New Arrivals

Lollipop, Lollipop
by ElaineH

Summary: Blair gets hurt, Jim comes to the rescue, and goofiness ensues.

Disclaimer: Jim, Blair, Simon, and The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly, UPN, and Paramount and no copyright infringement is intended.

Warning: This is my first attempt at writing fiction.

Notes: Thanks to my beta reader, Judy, for the inspiration for some of these scenes and helping me to put the finishing touches on this story.

"Blair - are you alright?" yelled Jim, barging into the exam room and skidding to a halt upon seeing his partner flat on his stomach on the table with a nurse and doctor hovering over him.

"He's fine, Detective Ellison. We're just going to give him a tetanus shot to make sure there's no complications from this wound and then he'll be ready to go home. I understand he got into a little fracas with the wrong end of a board with a nail in it. We've checked him over and everything else is fine."

Blair looked over his shoulder at Jim with his eyes slightly out of focus and a big, slow, goofy grin crossed his face.

"Hi Jim! Look what I've got!"

He held up a sucker and waved it in the air.

"Did you know they give you candy here when you get a shot?" He popped the sucker into his mouth and started to turn over. The nurse and doctor reached out quickly to still him and keep him from rolling off onto the floor.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Jim, frowning.

"Ah - we had to give him a sedative when he found out he needed a tetanus shot. I gather there was an unpleasant incident last time he got one?"

"Oh - yeah. I guess the med tech was new and made quite a mess of the whole thing. He's never really given me the details. He said he fainted and he couldn't sit down for 2 weeks because there was so much bruising from the injection."

"Well, he got a little wrought-up and started to panic. Then he began to fight the nurses and the orderly, so we gave him a light sedative to calm him down. Ordinarily, we wouldn't do that but he was becoming hysterical and we couldn't control him."

"Well, you'd better go ahead and give him the shot now while he's calm. Is he OK, otherwise?"

"Yes, - Just a few stitches in his upper arm here and he'll be as good as new in a few days. I'm going to put a protective, plastic covering over it so it doesn't get wet when he showers. He can take it off in two days."

The nurse prepared the tetanus shot and gave it to the doctor. Blair was lying contentedly on his stomach sucking on the lollipop when she moved his hospital gown aside to prep him for the shot.

"Hey," he said around the candy, "Thass cold."

He tried to reach a hand behind him but the nurse caught it and held it by his side. The doctor quickly slid the needle home into the closest buttock and injected the fluid. Blair made a little squeak around his sucker, but otherwise lay still.

"Doc - how long is this sedative going to affect him?"

"It'll wear off in about 5 or 6 hours. He should just sleep it off."

"Jim - wanna go home now," Blair said loudly and started to roll off the examining table, his gown parting in the back. Jim grinned at the sight. This was definitely going to be good blackmail material.

"OK, Chief. Let's get your clothes and head home." He guided Sandburg over to the chair next to the bed and the nurse went off to find his clothes.

"I'll help him into his clothes if you'll just step outside and take care of the paperwork," she said.

"Sure," replied Jim heading out the door. About 15 minutes later, the nurse showed up with Blair in tow. She looked harassed and somewhat winded. Blair was still contentedly sucking on his lollipop, fully clothed but everything was somewhat askew. Jim looked questioningly at the nurse.

"He wasn't cooperating very well," she replied with a look of exasperation at Blair. "I did the best I could but all he wanted to do was suck on that dam ... I mean, his lollipop!"

"That's all right. I'll just take him home and get him to bed..."

"No!" yelled Blair, startling everyone within a 2 block radius. "'M not tired and 'm not going to bed!" he said with a defiant light in his eyes.

Jim rolled his eyes. "Ok Chief," he said, playing along. "Let's get you home and have some dinner."

"Oh. Ok, Jim," said Blair meekly, with a startling reversal of attitude. "But, can we have candy for dessert? Pleaaaase?"

"We'll see. C'mon." He took Blair by the arm and lead him to the truck.

By the time they arrived at the loft, Blair was finished with his sucker and was looking at the bare stick dejectedly.

"It's gone," he said sadly.

"For Pete's sake, Sandburg, I think you're in love with that lollipop - either that or addicted to it!"

"It's my favorite flavor. I really love blueberry. Mom wouldn't let me have candy very often when I was little. Said I was already too wired without it. Don't know where she got such an idea, do you, Jim?" Sandburg looked up at him with big, sad eyes.

"Oh, brother," Jim muttered. "Let's go, Chief."

He helped Blair out of the truck and tugged him along as he slowly and somewhat clumsily

followed Jim, managing to trip over his own feet twice. Once in the loft, Jim sat him down on the couch while he went to Blair's room to clean off the bed. He had decided to just fold the quilt up around all the books and papers and remove it to the floor when he heard Blair saying something.

"Ow, ow, ow," he hissed.

"What now?" thought Jim as he hurried to the living room.

"Sandburg! What the hell are you doing?" he yelled as Blair's jeans and underwear went flying in the air past his head, almost hitting him in the face.

Startled, Blair looked up at Jim.

"I'm itching - real bad!" he said between clenched teeth.

Jim took a closer look and realized that Blair had a rash all over the visible parts of his body - his neck had two visible welts, and his face was covered in red blotches. He was trying to scratch his backside. Jim grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around. Lifting up the back of his shirt he saw more red splotches on his back, buttocks, and legs.

"Oh no!" Blair yelled, panic-stricken. "Oh my GOD!"

"What?! What's wrong, Chief?" Jim peered around Sandburg's shoulders and realized that Blair had lifted the front of his shirt and was staring down at himself in panic.

"They're ... they're all OVER, Jim," he said in horror. "Look!" He pointed to his groin.

"Ah, that's OK Chief. I think I get the picture. I think maybe you're allergic to something -

probably the sedative they gave you at the hospital."

"We gotta do something, Jim!" said Blair. "Gotta get these shirts OFF!"

Blair started to take his shirts off when Jim stopped him.

"Wait a minute here. No, Blair - keep your shirts on!" Jim said trying to bat Blair's hands away from his shirt. "Let me make a phone call to the hospital - and don't scratch!"

He grabbed the phone and dialed the hospital. Sandburg continued to try to unbutton his shirt but his coordination was still off from the sedative and he wasn't having much success. Jim finally got the doctor from the emergency room on the line and explained the situation.

"Uh oh," said the doctor. "It sounds like he's allergic to the sedative."

"That's what I thought, too. Do I need to bring him back in?"

"You sound like you've had some experience at this?"

"Yeah, I was a medic in the army."

"Well, maybe you don't need to bring him back, then. We're really backed up now and somehow I don't think Mr. Sandburg would be a very cooperative patient if he had to come back so soon, considering the circumstances."

"You got that right," muttered Jim under his breath as he watched Blair still trying to unbutton his shirt and getting frustrated with every maneuver.

"Well, detective Ellison, if you have any antihistamines in the house that might do the trick."

As he explained what Jim needed to do, Jim reached out with one arm and pulled Blair over to him. In frustration, Blair had tried to pull his shirts off over his head without unbuttoning them and they were now caught up around his head, over his face and wrapped tightly around one ear. Jim started pulling them down again with more hindrance than help from his erstwhile partner while he listened to the doctor, when the doorbell rang. Jim smelled Simon's cigar and sighed in relief.

"Hold on just a minute, doc." He put his hand over the phone and yelled "Come on in Simon, it's unlocked." The familiar figure of Simon Banks walked in just as Jim managed to get Blair's shirts untangled from around his head, and pulled down, continuing his conversation with the doctor. Banks stopped short and raised his eyebrow at Jim who just shrugged, pushed Blair at the Captain, and turned away as he carried on his conversation with the doctor. Blair took one look at their visitor and rushed over with open arms.

"Sim'n! I knew you'd come. I missed you!" He threw his arms around his captain while Simon looked down at him with a frown on his face.

"Sandburg! Where the hell are your pants?"

Jim hung up at this point and came over and peeled Blair off of Simon.

"They gave him a sedative at the hospital and he's having an allergic reaction to it. Can you do me a favor and run over to the drug store for a few things, Simon?" Jim said while he guided Sandburg over to the couch.

"Now sit down here and stay, understand?" Jim said firmly, pointing his finger at Blair.

"Ok, Jim," whispered Blair quite seriously, nodding his head earnestly. As Jim turned back to Simon, they heard a whisper. "Ssst, Sim'n, Sim'n!"

Banks peered around Jim at Sandburg sitting on the sofa. "What is it, Sandburg?"

"Did you know they give candy for shots at the hospital? I can highly rec'mend the blueberry lollpo…loppypo… suckers," Blair said in a loud whisper.

Simon looked at Jim in confusion. Jim looked back at Simon. "He's not quite himself, sir."

"How can you tell? I mean apart from the "no pants" thing," muttered Simon under his breath. Jim's mouth twitched.

"Yeah, well, sometimes it's harder to tell than others, but he's doing what I asked him to without arguing or smart-ass remarks, so that's a pretty good indication that something's not right with him. Here's what we need. And please get exactly what it says. No substitutions" He wrote a few things down and held out the list to Simon.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather I stay here and watch him while you go get this stuff?" asked Simon looking at the list askance.

"Well, that depends. The doc just told me to get him in a lukewarm, baking soda bath so if you'd rather do that, then I ..."

"Never mind. I'll be back as quick as I can." Simon snatched the list from Jim and was out the door before Jim could reply. He chuckled to himself and looked over at Sandburg.

"Well, Chief. Looks like it's just you and me," he said.

OK, Jim," said Blair looking at Jim just as seriously as before. "Jim - I don't like to complain, man but I'm getting reaaaaally itchy." He started to scratch and Jim pulled his hands away from his face and neck.

"C'mon. I'm going to run you a bath and then you won't itch anymore." He started to pull

Sandburg with him to the bathroom.

"No way, man! I am not letting you give me a bath!" said Blair, indignantly, pulling back. "I'm not a kid - you're always treating me like a kid, and I'm a grown ..."

"Hey, I'm just going to run the bath. You're on your own after that," said Jim trying to calm him down.

"Well, OK then. I'm not some KID who can't take care of himself, ya know...Been taking baths for a while now... well maybe not baths, but showers, though there was that one time in the hospital when they gave me sponge baths which was OK when Sarah gave it but not Ellen (here Blair gave a little shudder), she SO had no idea how to be gentle down in "manland" ya know... " Blair continued on in this vein, muttering under his breath about the merits of sponge baths as Jim walked over to the kitchen for some baking soda and then came back. He pulled him into the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet seat, still muttering about baths. Jim started the water for the bath, pouring the baking soda in, and then turned to Sandburg.

"Need a hand with those shirts ... oh wait, I forgot. You're not a kid," he said trying not to smirk.

Blair looked at him suspiciously. "Well - that nurse must have put them back on funny, 'cause I can't get them unbuttoned."

Jim's mouth twitched again. "Yeah, that must be it."

Finally taking pity on him as he watched Blair start to struggle with the buttons again, Jim offered "Here let me try." He unbuttoned the overshirt and pulled it off along with the t-shirt underneath. Then he turned to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a box of antihistamine tablets.

"Here, Chief. I want you to take these." He handed Blair two of the pills and a cup of water. Sandburg frowned at the pills and opened his mouth to protest, but Jim crossed his arms over his chest and looked at him with a glare.

"Sandburg, I REALLY don't need to argue with you about this right now," he said in a warning voice.

Gulping, Blair looked up at his suddenly VERY large and looming partner and decided a tactical retreat might be in his best interests right now. He popped the pills in his mouth and swallowed them with the water.

"Do you need some help getting in the tub, Chief? You're not exactly steady on your feet."

"Nah, I'm fine. Not a kid," said Sandburg, waving him off and glowering at Jim. He stood up and tried to make his way to the tub, stumbling once and looking with a frown at Jim when he heard a noise suspiciously like a smothered laugh from behind him. Jim looked innocently back. Sandburg looked back at the tub and tried to figure out how he was going to maneuver himself into it. He had never realized what a big sucker that tub was - it was the old-fashioned type on 4 claw-feet, lifting the sides much higher than the average tub. He held onto the edge with a white-knuckled grip trying to think how he could get his legs to obey his commands, when he felt arms go around his waist and under his legs as he was lifted in the air and settled gently into the tub.

"Hey!" he sputtered.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know - you're not a KID and you can do it yourself. I just don't feel like taking you back to the hospital for a broken leg or a concussion, OK? Just sit here and soak. Let the baking soda do its job. I'll be in the kitchen. Do NOT, I repeat NOT, get out without calling me first, understand?" He pointed a finger at Sandburg, waiting for an answer.

"OK, man - sheesh. I'm not stoopid, you know," he said indignantly.

Jim smiled. "No, you're definitely not stupid. Just lacking common sense sometimes."

"Hhuh! Well, if I had any more common sense I never would have believed in sentinels! Just think about that!" he said triumphantly. "Right Jim? Right?"

"Right, Chief," said Jim with a fond smile, reaching out and ruffling his hair. "Call me if you need anything." He headed for the door but not without hearing Blair mutter "Not the hair! What is it with everyone and my hair?"

Jim went to the kitchen to make coffee for Simon when he returned. He had left the bathroom door open so he could hear Blair. Splashes were issuing forth, and a few minutes later he heard soft humming to the tune of "Joy to the World." With a little smile, he shook his head over the antics of his partner and settled down in the living room to watch TV. About 10 minutes later, he realized that he heard Blair adding more water to the tub.

"Chief! No more water. It's full enough," he yelled.

OK Jim. Jus' ... Jus' makin' it warmer, replied Blair.

Jim returned his attention to the game, but a few minutes later he realized that the sloshing noises he heard didn't sound right. Suddenly, he knew what he was hearing - the water was spilling over the side of the tub. He jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He pulled up short at the sight of his partner as he burst in.

Blair had found the bubble-bath on the side of the tub. The suds and bubbles were about 2 and a half feet high and spilling over the side of the tub along with the water. Blair had bubbles on his face, head, hair, nose, everywhere Jim could see except for 2 round, bright blue eyes staring at him in surprise.

"Sandburg, what the hell do you think you're doing!?"

"I...I just found the bubble-bath and..."

"Not that! You've got water all over the floor. It looks like a flood in here!"

"Oh, that." He looked at Jim like he was a not too bright child. "Well, Jim, see - you can't get bubbles unless you run the water, so of course I had to put more water in the tub to get more bubbles - aren't they great, man?"

Blair reached out with his hand and blew a little handful of bubbles at Jim right as he sloshed over and leaned down to let the water out of the tub. The bubbles landed right on the tip of Jim's nose. He stood up and frowned down at Blair, with the bubbles still hanging off his nose. There was a pause, as Blair stared at Jim, and then a little squeak that sounded suspiciously like a suppressed snicker issued from Sandburg. Jim frowned even more. There it was again - another squeak. And then Blair was hysterical with giggles.

"Jim... you look ..." he said in between giggles. "You look so ... silly!" he broke down into

full-blown laughter again. "Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha ... silly sent... silly sentinel!" He laughed even harder at his own joke.

Jim, in a manner befit a more mature, dignified adult, wiped the bubbles away slowly.

"I'm so glad I can amuse you, Chief."

As Blair continued to chortle, Jim sighed in defeat and pulled some towels out of the linen closet to mop up the water. After a few minutes he glanced over at Sandburg and noticed that he had finally stopped laughing and had slouched back into the now-empty tub, shivering while he watched Jim clean up the water. Blair peered over the side of the tub and pointed to a wet spot on the floor.

"Here Jim, you missed this spot," he said helpfully.

"Thanks for the help," said Jim sarcastically. He threw a dry towel to Sandburg

"Here - put this around yourself and just stay in there ''til I get everything cleaned up a little


When Jim had cleaned up the floor to his satisfaction with the dubious help of his partner, he turned to Sandburg and helped him to a standing position, and then swung him out of the tub. Setting him on his feet he noticed that the hives were starting to subside and that Blair was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

"The doctor said the antihistamine combined with the sedative would make you pretty tired. You dry yourself off here and then you should lie down," said Jim. "OK, Sandburg?"

Jim tilted Blair's head up and looked at him. His eyes were glazed over and he looked totally out of it. 'Oh for Pete's sake,' he thought.

"You didn't even hear me, did you?" He asked.

Blair tried to focus his eyes. "Wha..?"

Jim sighed again. He took the towel and started to pat his partner dry. At that point, he heard Simon approaching the door.

"We're in here," he yelled as Simon came in.

The Captain came over to stand at the door to the bathroom.

"What's wrong with him now," he asked pointing to Blair as he tried to stay awake.

"Oh, the antihistamine I gave him is knocking him out."

"Heeey man, I don' have any clothes on - don' need 'n audience," said Blair, trying to reach out and slam the door shut but only succeeding in falling forward. Jim caught him around the waist and hauled him back up.

"Thanks, Jim," said Blair and he turned around and lay his head on Jim's chest and promptly went to sleep.

Simon laughed. Jim glared at him as he held Blair up.

"Sorry, Jim." Simon tried to wipe the smile off his face without much success. "What can I do to help you here?"

"I'm just going to put him to bed. He's only a little wet still. Can you get a blanket from his closet? And shove all the stuff on his bed to the floor."

Jim lifted Blair in his arms and hurried to the bedroom. Sandburg might look slight but he was no lightweight, he thought. He dumped him on the bed as gently as possible, noting that Blair was already snoring slightly.

"Simon, can you bring me the calamine lotion you bought? The doctor said to put it on the worst of the welts."

Simon brought it in and handed it to Jim.

"I hope this is something you can handle on your own. I'm gonna get a cup of coffee," he said and left quickly.

"Chicken," Jim muttered under his breath.

"I heard that, Ellison," Simon said from the kitchen. Jim grinned.

Then he started applying the lotion to the worst of the welts on Blair's front. Blair didn't make a peep, other than a gentle snore and occasional snuffle. Then, using his legs to turn him over on his stomach, he finished applying the lotion to his back and buttocks and decided his legs weren't that bad. He took the blanket Simon got out for him and covered Blair with it. Breathing a sigh of relief, he stood up and looked down at Blair and couldn't resist brushing his hair back from his forehead. In sleep, his partner looked for all the world like a 12-year-old boy. Ewwww. The bubble-bath had dried in his hair and it was all sticky and brittle to the touch. Oh well. That was something Sandburg could deal with when he woke up. He headed for the kitchen to get a beer and then walked over to the couch and plopped down.

"I'm exhausted," he said. "When did I lose control of him?" he asked, running a flustered hand through his hair.

Simon laughed a short, hardy burst. Jim looked at him in frustration.

"Jim, I don't know if you realize this but I'm not sure you EVER had much, if any, control over him. Sandburg marches to the beat of a different drummer than you and I - hell I'm not even sure it's music that he hears. Anything's possible in the Sandburg Zone." They both smiled thinking back fondly on the many escapades of their sacked out companion.

"Did you find out what happened?" asked Simon.

"Other than he got hit with a board with a nail in it, no. I think we'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the full story."

They were both silent a moment, thinking back to the times when they had got the "full story" from Sandburg.

"Hey, do you remember that time he talked Rafe into going out with Sam when he made two dates on the same night?" Jim asked.

"Oh brother, do I! That kid is like a moth that goes too close to the flame but just can't help

himself. I mean, what did he think Sam would do when he stood her up? Again."

"One thing's for sure - Rafe will never forgive him for letting her burn the sleeve off his jacket. It was his favorite."

"Serves him right. He should never have agreed to go out with her. We all warned him."

"Yeah, but I think he always had a little crush on her. He sure got cured fast! When he sees her coming down the hall, he ducks into the nearest office or turns around and goes the other way."

They both laughed.

"Remember when he thought up that weird test that involved ..."

They continued with their reminiscences about their experiences in the Sandburg zone for little while and then decided to order a pizza and watch the basketball game. By the time Simon left, it was time for bed. Jim checked on Blair before going up to bed and found him sleeping peacefully.

3 hours later:

Jim awoke abruptly as he heard feet come pounding up his stairs.

"Chief, that you?" he asked groggily.

"Jim, Jim!" came an excited whisper as he saw Blair's head come up the stairs.

"Sandburg! What are you doing up here?"

"Jim, there's turtles in my bed," came a whisper.

This was so unexpected, that Jim paused with his mouth open. What do you say to something like that?

"What?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"There's turtles in my bed!"

Jim sat up and looked at Blair. He had the blanket wrapped around his waist and was kneeling at the side of Jim's bed, and kept looking back over his shoulder. He was definitely not all there. Probably still stuck in the remnants of a dream.

"Chief, there are no turtles in your bed. You just had a dream. Go back downstairs and go to sleep. OK?"

"No, no, Jim, man. I can't sleep with turtles in my bed! You would not believe how much room they take up!"

"Oh, for crying out loud! There are NO turtles in your bed. Go back to sleep. NOW."

"But Jim, there's turtles in my ..."

"Don't say it! Don't even say it!" Jim looked into confused, sleepy blue eyes. He threw off the covers and stood up.

"If I go down there and show you that there are no turtles will you go back to bed?"

Blair nodded his head.

Jim trudged down the stairs, muttering under his breath and stepped into the bedroom before he realized that Sandburg was still up in his room.

"Sandburg! Come down here!" He yelled.

"No way, man! They don't like me!"

Jim closed his eyes. Now what? Well, when in Rome ...

"Chief, I'm talking to the turtles right now. They're leaving because they need a bigger bed. It's OK to come down now."

"Make sure they're gone, Jim! They're sneaky like that - say one thing - do another, can't trust 'em."

Jim rolled his eyes. Where does the kid come up with this stuff?

"They're gone, Chief."

"Are you sure they're gone?"

"Positive." Jim pulled back the covers and found they were still damp. "Come on down and see. No turtles."

"Thanks, man. Don't like to share with turtles..." The rest of the words trailed off. Jim listened and heard Blair's breathing deepen. Oh no you don't, Sandburg! he thought. He's falling asleep up there in MY bed. He hastened upstairs and found his fears confirmed. Sandburg was sacked out - sprawled in the middle of the bed, clutching Jim's pillows to him, completely naked, with pink spots from the calamine lotion all over him. Sound asleep. Jim shook his shoulder. "Sandburg!" he said. "Wake up and go sleep in your own bed." Blair didn't move. "Please wake up, Sandburg!" He shook him a little harder. No response.

'Oh, DAMN!' he thought. 'What a perfect ending to a perfect day.' He considered his options. There was no way he was going to sleep in a damp bed. And the couch was just not an option. He only used that in emergencies - too uncomfortable. Carrying Blair from the bathroom to his bedroom was hard enough. Carrying him down the stairs when he was half-awake was not a good thing. He made his decision. He pushed Blair over and crawled in beside him. This wasn't so bad. It was a big bed. Plenty of room for two people. He was just about ready to relax and fall asleep again, when Blair rolled over and snuggled up right against his back, murmuring something about "blueberry" and "turtles" and "no shots!" The last part of this was said with a panicked little whimper and Blair clutched at Jim as he tried to get closer. Jim turned over and wrapped his arm around Blair pulling him closer. Blair quieted and pressed his face to Jim's chest. Jim stroked his hair softly and Blair sighed deeply, sinking deeper into sleep. It wasn't very often that Blair allowed him to comfort him like this. It reminded Jim of Stephen when he was very young. He would come into Jim's room when he'd had a particularly bad nightmare and Jim would comfort him by holding him close until he fell asleep. Blair would have a fit if he were in a more "aware" state of mind. But Jim was going to enjoy it while he could. He drifted off to sleep, cuddling Blair and stroking his hair.

The next morning, Jim woke up surprisingly refreshed. Blair was pressed up against his back. He quietly went downstairs to the kitchen to start breakfast, making a brief detour to the CD player in the living room. Just as he put the eggs on the burner, he heard feet pad slowly down the stairs. He turned around and saw Blair leaning on the wall at the bottom of the stairs with one of Jim's robes tied very precariously around him, hair going in 11 different directions, pale pink spots of calamine lotion all over his face and neck, eyes at half-mast - generally looking as if he had been chewed up and spit out. He ran a hand over his face, blearily.

"Good morning, Sunshine!" said Jim cheerfully.

"Mmmmph," was the reply as Blair pushed himself up off the wall and staggered to the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later and seated himself at the kitchen table.

Jim came over and sat down across from him.

"How much do you remember from yesterday?"

"Well... I remember going to football practice to watch two of my students that I've been tutoring. They wanted to take me out for pizza after practice as a thank-you for helping them raise their grades. There were some other students in the stands who had been drinking and they started to get mouthy and push me around a little. My students sorta took exception to that and before I knew it, things had really gotten out of control and I was in the middle of it and someone hit me with something. A board, I think. Anyway, Don and Harry (those are my students) finally got everything calmed down and offered to drive me to the emergency room. Then, I had them call you to pick me up because they had to get back to practice. Things start getting real blurry right after I got to the emergency room." He paused. "I have this really awful feeling that I might have made a complete fool out of myself." He looked at Jim for confirmation. Jim looked back without expression. 'Oh, that's real helpful,' thought Blair.

"Just answer this, Jim. Why was I in YOUR bed with no clothes on, man? And my hair feels like something dried in it - it's all sticky and matted and I've got this pink stuff all OVER my WHOLE body, if you know what I mean. What's with that?"

Jim just stood up, turned around and walked over to the kitchen counter. He reached into the bag on the counter that Simon had brought back from the drugstore and pulled something out. He walked back to the table and laid it in front of his partner. It was a bag of blueberry lollipops. Then he pulled the remote control for the CD player from the pocket of his robe and pressed the "play" button. Jim let a wicked grin spread across his face as the lyrics to Lollipop, by the Chordettes, began to play:

Lollipop lollipop Oh lolli lolli lolli Lollipop lollipop.....

Blair looked at the bag for a minute and suddenly it was like in cartoons when a light bulb popped on over the character's head - he remembered. 'Oh, SHIT!' He put his face in his hands and moaned. It was going to be a long day.