New Arrivals

Reconciliations, Part Two
by Alicia

Summary: It’s time for Stephen to learn the family secret. Is he ready to reconcile with *two* brothers? Takes place the night after the events of Reconciliations.

Disclaimer: I do not own the charcters of TS. If I did I'd take much better care of them!!! They are owned by Pet Fly and Paramount.

Notes: The Oedipus myth is about a child separated from his parents and grows up and unbeknownst to him kills his father and marries his mother. ALSO, thank you, thank you, and thank you to all the people who read the story and emailed me with your wonderfully positive comments. I was actually very reluctant to post the story initially. It’s amazing how quick one can type when given the “proper” motivation. So again, thanx!!!!!!


“God, Jim, what is going on? Dad made it sound like a matter of life and death that we have dinner this evening,” Stephen began worriedly when Jim opened the door of the loft. “Are you all right? Is dad?”

“Everyone is fine Stephen.” Jim assured his brother, ushering him inside the apartment.

Stephen stepped into the loft, sliding off his coat and handing it to his older brother, that’s when he noticed the ‘crowd’ that was all ready assembled in the living room: his father, Blair, and a beautiful redhead he didn’t know but would very much like too.

“Uh, hello. Are we having a party? I thought this was some kind of *family* emergency we needed to discuss?” Stephen’s tone held a mild note of sarcasm.

“Come in, sit down. Can I get you anything?” Jim asked, ignoring his younger brother’s tone—for now.

Moving into the living room but not sitting Stephen answered. “No, I’m fine. I would just like some answer.”

Jim moved to sit next to Blair on the couch, and as with the night before, an awkward silence descended on the assembled group. Stephen looked from one person to the next, growing more impatient with the reigning silence.


Flashing Stephen one of her radiant smiles and rising from the couch she occupied with William she said, “So your William’s other son…Stephen. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Naomi Sandburg -- Blair’s mother.”

“Mother? You’re Blair’s mother!” Stephen stammered as he shook her hand. His earlier thought causing him to blush in embarrassment.

As though sensing Stephen’s thoughts Blair muttered, Sentinel soft, “Hey, man, that’s my mom. Man, you Ellison boys…” he broke off with a quiet chuckle, realizing he *was* one of those Ellison boys now. The ancient Greek myth of Oedipus filled his head.

“What’s so funny?” Jim asked Blair.

“Nothing, nothing,” Blair answered.

Stephen was again growing impatient, folding his arms and giving the crowd a good impression of the Ellison scowl.

“Someone needs to say something before Stephen has a stroke from the suspense,” Blair commented, seeing Stephen’s scowl and folded arms.

Getting no takers, Blair plunged forward. “Okay. Here goes. How would you feel about having another brother?” Of all the things Stephen might have expected out of this evening that was not a question he had considered.

“A what?” Stephen’s eyes rested first on Naomi, then on his father. “A…brother? That would mean…I mean you two aren’t…you didn’t…”

“Ah, well, as a matter of fact…we did. But, it was 28 years ago.” Naomi answered the stunned young man.

“Okay…you two, twenty eight years ago, and your…so then he is…” Stephen was pointing first to one person then another as the pieces slowly fell into place for the stammering young man. After a moment he was able to verbalize a coherent thought. “Blair’s your son -- our father’s son? He’s our brother?”

Stephen’s eyes came to rest on his ‘big’ brother. Jim answered with a silent nod of his head, hoping his face remained impassive. He wanted Stephen to have a moment to digest the news…to make up his own mind.

“A little brother,” he muttered, his statement suddenly growing hard and his tone accusatory. “And just why am I just now learning all of this? Hasn’t Blair been around, living with *you*, for over two years now?”

“Son, it wasn’t like that…” William tried to explain but was interrupted by Jim.

“Whoa there little brother. You have *not* been left out of this. Blair and I found out yesterday, *quite* by accident at that. We got you involved as soon as we could; and we *never* had any intention of leaving you out of any of it.”

The dark look never left Stephen’s as his eyes came to rest on Naomi. “Was she before or after?”

Understanding what his son was implying by his question William came up off the couch to confront his son’s accusation. “I will not have you blaming Naomi for anything. Naomi and I were together long after your mother and I separated. I met Naomi in Mexico on a business trip when you were six.”

“Whatever.” Stephen shook his head angrily and turned to Naomi asking bitterly, “How did he drive you away?”

“No, Stephen, no, it was nothing like that.” Naomi went and put her arms around Stephen’s shoulders and led him to the couch to sit down. “Your father and I were, still are, two very different people. He couldn’t understand the world in which I chose to live and I could not have survived in his.”

Naomi then began telling the story of how she and William met, at a demonstration of all things. She was with a group who were protesting a chemical facility, a facility that was in the process of trying to merge with the company William was working for at the time.

“Your father thought if he could get in with the protesters he could perhaps sabotage us from the inside or talk us into going away,” Naomi commented, her twinkling eyes coming to rest on a very shocked William.

“How did you know?” he asked. “Why did you stay with me if you knew why I was there?”

“We had the same idea.” Naomi confessed.

“So that is how you two hooked up,” Blair said. “Sounds like there was a lot of *screwing* going on back then.”

That comment broke some of the tension building in the room. Jim and Stephen couldn’t help but chuckled at Blair’s comment, much to William’s exasperation. “Boys!”

“Blair Jacob Sandburg!” Naomi exclaimed.

Blair shrugged his shoulders and gave his mother a sheepish look. “Uh, sorry mom”

“You should be, young man.”

Naomi told of her and William’s time together in Mexico. How each planned to use the other, but somehow falling in love instead. “Our little spy verses spy game had gone on for about six weeks when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t tell William…he had his life in the States and I knew he would go back to it eventually when the merger either failed or was completed. He did go back to the states but returned four months later on the team that was sent to oversee the merger.”

William took up the tale. “I saw she was pregnant, and when she wasn’t willing to name the father I did suspect it was me…she refused to confirm or deny it. I told her I’d support her in whatever decision she made. We stayed together during the three months I was assigned to the facility. Naomi refused to return with me back to the States. I flew back down after you were born, Blair. When I saw him I knew for sure he was my son. I begged her to come back with me…to get married, to let me be a father to Blair, to give you boys a mother.”

“You could have tried,” Stephen whispered so quietly even a Sentinel had trouble hearing it and Jim knew his brother’ thought mirrored his own from the night before.

Stephen sat back on the couch eyeing his father and Naomi, asking sarcastically, “So what now? You *bump* into each other after almost thirty years and suddenly decide to play one big, happy family?”

“No, man, nothing like that,” Blair said, going to sit next to Stephen.

Blair placed his hand on Stephen’s shoulder, and though the other man flinched he didn’t pull away from the touch. Using his best *guide* voice he explained carefully, “Whether you want to be apart of this or not is entirely up to you, man, it *is* way so much to take in at one time. I didn’t handle the news very well myself last night. How you wish to act upon all this is entirely up to you and we’ll respect your decision no matter what it is.”

Blair pointedly looked at Jim and William when making the last comment.

“You don’t have to decide anything right now. Take time to process it all, get you feelings in order,” Blair comforted. “We’ve got the rest of our lives to make a decision.”

“Stephen, son, I’m sorry it all came out this way.” William interjected.

“Yea, dad, sure.” Stephen said, tiredly slumping back into the couch.

The room was once again silent as each person became lost in their own thoughts; each trying to make sense of the swirling emotions these two days had wrought.

They all turned to Stephen when they heard his tired chuckle.

“So, a little brother, huh.” Stephen said, reaching out to grab Blair in a headlock and take his knuckles to his head. . “Where were you all those years I needed someone to pick on?”

“Hey, hey. Oh, man, not the hair,” Blair yelped. “Why did I have to end up being the younger brother?”

The others in the room laughed at their antics for a moment…for the moment all was accepted…and the future of this family would be saved for another day.

“Okay boys, that’s enough,” Naomi said with a laugh. “ I think we’ve all had quite enough for one night. I think we all need some wine and some dinner.”

“Yes, ma’am.” All three boys answered, watching Naomi glide into the kitchen to find something for dinner.

Blair frowned when he noticed that Jim and Stephen’s gaze lingered on the woman in the kitchen. “Hey, guys, don’t look at my *mom* that way. Man, she was almost your step-mother so stop staring all ready.”

Jim and Stephen exchanged grins and both pounced on their ‘little” brother. “MOM!”


It was well past midnight when Stephen, William and Naomi left the loft.

Jim came out of the bathroom and was heading for the stairs to his room when he noticed Blair standing in the darkened living room, staring out the balcony window.

“Chief? What’s up… you all right? Thought you were heading to bed?” He asked with concern, coming into the living room.

Without turning from the window Blair said. “Just trying to put it all together man, get it all ‘processed’. I’m almost 30 years old, and I’ve suddenly got a family—a father, *two* brothers. Wouldn’t you know, big brothers!”

Turning from the window, and running a hand through his hair, Blair chuckled. “I think Stephen fell into that ‘big’ brother role just a little too easily! I mean he did seem okay with it? I mean I know it was a shock and all…but, is going to be all right?”

“You said it yourself -- it’s going to take time. We all need to sort out our feelings, get our bearings, but, yea, I think he’ll be all right.”

“What about you, Jim? You’ve been awfully quiet about all of this?”

“It takes more than blood to make a family, you’ve seen how my relationship with my father has been. Sometimes it takes something more…and I think we all ready had it; I have grown closer to you in the two years than I every was with my father or Stephen.”

Blair smiled shyly. “Thanks Jim.”

“Now I think we’ve had enough of this emotional roller coaster…I’m beat, time for bed.” Jim said, directing a still distracted Blair towards his bedroom.

Blair stopped at the French doors and turned. “I keep wondering, what it would have been like if we could have been together sooner, to have grown up together. I wonder if I would have been able to help you then? Would your father have been able to accept things a little better with Naomi…”

Jim placed a hand on Blair’s shoulder to draw him from his musings. “Whoa. I don’t think we should dwell on those ‘what ifs’. It will just tear you up inside. How about we focus on the hear and now.”

Tousling Blair’s hair, Jim said with a grin. “Bed time little brother.”

“Man, what is it with you and Stephen and my hair.” Blair whined. “Man, I am so doomed—first the Blessed protector from hell, now you’ve got big brother to add to it. You know, you do have *two* brother—share the wealth.”

“Yes, but *he* is not a trouble magnet.”

“Ha, ha. That is sooo…not funny.” Blair shot back.

Suddenly sober, Blair looked at Jim. “He’s not going to feel threatened? I mean…he’s just getting to know you again, and you can see it in his eyes how much he wants that. Now he has to share with a younger brother he’s not sure he wants…”

“Give him time to get to know you…we are all getting to know each other again.” Jim furrowed his brow in thought for a moment, “I think I know a way to help.”

“Yea, how?” Blair asked suspiciously.

“I’ll let you know if I can work it out.”

“Ah, Jim. Not fair to leave me hanging.”

“Go to bed chief.” Jim said with a laugh.

“Goodnight, Jim.” Blair said with a yawn and turned into his room.

Jim listened a moment longer as Blair settled into bed before turning to the stairs. “Goodnight, little brother.”



Stephen Ellison was sitting at his desk, none to pleased with the report updates he was getting from the merger team in the Peru office, when the door to his office suddenly swung open. Startled, he watched as half a dozen balloons drifted in, followed by several unfurling streamers.

“All right…who’s the joker? Who’s out there?” He called out, getting up from his desk.

Before he got half way across the room Blair and Jim walked in, both wearing silly grins.

“What are you two doing here?”

“Happy Birthday!” Blair exclaimed, holding up an oversized cupcake with a sparkling candle on top.

“Come on,” Jim said, putting a hand on Stephen’s shoulder. “We came to take the birthday boy out to dinner.”

“Yea, and you’re lucky ‘cause I talked Jim out of Wonder Burger.”

Stephen looked at the sparkling candle and then at his brothers, giving a groan. “I thought I was going to make it through the day. Thought you two were ‘embroiled’ in a case or something?”

“Wrapped it up yesterday.”

“Why so glum, man? It’s your birthday, let’s go out and celebrate!” Blair cajoled.

“Because birthdays bring age.”

“Ah, come on, you are not that old. And besides,” Blair said mischievously, “no matter how old we get, Jim will always be the ‘older’ brother!”

Stephen thought for a moment and gave a wicked grin. “You’re right there. Guess I’m not *that* old.”

“Funny you two, real funny,” Jim smirked. “Just remember, whether 28 or 88 you’ll always be the *baby* brother.”

“Is it to late to develop middle child syndrome,” Stephen asked with a laugh, grabbing for his coat “Let’s go celebrate!”

************THE END*************