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Last modified April 28, 2009

Anonymeek's stories (various missing scenes)
recommended by Just Jen

Anonymeek's writing in all of her work is exceptional. She has a very smooth writing style and her characterization of the boys is always right on the money. I especially love her Missing Scenes (for Cypher, Mirror Image, Crossroads, and The Rig). She doesn't just apply a quick fix to the eps, but seamlessly fills in events between the scenes. And she does so so smoothly that the whole ep. is improved as a result - covering the emotional bases, accounting for plot holes that I hadn't even realized were holes, wrapping up loose ends without ever seeming forced or contrived for the sake of closure. I consider these four pieces to be the definitive "missing scenes" from their respective episodes, and among Senfic's finest, in general. =)
Archiver's note: These stories no longer available.

Ashes by Sis
recommended by Becky

A long missing scene - actually an epilogue - for Cypher. Jim and Blair, each in their own ways, try to recover from the events of the episode. Especially well-written.

Cypher missing scene by Michalina
recommended by Becky

The first Cypher missing scene I ever read. And still one of my favorites. A short look at the aftermath and how Blair deals with his fears. Excellent portrait of Jim's caring for Blair, especially in the last scenes. (Page maintainer's note: This story is no longer available.)

The Days That Are No More by Malu
recommended by Becky

A very touching story with Jim (and Blair) coming to terms with TSbyBS. Lots of emotions and a great deal of talking between the two of them. Some humor as well. A very nice, very sweet story.

Do What You Have To Do and Too Long, Too Far From Home by Danae
recommended by Becky

These two stories go together as they are both about the same period of time. The first is from Jim's POV the second from Blair's. The stories are written for fourth season after S2 and the fountain and how those events affected both Jim and Blair. Danae has done an excellent job as the emotions are raw and vivid and the characterizations are right on. Definitely worth reading.

Everywhere, Like Footprints by Shelly
recommended by Kim Heggen

Missings scenes for Sentinel Too, Part Two abound in the fandom, as well they should... but this short story by Shelly is something special. Told mainly from Simon's point of view, it is a delicately constructed series of defining moments in Jim and Blair's friendship. There's an understated but tender Blair-wakes-up scene as well as many warm insights into the meaning of true friendship.

Evolution Series by Annie
recommended by Lyn

Annie's Evolution Series is a wonderful set of missing scenes (to part four at the moment and continuing), that shows the journey of discovery, and the friendship between Jim and Blair that continues to grow through each episode. A treat.

Golden Rule by Toni
recommended by Becky

Any story that starts off with "A huge blue eye glared down at him from the center of the ceiling. It blinked ." has gotta be a winner. The beginning lines just dragged me into this short BMB-related story in which Blair is having Golden flashbacks. I loved the ending and how Jim helped Blair get some sleep.

Hermit Crab by Caro Dee
recommended by merlin

Post-TSbyBS snippet. Too short to give any details. Just a lovely Blair POV snapshot of his life post-diss.

In Adversity by Lyn
recommended by Annie

Epilogue to TSbyBS. This story goes from the canon ending of TSbyBS and right on into major angst for Blair as he tries to come to terms with all he has given up and his self-perceived failure as Jim's guide. There is a wonderful scene where Jim first confronts Blair and then forces Blair to admit to what he wants. The last scene is angst-filled and brings a lump to my throat every time I read this wonderful story.

The Legacy and Promises in the Dark by LRH Balzer
recommended by Sherry

Lois Balzer's stories have already been recommended, but these two especially deserve to be mentioned again. The Legacy is a sequel to Warriors that raises some unanswered questions from the episode, such as how the Chopec got to Cascade in the first place and the fates of the surviving warriors. These threads are woven into an intriguing plot, and that's all I'm going to say to avoid spoiling it. There's also a dose of h/c, along with convincing character interaction and conflict as Jim and Blair try to cope with the aftermath of the events of the episode, especially Incacha's death. Promises in the Dark is a quieter continuation of The Legacy, where the guys finally get a chance to think about what the shaman/guide bond means. Special kudos for her perfect choice of the David/Jonathan metaphor!

Necessary Precautions by Tate
recommended by Becky

A missing scene from Vendetta from Simon's perspective as Simon struggles to prevent a nightmare. Very well done story and a very nicely written Simon. (I always love good Simon stories.)

New by T. Verano
recommended by merlin

AU The Debt. Instead of settling in as in canon, Blair realizes that Jim really doesn't want a roommate and so he moves out. This story follows his housing situation, introducing some OCs along the way (although mostly mentioned in passing). This is at times hilarious and at other times poignant, as Blair tries to feel his way through the budding relationship with Jim. Very enjoyable.

Payback's a Banana by Gil Hale
recommended by Sarah

Why you want to recommend it: Gil Hale writes wonderful humour stories. In this one, Larry the Barbary Ape returns for revenge and brings his mother along for the ride! Fortunately, it's Jim to the rescue in his best "Up against the wall!" fashion. I honestly think that anyone who likes epilogues and humour will love this story.

Procedures by Starfox
recommended by Arianna

I've been hardpressed to choose only one of Starfox's stories to recommend. She has only written eight stories, but they are all wonderfully crafted and true to the characters and canon ... while at the same time often having an unusual twist.

In Procedures, we see Blair charged after Simon and Jim have caught up with him and the uniforms have arrested Iris and her cohorts (from The Girl Next Door). Many of us have taken a stab at explaining and exploring Blair being charged and the implications thereof, but this is the only story I've read that takes this tack. I don't want to ruin it for the reader, but I will say it's more true to the characters than any I've read and is certainly more 'authentic' than the one I wrote.

We're all familiar with Starfox's wonderful Mansion, and I for one can attest to what a joy it is to be hosted there. But few of us think of Starfox, the author. After you've checked out Procedures, read The Call, and have a tissue handy. Again, can't give it away, but it's a gentle and lovely epilogue to TSbyBS. For a longer and exceptionally satisfying resolution to TSbyBS, treat yourself to Processing. This one has it all: drama, smarm and hurt/comfort. I loved it. I'm sure you will, too.

I can only hope that Starfox will write more stories for us in the future. Maybe, if we all encourage her, she will!

The Reason for It All by Rimilod
recommended by Becky

A nice little post-Survival scene. Just the right mix of introspectivness and teasing/bickering. You got your Blair worrying, Jim caring, and Simon being all fatherly. Very nice. I especially liked the little Blair/Simon "father/son" moment as they head out to the car. I thought it was sweet and I found it to be in character for both of them to express those feelings.

Rogue's Report by Bluewolf
recommended by merlin

Epilogue for Rogue. Brackett sums up the events of Rogue from his point of view. Nice little twist at the end.

Things Fall Apart by Meredith Lynne
recommended by Sis

One of the most moving and emotional S2 stories out there. It keeps the tight drama of the episode, and stays very firmly in character while delivering real 'punch.' I think it's one of the best, and a real life-saver while stranded in the bad lands of UPN's new Sentinel-less season. If you need a little CPR while waiting for part 2, try this.

A Thousand Dreams by Wnnepooh
recommended by Becky

An epilogue for Sentinel Too. Although this is a death story, I still like it. Watching Blair's funeral from a distance, focusing on Jim for the most part, it is a poignant picture of a friendship that used to be and what had been lost as a result of misunderstanding. Sad, and probably the only the death story I've ever read that I actually liked.

The Time It Takes to Blink by Sis
recommended by Becky

A missing scene for Blind Man's Bluff from Simon's perspective. Sis writes some of the best Simon stuff around and this is definitely no exception.

Watermark by Tate

  • recommended by Becky
  • Oh, wow! I cannot say enough about this wonderfully gorgeous Sentinel Too follow-up piece. Tate kept us intrigued and dangling for pretty much the whole summer with this 15-part serial posted almost every Wednesday. Excellent characterization with Jim and Blair talking and finding ways to cure each other after Blair's near death and the complications that follow. Simon and Megan are both included in this story as well, both given good roles but not taking over the center stage which belongs to the Sentinel and his Guide ... and Alex Barnes.

  • recommended by Juliet Benson
  • THE best Sentinel Too sequel/epilouge out there. I was hooked from the moment I started reading it. Touching, compelling... A wonderful read. I recommend this to everyone.

    We Got There by Beez
    recommended by Becky

    This is a short epiloge for Smart Alec and it doesn't have a thing to do with spiders. ~grin~ Simply put, it is a wistful, angsty little story that revolves after Blair's decision to go to Prof. Bruckner's funeral. A very nice little piece to read which touches on Blair's past and just what Bruckner meant to him. (Page maintainer's note: This story is no longer available.)

    Who Ya Gonna Call When Your Butt's Hanging Out by Red Soprano
    recommended by Becky

    Another of those pieces that I loved the opening line for -- "There was something wrong with the sound of his footsteps." Excellent way to begin a fic and get the reader's attention. Some drama, some humor, some smarm, all rolled into one in this piece that is set during BMB when Blair is in the hospital and feels the need to call Jim. The title made me blink a moment -- another way to get the reader's attention -- but it's an apt title once you get to reading. The story is very good, very sweet as Jim talks to Blair over the phone.

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