New Arrivals

Keeping Secrets
by Alicia

Summary: Simon finds out! #5 in the Reconciliations series.

Disclaimer: I do not own the charcters of TS. If I did I'd take much better care of them! They are owned by Pet Fly and Paramount.

Notes: Unlike the others that could be read as stand alones, this one won't make much sense unless you've read the others. Again, a thanks to Lauren Freeman, who is now giving my stories a onceover!


Stan Jorden stepped off the elevator on the seventh floor of the Cascade Police department, standing momentarily distracted by the bustle of early afternoon activity and the multitude of offices.

Coming from the donut cart with his favorite Danish, Captain Simon Banks spied the man. "Can I help you?"

"Yes." The man said, adding, "you're Captain Banks, right? Stan Jorden, Farber Enterprises."

"Ah, Mr. Jorden, from Stephen Ellison's company." Simon recalled after a moment. "What can we do for you today?"

Simon led the man into the bullpen and indicated he should follow him into his office. Inside, Simon took his seat behind his desk and indicated a seat for Stan.

"No thank you, I'll just be here a moment. Actually, I'm just here to drop these files off to Blair. Stephen was supposed to meet him for lunch but got tied up in a meeting this afternoon. I called the U and they informed me he was working here today." Jorden explained, pulling several manila folders from his satchel.

"Yes, I heard Blair was consulting with Stephen and your company. He and Jim are out right now, but I can see that he gets them." Simon offered.

"Thank you, that would be a great help." Jorden said, handing over the folders. "I honestly don't know how that young man does it; working on a doctorate is difficult enough but to do consulting work with the police and with us…"

"He is a force to be reckoned with at times…I have never seen anyone cram as much into twenty-four hours as that kid can." Simon agreed with a chuckle.

With a slight sigh Jorden said. "Still, sometimes I wonder if his brothers aren't taking advantage of the young man's good nature."

"Brothers?" Simon questioned with an amused chuckle. "They may get on like brothers, and they certainly fight like them at times but Jim and Stephen aren't related to Blair."

Stan Jorden looked at Simon blankly. "Stephen introduced both Jim and Blair as his brother...explained about different mothers but having the same father. He has really been excited about Blair working with him so they could have a chance to get to know one another without…how did Stephen put it…without their blessed protector around." Stan added with a chuckle, "I get the impression that detective of yours really takes his *big brother* duties seriously."

"Big brother, huh?" Simon said, arching an eyebrow.

Jorden was suddenly uncomfortable. "You…uh, you didn't know…did you? As long as Blair has worked here, I just thought…I hope I haven't spoken out of turn."

"No need for alarm…Blair and Jim inhabit a world all to themselves, most of the time." Simon assured the man.

"I hope I haven't caused any problems."

"No, sir, you haven't." Simon said, adding as a way of dismissal, "And I'll see that Blair gets these files."

"Thank you, Captain." Jorden said. "Again, I hope I haven't caused the boys any problems…they are good men."

Simon nodded, and Jorden took his leave.


An hour later Simon spied Jim and Blair as they came into the bullpen. Blair was his usual exuberant self, arms flying in every direction as he talked and greeted people in the bullpen. Jim's face held his usual amused tolerance of his partner's exuberance.

He allowed the two men to get to Jim's desk before opening his door and asking politely. "Oh, Jim…Blair. Could I please see you two for just one moment?"

Jim and Blair exchanged looks for a moment. "Uh, oh. What's scarier than a bellowing Simon…a polite one."

Simon's eyes never left the two men as they made their way passed him and into his office and sat down. After a moment more Simon closed his door and went to his desk.

"Sir?" Jim finally asked, growing uncomfortable at Simon's odd behavior.

"Simon, is something wrong?" Blair asked with concern.

"Mr. Jorden stopped by today…said he needed to drop off files to Stephen's brother…" Simon began speaking, his eyes never leaving the two men in front of him as he reached to the corner of his desk to retrieve the files.

Jim and Blair exchanged glances. Jim cleared his throat and reached out his hand to take the files, only to have Simon pull them back.

"No." Simon said with a large, knowing smile. "He meant, the *other* brother."

He sat back and watched the looks that passed between the two men…the classic 'deer caught in the headlights' look, if Simon were to give it a name.

"I'm waiting gentlemen." Simon prodded after a moment of uncomfortable silence.

"Well, Simon…it's like this…" Blair began only to be interrupted.

"You're not denying it." Simon stated. "This isn't just some Sentinel-Guide thing?"

"No sir, it's not a Sentinel-Guide thing…it is a *family* thing." Jim stated

"Then, it is true…you are *brothers*? And you were planning on telling me…when?" Simon's tone held both hurt and anger. "These are things your captain needs to know and something your friend thought he'd be trusted enough to know."

Jumping up from his seat Blair exclaimed, "It's nothing like that, Simon. We did want to tell you…"

"How long?" Simon asked.

"About two and a half, three months." Jim replied.

"We did want to tell you, as a friend. Hell, we'd like to tell everyone!" Blair said earnestly, stopping his pacing in front of Simon's desk. "We knew our friend could accept it. It was the captain we had concerns with."

Simon sighed heavily and leaned back in his seat. "It stings…but I understand why you did it…the work policy…"

Jim cut in. "That's right, sir. You've risked enough for us all ready. We just weren't sure if we should add anymore to it." Adding with a wry smile, "There are only so many secrets we can expect you to keep."

"So what now?" Blair asked with concern.

"I don't know. This is definitely not a usual case…sentinel senses aside. You have worked together for over two years without knowing this information…and technically Blair is still an observer, not a cop…" Simon mused aloud.

"You signed off when Jim told you we were cousins…why would being half brothers be any different?" Blair asked.

"One problem is your ninety day pass is about two years out of date…as a cousin. If this gets out the ride along itself is likely to be questioned in and of itself, the little family issue aside."

"So why don't I just renew the ride along…" Blair prodded.

"We need to do it quickly and quietly, for now." Simon agreed. "At least get you legal in one way with the department. We will deal with the other issue if it ever comes up."

"So in other words, we can't ever tell anyone." Blair commented glumly.

"Are you sure about this, Simon?" Jim asked.

"Hell, it's not like this secret is any more difficult to keep than the Sentinel one. If anything this one is easier--more normal. "I'll leave it up to you two how you want to handle it."

"Thanks, Simon." Jim said, relaxing some in his seat.

Simon just stared at the two men for a moment. "Brothers…and if I understood my information…same father, different mothers…so I've now got *two Ellisons* to contend with and not just one."

"Half and half," Jim said with a grin.

"Yeah, it has now been discovered, through exhaustive research, that it is the Ellison zone that is the dangerous one...not the Sandburg zone, as originally hypothesized." Blair said with a smirk.

Simon groaned. "Aspirin, I need aspirin…and lots of it. I feel an ulcer coming on too."

They all laughed, releasing the tension that had built up in the room.

"So are we square here, Simon?" Jim asked.

"Just as soon as you two sit down and give the readers digest condensed version of all of this…I don't want anymore surprises." Simon said, becoming serious again.

"Okay, it's like this Simon…" Blair said, beginning the tale.

************THE END*************

***I know this probably wasn't that exciting, the way Simon found out but I'm all out of ideas (??) where to take the story from here!*****