New Arrivals

Reconciliations, Part One
by Alicia

Summary: When Jim and his father try to reconcile their father son relationship they are confronted with bigger issues than Jim’s senses. Rated PG for language.

Spoilers: Brother’s Keeper and Remembrance.

Disclaimer: I do not own the charcters of TS. If I did I'd take much better care of them!!! They are owned by Pet Fly and Paramount.

Notes: I usually do not like AU’s and wouldn’t normally write something that could not be worked into canon but this story has been nagging me for a year, so here it is. This story has not been Beta’d. I only ran it through the spell check! This is a story with a lot of emotion and dialog, and little to no ‘police’ action and investigating. It’s divided into chapters because the timeline is not linear. In my world Jim and Blair are approx. 9 years apart in age. I made William Ellison 32 and Naomi 19 when Blair was born. Jim and Blair’s ages are in canon as Blair stated in an episode that he was born in ’69 and Jim was age 10 in 1970.


“Are you sure you don’t want to stay, chief? After all this was *your* idea.” Jim said, giving his roommate that Ellison stare.

“Nope. Not…a…chance! This is your chance for some father son bonding time. You can’t put this relationship back together unless you spend some time together,” Blair said coming out of his bedroom.

“Bonding or bondage,” Jim grumbled as he reached into the oven to pull out the rolls and set the pan on the stove. “What am I supposed to say to the man, Sandburg? I haven’t spoken to him in years.”

“Gee, dunno. I’m sure that cave-man mind of yours can come up with something. Say, how about this—‘the reason I ran off and joined the army was because…’--fill in the blank. You’ve got 15 years of experiences to share…just start at the beginning,” Blair rattled off excitedly.

“Yea, riight. My old man doesn’t do emotions, chief,” Jim commented dryly.

“Jim, you’ve changed, he’s changed. The past is in the past. Now you can choose to hold on to the pain or you can decide to get past it and move on. Be the bigger man, and use this opportunity to take the first step,” Blair said earnestly.

A knock at the door precluded further ‘discussion’ of the subject.

Blair went to the door and scooped up his backpack. “That’s my cue, see ya’ later.”

Opening the door, Blair greeted Jim’s father, “Hello Mr. Ellison and goodbye. Have fun guys.”

Jim glared after the retreating figure of his guide, as the elder Ellison stepped into the loft. “Where is he going in such a hurry?”

“Escaping,” Jim muttered under his breath, louder to his father, “he’s got to go to some seminar on campus.”

“Okay,” William said, making no move to enter further into his son’s domain.

“Come on in, dad. Put your coat on a hook,” Jim directed his father as he moved to the refrigerator. “Want a drink? We’ve got beer, juice, water, algae shake…”

“Algae shake?”

“One of Sandburg’s* health food* concoctions. They look and smell horrible,” Jim groused good-naturedly.

“I can just imagine. I thing I’ll stick with a nice unhealthy beer, thank you.”

William took the offered beer and moved towards the living room area, taking in the eclectic furnishings of the open area. “Quite a collection. I imagine most of this is young Mr. Sandburg’s doing. I did understand correctly and he does live her doesn’t he?”

“Yes, he lives here. All of these textbooks, and artifacts and strange masks are his. He’s all the time bringing things home to study or write about. This is nothing compared to his office at Rainer…it looks like a bomb went off in it most of the time,” Jim explained coming into the living room to join his father.

The men stood in an uncomfortable silence for a few moments before William again spoke, “So, son, how have you been since the Foster case? Did everything get wrapped up?”

“Nice and tight…. trial should be in about 2 months. You’ll get your subpoena from the DA when it’s time to testify,” Jim said.

“I’ll be ready,” the elder man said tightly.

Jim turned to look at his father with concern. “You are okay with this, right? You did know you would be called to testify?

“I’m fine Jimmy. Of course I’d want to testify. That man tried to kill you, I want him locked up for good.” William said pointedly.

“I’m really sorry all that happened, dad.”

“Don’t apologize, Jimmy. It happened, now it’s over and it all worked out. I’m alive, you’re alive and Aaron Foster is going to go to jail…and, and I now have a chance to get to know my son again.”

“Thanks, dad,” Jim said quietly. “Listen, the timer is about to go off, if you’d like to wash up before dinner….”

“Sounds good,” William said, putting his beer on the table.

Jim quickly dished out the lasagna and set the table while his father washed up. William came out of the bathroom, taking in the spicy aroma that filled the loft. “Smells wonderful.”

Dinner started out a quiet and surprisingly companionable affair as each man sampled the dinner menu.

“This is excellent…but there is something about it…not the usual taste for lasagna…” William commented.

Jim grinned sheepishly at his father, “Guess since you like it I can tell you what’s in it.”

William quirked an eyebrow at his son, “Ah, this wouldn’t happen to be one of Mr. Sandburg’s ‘healthy’ concoctions, now would it?”

“Guilty as charged. Its actually vegetarian lasagna, and the rolls are whole wheat and of course there always has to be a salad,” Jim explained. “If I want junk food I have to sneak it in.”

“Sally would be proud; and probably curious how he manages to get you to eat healthy.”

“Sandburg is a force to be reckoned with when he gets an idea in his head and my ‘poor’ eating habits seem to be his latest challenge.” Jim said with an amused chuckle.

William took a long drink off his beer and looked at his son, whom a moment later, sensing the stare looked up. “What,” Jim questioned.

“Where does one begin? I’m sitting here looking at my full-grown son but seeing the boy who practically ran away from home. I missed out on a lot in those years…I’m not going to make excuses for my mistakes, but I hope we can get past them. I don’t want to miss out on any more of my son’s life.” William’s voice was quiet, but steady in his declaration and his eyes never left his son’s face.

Jim was taken back by his father’s overture…and childishly pleased. Being cut from that same emotionless Ellison stock, he knew how hard those words were for his father to say. “I think we’re taking a step in the right direction, dad.”

“Thank you son.”

They both went back to eating and soon dinner was finished. “You’ll have to tell Mr. Sandburg thank you for me…the meal was wonderful,” William paused for a moment catching his sons gaze, “and the company was very much appreciated.”

Jim raised an eyebrow as his father raised a hand, “Don’t think for a moment, Jimmy, that I don’t know who was really behind this dinner invitation.” William was amused by his son’s guilty frown and chuckled, “It may not have been your idea in the beginning but I’m here, you’re here and we’re talking…how it happened is not nearly as important to me as that it is happening.”

William was pleased at the genuine smile he saw spread over his eldest son’s face, with a twinkle in his eye and a smile in his voice he asked conspiratorially, “Can young Mr. Sandburg manage to find a ‘healthy’ desert that tastes as good as his dinners?”

“That he can, dad, that he can,” Jim said getting up and going to the kitchen.

Over desert they stuck to less emotional, more neutral topics. Jim found out his father was also a Jags fan and they made tentative plans to see a game together in the coming weeks; they also talked about work and Sally. Jim even went so far as to tell his father of his and Stephan’s chance encounter at the track and their efforts at reconciliation.

“I heard about it,” William said pointedly, “and it wasn’t from either of my son’s either. It’s not the kind of thing a father likes to hear second and third hand and from the newspaper—one son accusing the other of impropriety…murder! I also heard Stephen was injured?”

“Dad, just like the Foster case, its done and over. Stephan and I have talked and come to an understanding…it wasn’t about family; I had a job to do,” Jim said defensively, suddenly feeling ten years old.

“I wasn’t accusing you of anything, Jimmy. Just upset the way I had to hear about the whole incident…you weren’t speaking to me, and Stephan wouldn’t speak of it either.”

“Sorry, but can we just drop it. Let’s not spoil the evening by arguing,” Jim said with a sigh. “Let’s move into the living room, I’ve got the fire going.”

Both men moved into the living room and sat on opposite couches, each staring into the fire, lost for several moments in their own thoughts.

“So we’re back to the same question…where do we start?” William said without taking his eyes from the fireplace.

“Well, Sandburg suggested at the beginning…”

“That young man is pretty perceptive, and has been right so far.”

“To smart for his own good sometimes,” Jim said with a shake of his head and a chuckle.

“I’m thinking more of starting in the present, of getting to know the son I see before me here and now. I have a pretty good idea of why you left, why you never stayed in touch. I can only offer flimsy excuses and explanations that wouldn’t take away any of the pain.”

“We don’t have to go there tonight, dad, but in order to go forward we will have to face the past. We have to understand what drove us apart.”

“Is that why Mr. Sandburg is here, living with you now, because he does understand?”

Jim decided he didn’t want to get into just how much about Blair his father all ready knew, and how he went about getting that information; deciding to just accept it for now and answered simple. “Yes.”

“And you’re okay with it…this ‘gift’?” William asked.

“It really doesn’t matter if I’m okay with it or not, it’s part of me…it’s who I am. But yea, I am okay with it; and Blair helps me everyday.” Jim explained

William sighed heavily, his voice tinged with regret, “He doesn’t think of you as a ‘freak’”

“No, dad, he doesn’t.” Jim agreed. “Blair truly sees my senses as a gift to be used and nurtured. He has more faith than I do at times.”

“It’s no excuse and it’s probably to late but I am sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t take the time to understand…and I am so very sorry I hurt you son.” William said.

“I’m sorry too. We both made mistakes, but as Blair said ‘we can hold onto it or we can let it go and get on with our lives’. I’ll be honest dad, it’s going to be hard for me, but I’m willing to try.”

William smiled. “Thank you son.”

They again sat in silence, staring into the fire when a ‘swishing’ noise in the hallway caught the Sentinel’s attention. The gentle swish of fabric was soon followed by the gentle smell of sage and incense, causing Jim to grin. “Naomi,” he thought fondly. That would certainly ease the tension in the air…Jim wasn’t sure how much more of this ‘emotional’ stuff he and his father could handle in one night.

Although his father said he was willing to try to understand his son’s gifts he really was not up to any more emotional episodes or long explanations tonight. So the Sentinel waited for his guide’s mother to actually knock at the door before answering.

Naomi was just as vibrant as he remembered. He returned her wide smile and hug, “Hey, Naomi. Blair didn’t tell me you were coming for a visit.”

“Hi, Jim. Oh, he didn’t know. I am on my way to a retreat right on the Canadian border and thought I’d surprise my favorite son,” she said gliding into the loft. “So where is Blair?”

“He’s at a seminar at the U; said it would be over around nine. But we better call him on the cell or he’s likely to hook up with friends and not drag in until morning.” Jim explained.

“Oh, that’s all right, we don’t have to disturb him…I can wait,” Naomi, said with a flourish stepping past Jim towards the living room. “Oh, I’m sorry Jim, I didn’t realize you had company.”

“ By the gods…” Naomi stopped up short with a startled gasp, staring wide-eyed at the equally surprised man that was staring back at her from the couch. “What are you doing here?”

“Naomi! Naomi Sandburg! Jim’s roommate is your son—BJ? Blair Sandburg is your son?” William sputtered out, still staring at the woman.

Everyone was silent, none able to get past their surprise to find a voice. Finally the silence became deafening to the Sentinel. “Dad? You know Naomi?”

‘How was this possible? William Ellison and Naomi Sandburg were as different as night and day. Their worlds were so far apart as to not be in the same universe.’ Jim’s musings were cut off by Naomi’s incredulous exclamation, “Dad? He’s your father?”

Stunned silence again prevailed for several moments before Jim sputtered, “It’s obvious you two know each other, but how…I mean, dad, you’re a… and Naomi, she’s a…uh, well, you’re both so different!”

“Opposites attract,” Naomi said quietly.

“Still do. You haven’t changed one bit Naomi. Still that ‘free and wandering spirit’,” William said somewhat sarcastically.

Her face hard, Naomi’s words tumbled out in a torrent of ill-suppressed anger, “Still the tight-assed establishment man. What are you doing here, how did you find him…did you arrange all this? I’ve told you I can’t live in that lifeless, sterile world you so cherish and I’m sure your opinion of mine has not changed.”

During her tirade Naomi came right up to the now standing William. Hands on her hips and eyes blazing, she continued her verbal assault. “ You all ready had two sons…you weren’t, you aren’t, getting mine.”

“That’s not why I’m here Naomi…” William tried to explain, never backing down from the angry woman.

Jim had been watching Naomi’s tirade against his father in stunned silence. “What? What do you mean ‘he’s not getting yours’? You talk like you and my father had a...a relationship, that you had-- his child. Your only child is Blair, right? He doesn’t…have…any…siblings?”

William and Naomi suddenly seemed to remember there was a third party in the room and turned to face the stunned younger man, the looks on their faces answering his question. “Blair is your son…my, he’s…Blair. Blair’s…my brother?”

Jim began to pace, stopping in front of his father and Naomi. “Naomi. God, is that why you’ve been running all these years, to get away from my father? Dad, you met Blair weeks ago. Why in the hell didn’t either of you say anything?”

Angry now, Jim began his pacing again, running his hands through his short hair and across his face. “You had no right to keep something like this from us!”

The anger Naomi had previously directed at the elder Ellison was now turned on the younger one. “I don’t have to justify anything to you…you were a child at the time, it had nothing to do with you…”

She was cut off by an equally pissed off Jim. “Like hell it didn’t…doesn’t. He’s my brother for gods sake…I had a right then and I have a right now, to know him-- as my brother! What have you done?”

Naomi’s eyes softened and she reached a hand out to caress Jim’s flushed face. “I’m sorry. I know you all ready take care of him like a big brother and he certainly sees you as a surrogate one. You’ve got to understand, no matter how much we might have wanted it your father and I could never have made it work.”

When Jim did not respond she continued her explanation. “Jim, there are quite a few Ellison’s in this area—besides, I didn’t meet your father here, I met him in Mexico. I really had no reason to connect William Ellison to Jim Ellison.”

Jim turned to his silent father. “Dad, there can’t be that many Blair Jaccob Sandburg’s out there?”

William sighed tiredly and sank down into the couch. “Naomi and I had some wonderful times together and I was with her as much as I could be when the baby was born; but Naomi disappeared when BJ was six months old.”

“Disappeared? Just like you to run away from another son…” Jim growled out. “So you just walk away from it like any business deal gone south…didn’t even give him the chance to not live up to your impossible standards.”

“It wasn’t like that,” William said quietly, burying his head in his hands.

“That’s not fair, Jim. It was a different time, things were so different back then…he did love us, both Blair and I. It just wouldn’t have worked—can you see me in your father’s world, can you see him in mine? Could that world really have accepted the Jew hippie and her bastard…”

“Don’t. Don’t say that, don’t talk that way about Blair, about yourself.” Jim had never heard Naomi talk in such a way and it pained him to hear what he knew was the truth of the time.

She smiled sadly and took his face in her hands. “Hurts, doesn’t it. How would it have felt thirty years ago…could you really have coped with those unkind words, and yes, there would have been those words and worse.”

Naomi moved and knelt before William. “I left because I loved you. Our love was not sullied by hate or eroded by resentment. It would have been you know. No matter which world we chose, one of us would have felt trapped. I know you wanted to believe otherwise, but I did the right thing for all of us.”

William met Naomi’s gaze but his words were for his son. “I did look for her. Months I searched…caught up with them almost a year later. I was still determined to bring her home, to be married…”

Naomi looked up at Jim. “After that encounter, I spent years traveling abroad…I knew he wouldn’t think to look for me outside the states.”

“What now Naomi? We can’t leave it like this…he’s my son,” William pleaded quietly.

“Dammit,” Naomi sighed quietly, rising up to pace. “He’s done just fine so far…”

Jim cut her off angrily. “Has he? Has he really, can you say that for sure? It really tears him up inside not knowing for sure. He’s been my friend for two years, been like a little brother that I’d lost out on with Stephen. Now I find out I can really give him that title—call him my brother. I’m not willing to give that up.”

Naomi saw the determination in Jim’s eyes and the quiet desperation in Williams and felt defeated. “Call him,” she said quietly.


Blair was surprised when his cell went off and even more so at the name that came up. “Yea, Jim, is everything all right?”

“Chief, is your seminar over with yet?” Jim’s voice was tight.

“Uh, yea. Just let out. Is something wrong? Did something go wrong with your dad? Oh man, I am not, like, going to have to help you hide a body am I?”

Jim chuckled at Blair’s attempt at a joke. “No chief, nothing like that. Uh, actually, Naomi showed up…”

“She did? I wasn’t expecting her…” Blair began apologetically.

“Anyway,” Jim cut in, “You coming home soon, we really need to talk.”

“I am so sorry man. Naomi has a way of popping up when you least expect her.”

“Quite all right. I just really need you home right now.” Jim’s voice held a subtle note of pleading that unnerved Blair.

“I’m on my way. Are you sure your all right, Jim?” Blair asked with undisguised concern.

“I’m fine. Just hurry home—Blair.”


While waiting on Blair, Naomi went to her son’s room to ‘process’. William snagged another beer and went to stare broodingly at fire and Jim did what he did every night after dinner; he cleaned up the kitchen.

He mechanically cleared the table and began washing the dishes while his mind swirled around the information he had just received, ‘Blair was his brother, his half brother. Maybe that explained their initial (although rocky) attachment to one and other; explained Jim’s overwhelming need to protect the young man and the young man’s less than disguised hero worship’.

As he moved to clean the counters and the stove his eyes drifted to the closed doors of Blair’s room and for a moment he let his mind touch on how his life, his childhood, might have been different had Naomi been there in his youth to nurture him and Stephen; that free, open spirit that made up Naomi Sandburg against his father’s coldness.


Blair took a deep breath and stepped into the loft hesitantly, having grown more and more apprehensive during his drive to the loft.

“Okay, I’m here. Now, are you going to tell me what has you so stressed?” Blair said to the loft in general, dropping his pack at the door.

The French doors opened and Naomi glided out towards her son, arms outstretched. Blair moved to embrace his mother. “Mom, coming or going?”

“Well, I was going to a retreat in Canada…”

“Was? Is something wrong mom? You do look kind of pale.” Blair asked with concern, leading his mother to the couch.

“Nothing is really wrong but something has come up.”

Jim had followed the pair into the living room and took a seat next to his father, while Blair sat down with his mother on the other couch. All three were looking at Blair with varying degrees of worry written across their faces.

“What? You three are looking at me like I’ve sprouted another head or something. What…is…it? You are all really starting to freak me out here.” Blair said, his eyes scanning the other three faces.

Taking a deep, cleansing breath Naomi looked into her son’s eyes and started the conversation. “I…we need to talk to you about some time I spent in Mexico, before you were born….”

”And?” Blair prodded when his mother trailed off.

Naomi looked to William and Jim for help but they simple returned her look with raised eyebrows, encouraging her to continue the tale. “It’s about…it’s about…your, uhm…your father.”

Blair’s eyes became wide and he nearly chocked on his words. “My father?!”

Naomi locked eyes with William and plunged into the tale. “I met your father in Mexico…”

”So you have known all along who my father was?” Blair interrupted, a hint of sadness and betrayal tingeing his voice.

Letting the accusation hang for the moment, Naomi continued. “I met your father in Mexico, he was there on a business trip. When I got pregnant he wanted to marry…it just wouldn’t have worked out, the times were so different then. So when you were six months old I decided we both needed a clean break; let him return to his world and let me get on with mine.”

“Mom, why are you telling me all of this now? What is going on?” He asked in exasperation.

“Because circumstances have changed…because, your father thinks its time I let him meet his son and your brother insists on it.” Naomi shot Jim a dark.

Jumping up and pacing Blair missed the dark looks that passed between Jim and his mother. “Brother! I’ve got a brother?”

He stopped pacing and stood staring at his mother, his voice filled with anger and a pleading for her to help him understand her choices. “You’ve not only willfully kept my father out of my life but a brother, too?” This was too much for him to process at one time; to many emotions suddenly warring for attention and dominance.

Jim watched as Blair’s pacing became more animate, his breathing was starting to come out in chocked gasps and his heart rate was way to fast. “Calm down, chief. You’re working yourself into a major anxiety attack,” he said, reaching out to put a comforting hand on Blair’s arm.

“Calm down! Jim, how can I calm down,” Blair nearly shouted. “How can I calm down after what Naomi just said…my father, Jim, and a brother. This is just too much. I can’t handle all this.”

“Actually you’ve handled them both pretty well so far.” Jim said with a smile.

“What? What are you talking about?”

William decided it was time to intervene and set the record straight with his youngest son. “BJ…Blair. I was that man with you mother all those years ago…I am your father.”

Blair stumbled backwards onto the couch, shock and confusion etched deeply in his gently features. “You! You and my mother! Then Jim and I, and Stephen: we’re brothers? I mean, real brothers, blood and all?”

They all watched as Blair tried to get himself under control. “I have a father and brothers; two big brothers…Gods, I’ve gone from zero to family in 2.5 seconds.”

Blair frowned slightly, thinking about what little he knew of William Ellison from the little he had gotten out of his tight-lipped room…brother. How could his mother have ever been in love with the elder Ellison. For the life of him he could not picture his free spirited mother with Jim’s uptight father…correction—his father.

“Blair this doesn’t have to change anything. You may be passed the need for a father, but hopefully not for another friend. I would very much like to be a part of your life it you’ll let me.” William said, interrupting Blair’s thoughts.

Naomi bent down in front of her son, taking his face in her hands to look in his eyes. “Blair, honey, tell me what your thinking.”

“What I’m thinking? I have no idea what I’m thinking. I’ve spent 28 years not letting myself think of this moment…” Blair suddenly jumped from the couch, causing his mother to stumble backwards; caught from hitting her head on the table by Jim’s quick save.

Naomi quickly got to her feet, grabbing for her son’s arms, trying to stop his frantic pacing. “Blair, honey. Listen to me; it’s okay. Everything will be okay. You don’t have to decide anything right now…give yourself a chance to process it all. It’s come as a shock to all of us. Honestly, Blair, William and I never put the names together…”

Blair shook out of his mother’s grasp. “You’re right, I need to process.”

“The retreat. You can come with me to the retreat…” Naomi suggested quickly. “We can leave as soon as you’re packed.”

“No. I’m not going anywhere, but I do have to get out of here,” He said going to the door and grabbing his coat. “I need some air…time to think…Just let me think.”

Blair yanked open the door and plunged into the hallway, heading for the quicker escape of the stairs. Naomi crossed to the door and called after her son, “Blair, sweetie, come back…”

“No, Naomi. Let him go. He needs time, we all need time.” Jim said, while tracking his guide’s escape with his Sentinel hearing.


Blair slipped into the loft after 2 a.m. He was at the same time relieved and disappointed that Jim was not waiting up for him. He desperately wanted to talk to Jim but he was so emotionally spent and exhausted he wasn’t sure if he could put together a coherent thought. His rumbling stomach told him that he was also hungry.

‘A quick sandwich and bed.’ He thought, moving quietly into the kitchen. He mechanically went through the motions of making his sandwich, his thoughts still such a jumble he never noticed Jim pad quietly down the steps.

“Chief, are you all right?”

Startled, Blair nearly jumped out of his skin; dropping his sandwich in the process.

”Damn, Jim, scare the crap out of me.”

“Sorry,” Jim said coming around the kitchen island to pick the sandwich off the floor and throw it in the trash.

Jim stood quietly, watching as Blair made another sandwich and put the stuff away, all without looking up or saying a word. Finally Jim asked, “Did it help?”


“The walk. Did it help? You’ve been gone for over four hours.” Jim asked.

“I don’t know. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around what Naomi said. God, I’ve got so many feelings—I am so angry that she kept it from me even though I understand why she did it; but I am also very relived that I know, but scared at what all this is going to mean…”

Blair abandoned his sandwich to pace. “What is it going to mean—for us?”

“Does it have to mean anything? Does it have to change anything?” The look Jim saw cross Blair’s face told him the young man was not taking his words as he meant them. “Blair Sandburg, you are my friend. You are my guide, and you have been my brother in spirit. Now that claim can also be made…by blood.”

“You really mean that,” Blair asked shyly. “So you’re really okay with this?”

“I am very okay with this—‘little brother’. Hey, you’ll have to listen to me now. I’m not just your Blessed protector, I am now your ‘very big’, big brother!” Jim said triumphantly.

“Uh, Jim…did Stephen ever listen to you?” Blair asked innocently.

Jim’s smile faded to a pout, “No.”

Smiling broadly Blair said. “Case closed.”

Blair went back the kitchen and began eating his sandwich. After several bites he looked around the loft. “Jim where did Naomi go? Did your dad leave?”

Jim smirked at Blair and groused, “Yes, and I was meaning to ‘thank you’ so very much for leaving me alone with those two.” Blair just rolled his eyes.

“Anyway,” Jim continued, “dad and Naomi spent a couple hours, more or less communicating. At least so far I haven’t had to book either of them for assault or murder yet. Around one they left, dad dropped Naomi off at a motel and he went home.”

“Why’d she go to a motel?”

“She felt that everybody needed their space to process. She and dad will be back tomorrow night. We all agreed that Stephen should be told soon; that this family needs to get on the same page and make some decisions. Dad is going to call him and see if he can come over for dinner.”

Blair smiled. “This family. I really like the sound of that—big brother.”

“Me too, chief, me too,” Jim returned the smile then reached out and gave Blair a swat on the head. “Come on, its almost 3, we need to get some sleep and be ready to ride this emotional roller coaster again tomorrow.”

Blair tossed the rest of his sandwich and bid Jim goodnight before heading for his room. Jim watched the French doors close and whispered, “Goodnight little brother.”

*********END CHAPTER 1*************

///////////I have several more chapters/snippets (written out but not typed) of the characters trying to reconcile and acclimatize themselves to their new family. I haven’t seen to many Jim/Blair as brother stories out there so I thought I’d throw out chapter 1 and see what happened. As a brief summary--Chapter 2 is Stephen learning the news of his new family. Chapter 3 is William and Blair coming to an understanding about their place in each other’s lives. Got a snippet of a camping trip with the brothers. Even got the bare bones of a case story involving Blair working as a consultant in Stephen’s company. And we can’t forget Captain Banks and the new gray hairs this news will give him J.///////////