). The strength of this story is its riveting plot and the wonderfully developed characters of Mac and Bryce, each of whom know from their first contact with one another that there is something special about the other. The author(s) take us from that first meeting through a development of trust and affection that is so wonderful that it will have you thinking about it days after finishing the story. And I must mention that if you are a SciFi lover, this story is for you. It has aliens to rival anything I've ever seen on a Star Trek episode. You must not miss this story! Trust me--it is some of the best work I've read anywhere, including published books. Found at the Dead Fly Productions site.

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