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Last modified March 22, 2009

Smarm (some prefer the term Warm Fuzzies) -- in the words of Kitty, a Sentinel smarm queen: (n) the visible (or audible) expression of affection between two friends, in which the non-sexual love they have for each other is momentarily glimpsed via some action. (v) to act in a manner which displays affection for a friend, esp. to do or say emotional things which would not normally be expected.

Glo's stories
recommended by NEM

I was at a loss to find a single catagory for these stories. They are dramatic, non-action-type stories, filled with some of the best (and funniest) bantering in any Sentinel fiction, great psychological insights, warm, fuzzy, non-ickky smarm. The Chill stories are a treat, with some great exchanges between our guys.

LRH Balzer's stories
recommended by Becky

One of my favorite writers, smarm or otherwise, is Lois Balzer. She writes excellent stories, filled with everything I could ever want in a fanfic. For smarm, my favorites are River's Edge (a camping story that turns quickly into drama and smarm as Blair has a Golden flashback) her S2 trilogy (Primary Focus, Movers and Shakers, and A Different Way of Seeing) and Double Room (a short follow-up for her longer story, Some are Silver, Others are Gold).

MegaRed's stories
recommended by Becky

She also writes a lot of good smarm. My favorites of hers are AfterLash (Cypher missing scene), Besieged (Siege missing scene), and her Night Shift missing scene.

The Anthropologist on the Edge of Forever by Martha
recommended by Becky

A short piece about duty vs. love and all that it entails. My favorite of Martha's and a good little smarm piece.

Beach by Martha and Kitty
recommended by Becky

Very, very intense smarm. An on-going serial written with heart and soul and love for these two men. Full of gorgeous imagery and heartspoken, heartbreaking, tremendously tender, tremendously powerful words that describe the close and warm friendship between Jim and Blair that goes beyond everything and anything either men expect or realize is true. A must-read if you're a heavy-smarmaholic. Don't miss it! Found at the Sentinel Smarm Sanctuary.

Downstairs with Uncle Jim by RobynHush by Becky
recommended by DebraC

Sweet little vignettes. Just a look into the lives of our fav guys!

HeartSpeak/SoulSpeak by Donna Gentry
recommended by A. Harrison

It was quite unusual to read a story (in two parts) that tells first, exclusively Blair's side and then Jim's. A very gentle story full of angst, h/c and lots of smarm.<g> You do have to read both parts to understand...and the understanding you'll come to is that every story has two sides. Go, read. You'll be glad you did.

An Irish Blessing by Hazel
recommended by Robyn

This is a delightfully touching collection of vignettes of Jim and Blair, woven throughout the lines of a famous Irish blessing ("May the road rise up to meet you..."). Full of warm sentiment and classic Jim and Blair banter most any Sentinel fan will appreciate.

Listening by Martha, Kitty, cat1, and Merry
recommended by Becky

Headache smarm, more or less. Jim-pain and Blair-comfort. And a most intriguing way to get rid of headaches - for both men. Found at the Sentinel Smarm Sanctuary.

Mail Bonding by Shelly
recommended by Robyn

Need a story to make your day? This one's pure sweetness -- it left me with a silly grin on my face and feeling warm from the inside out. In this story, Jim and Blair's busy schedules prevent them from seeing each other for several days, and they communicate by leaving little notes for each other in the loft. This piece made me sigh with contentment. It has everything I ever wanted in a story -- humorous dialogue so witty it had me LOL, warm domestic sentiment, wonderfully metaphoric atmosphere, and a clever title all in one! Wonderful, Michelle!

The Memory of Angels by Robyn
recommended by Shiloh

If you haven't read this wonderful story yet, don't delay another moment! From the first email from Robyn outlining her basic premise for this story (I was honored to be asked to beta this wonderful work), I was intrigued by the possibilities. Robyn has written a story that includes three of the most powerful elements for a fanfic story: an original premise (plot), stunningly beautiful visual imagery (you can SEE what she's describing), and beautifully written affection between Jim and Blair. The affection throughout the story is based on one very important foundation: it is mutual. When Jim is weak, Blair is strong. When Blair is weak, Jim is strong. What better definition of friendship could there be?

Intrigued yet? Let me summarize: The boys are trapped within an alternate reality in which they are free from the dangers of everyday life in Cascade, yet face new dangers that force them to rely upon one another in ways they have not been faced with before. The foreign environment allows for more dependence upon one another, but I think Robyn's real stroke of genius was in providing the boys with TIME. Gone are the hustle and bustle of life as police detective and frenzied professor / student / guide. Jim and Blair have TIME in this lovely story to relate to one another on a deeper level than in any other story I've read. It's simply fantastic.

Metaphors by Ann Brown
recommended by Kim Heggen

I've loved everything Ann has written, but this tale is something very special. Told from Jim's point of view, it relates Jim's and Blair's experiences as they struggle painfully with Jim's malfunctioning senses. Ann writes with a breathtakingly poetical style and holds the reader spellbound. If this story doesn't move you to tears, nothing in TS fanfic will! (Page maintainer's note: this story is no longer available.)

One Guide, Slightly Chilled by Captain Outrageous
recommended by Becky

As it says in the story description, it's a "mad moose" (the after-affects, at least), "some snow" (again, after-affects), and "a hot shower" (which we do see). The story starts out as amusing as Blair tries to shower and Jim keeps opening the door, letting in cold air. Then it changes pace as Blair starts to take care of Jim, including a very well-written, nicely described backrub. Excellent little smarm story.

The Other Four Senses by Yuma
recommended by Stacy

I've been a fan of Yuma's Stargate fan fic for a while and was thrilled to see her write about TS as well now. I thought this was a very nice peek into Jim Ellison's head and on why he left Blair in Blind Man's Bluff. Yuma wrote very strong Jim angst, a particular favorite of mine. (Page maintainer's note: this story is no longer available.)

Pajama Party by D.L. Witherspoon
recommended by Aislinn

This is a great Chritmas story. There is a minor Jim owie and Jim ends up in the hospital on Christmas, but Blair comes through and makes this a Christmas to remember. :-)

Reflections by Laura Picken
recommended by Becky

Inspired by the movie What Dreams May Come (which I haven't seen yet, but one I *really* want to), Laura paints a beautiful picture, full of soft, understated smarm, of how Jim and Blair are soulmates -- and uses Sharon (Blair's girlfriend) in an answer to a question from Blair to do so. Wonderful, wonderful. Very touching. Very sweet.

Revenge by Sandra Schwarzer
recommended by Amber

It is a great story for all people who like smarm like myself. Lots of h/c and angst. Be warned it is the typical Blair hurt story - if you don't like that stuff don't read it! But if you like it, this definitely is a really good story. Found at Sandra's Site.

Sculptor of Souls by JET
recommended by Becky

JET writes both Jim and Blair as very strong and also very committed to their friendship and each other. In this story, Jet writes from first-person, Jim's POV, as he looks as old pictures and compares himself in the past with himself now. When Blair comes in later, he affirms what Jim believes. Full of warmth and affection, this story is a perfect picture of their friendship. And, most importantly, there is a hug. ~grin~

Soliloquy: Reflections on Friendship by JET
recommended by Becky

Post-TSbyBS. While in a philosophic mood, Jim watches Blair as they are on vacation. There's the beach, some fun in the water, affection, and lots of friendship moments. A very lovely story.

Soliloquy Series by JET
recommended by StarWatcher

JET's stories emphasize the friendship between Jim and Blair, even when they're on a case, or one of them is injured. But the stories that have stayed in my memory for years, are her 'Soliloquy' series. Basically, Jim and Blair go on vacation by the seaside, returning to the same house on the beach several years in a row. These are 'nothing happens' vacations -- no guns, bad guys, injuries, or other trauma. Instead, Blair and Jim reconnect with each other, reaffirming and solidifying their connections as sentinel and guide, and as friends. The stories are introspective and insightful, lovely and lyrical.

Taking Care by Anne Light
recommended by MCTSensitive

This is story is part light smarm, part case story, and completely sweet and funny. Jim and Blair fight, and eventually make up, but only after solemnly reviewing the form the argument took--an obscene epithet shouted at Blair in front of the MC guys in a moment of stress--over and over, to hilarious effect. Jim and Blair are intriguingly guileless, almost childlike, in their expression of their feelings and in their managment of this discord in their relationship. In one of my favorite scenes, Jim is punished for his transgressions by his own recalcitrant dinner. The boys' reconciliation is helped along by a case that underscores the blessing of true friendship. Too cute to be canon, but if you enjoy reading our guys as likeably flawed and sweetly silly, then this is for you. (Page maintainer's note: this story is no longer available.)

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