New Arrivals

Rumours and Legends
by Gadfly

Summary: Daniel and Blair discover more about the legend surround the Trak’tah. Meanwhile, the NID is snooping around the SGC, attracted by the rumours surrounding one of the new recruits. Part of A New Direction series; continues on from Guarding The Tribe; crossover with Stargate SG-1.

Author’s Note: Un-beta’d as usual.

Disclaimer: Jim, Blair, Simon, et al, and The Sentinel belong to Pet Fly, UPN, and Paramount. Jack and the gang belong to MGM, and the other Stargate Powers That Be. No copyright infringement is intended.

O’Neill had waited just to the side of the gate for Jim and Blair to come through.

“I’m still a little concerned that the Inchac know that you’re a Sentinel,” he said quietly to Jim as they walked down the ramp.

“Only the Chief and the Shaman know,” Jim told him equally quietly. “They might have had to tell the Council members in order to get them to release the others, but our helping with finding and rescuing the children meant that they didn’t have to – they used that as the reason for freeing Daniel, Carter, and SG-13 and starting the treaty negotiations instead.”

“Okay, cool,” O’Neill nodded, relieved.


The month following the successful treaty negotiation with the Inchac were busy ones for Jim and Blair. They’d been on four offworld missions as members of SG-1, each of which had provided Daniel and Blair with things to study, but had, unfortunately, not resulted in any new technology or allies against the Goa’uld. On the plus side, thanks on two occasions to Jim’s enhanced senses and the early warning they afforded the team, they hadn’t had to fight off any Jaffa attacks either, so they still came out ahead as far as O’Neill was concerned.

Away from the Mountain, things were going well for Jim and Blair. They’d both found vehicles that they were happy with. Jim had gone for a two-year-old Jeep Grand Cherokee that one of the base personnel was selling because he’d been posted overseas, while Blair had decided on a four-year-old BMW sedan that one of the doctors at the Academy Hospital had been forced to sell when he’d found out his wife was expecting twins and they’d need a bigger car to accommodate their soon to be much larger family. While both could easily have afforded new cars, neither had found anything that really caught their interest until they’d come across the two used vehicles.

On the real estate front, the property inspections had gone without a hitch, and Jim and Blair were now the proud owners of their own homes on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. With both properties vacant, they had been able to take immediate possession once their cheques had cleared.

It had taken them two weeks to find exactly what they each wanted in the way of additional furniture, but everything was now in place, including the addition of a removable dividing wall, complete with door, between the two garages, and the conversion of the two storage rooms above the garages into a small, but well-equipped, gym, although they’d had to ditch the idea of a sauna since there wasn’t quite enough space available to install one that would be of a comfortable size.

The rest of SG-1 had pitched in to help them retrieve their things from storage and arrange everything to their satisfaction.

Getting everything moved in and placed where they wanted it had taken the better part of the day, and Blair and Jim had happily repaid their team mates for their help by springing for dinner – Thai food, beer, and wine, and juice and sodas for Teal’c.

“So, Blair, JJ, when’s the housewarming party?” O’Neill asked as he relaxed in one of the plush armchairs that Jim had bought for his living area. “Actually…two new homes…that should mean two house warming parties, right?”

“No way, Jack! There’s no way we’re going to clean up the mess of a house warming party twice! Forget it, man,” Blair laughingly declared.

“Yeah, what he said!” Jim grinned as he handed Teal’c a soda and returned to his seat next to Blair on the couch.

“Spoilsports!” O’Neill muttered before taking a sip of his beer. “There had better be pie, though!”

“So, when is the housewarming, guys?” Daniel asked with a grin, not willing to let Blair and Jim off the hook completely.

Blair shrugged and looked at Jim.

“I don’t know, Chief,” Jim returned the shrug and smiled. “How about next weekend? We could see if Simon and Daryl can come. Maybe Stephen, too.”


Darkness had fallen by the time the late model sports car pulled over at the highway rest stop about five miles out of Colorado Springs.

The driver slipped the key from the ignition and made his way somewhat nervously to the small picnic table near the trees at the rear of the parking area.

A few moments later, a shadow detached itself from the trees and moved over to the table.

“You said that you had information that might be of interest,” the newcomer stated as he took a seat on the opposite side of the table to the driver of the sports car.

“Everything I’ve got is on there,” the driver pushed a CD jewel case containing a single disk across the table. “I might have been able to get more, but my access was revoked when Hammond threw me off the base,” the anger at the General’s actions vibrated clearly in his voice.

“Why should this be of interest to us?” the other man asked even as he picked up the case and pushed it into his jacket pocket.

“Even injured, and badly disoriented as a result of the drugs he’d been given, Ellison managed to evade the search parties the General had looking for him for several hours. He was only found because wanted to be, when he caught up with his little hippie buddy. I don’t know exactly what it is, but there’s definitely something weird about Ellison. No one should have been able to do what he did, and he made it look easy.”

“We’ll look into it,” the man said, standing.

“What about my payment?” the driver demanded anxiously.

“Don’t worry, Doctor Harris, the money will be in your account later tonight,” the other man said with sardonic amusement as he stepped away from the table and merged back into the shadows.

Harris grunted in response as he made his way quickly back to his car. Once inside, he started the engine and drove away without a backward glance.

A few moments later, once Harris’ car was out of sight, a black SUV emerged from where it had been concealed in the trees.

“Whatever you’re hiding, Colonel Ellison, I’ll find it,” Colonel Frank Simmons smiled to himself as he drove away from the rest area, heading in the opposite direction to Harris. “And then I’ll find some way to use it to my advantage.” He still had a couple of covert resources within the SGC. Perhaps it was time to use one of them to find out more about the Ranger Colonel. Hopefully whatever they could find out for him would lead him to other sources of information.


The housewarming party was well and truly under way.

The guests – consisting of General Hammond, Doctor Fraiser, Cassandra Fraiser, the rest of SG-1, their training classmates, and numerous other base personnel and their families – wandered between the two homes, chatting and laughing and generally enjoying themselves.

Jim and Blair had set it up so that food and drinks were located in the garages, which had converted to a large open area once the dividing wall had been folded back out of the way.

Jim was deep in conversation with Vince Reynolds about the merits of the Cascade Jags and their chances of making the playoffs when he picked up a disturbance of some kind at the front of the garage.

“Excuse me, Vince, better go and see what’s happening,” he murmured as he put his drink down on one of the small table he and Blair had placed around the garage.

“No problem, Jim,” Reynolds nodded agreeably before heading to the dessert table to see what was available. Hopefully O’Neill hadn’t eaten all the pie yet.

As Jim drew nearer to the source of the disturbance, he began to smile.

“Simon! Daryl! Joel! You made it!” Jim exclaimed as he was greeted with warm hugs from the three. They hadn’t been sure that they would be able to come.

“They’re not the only ones!” Blair informed him with a huge grin, dragging more new arrivals forward into the light.

“Stephen! Sally! It’s great to see you!” Jim moved quickly forward to give welcoming hugs to his brother and the woman who’d been more a mother to him than his own.

“It’s good to see you looking happy, Jimmy,” a voice said hesitantly from the shadows.

“Dad?” Jim’s surprise was obvious.

“Well, it was a lot easier to get the corporate jet to get everyone here for the party if we brought Dad,” Stephen told his brother with a laugh that did little to hide his nervousness about having brought William Ellison to the party unannounced.

“It’s good to see you, Dad,” Jim offered his hand. If his father could make the effort to make the trip with the others, he wasn’t about to send him away. Maybe there was hope for some kind of relationship between the two of them after all. He was further surprised when his father pulled him into a hesitant but firm hug.

“Good to see you, too, Jimmy,” William said with a smile, relieved that his eldest son didn’t seen to be objecting to his presence.

“So, come on and let us show you around! You won’t believe how totally perfect these places are for us! And you really have to meet the rest of our team. Oh, and the General, too…” Blair led the way, chattering happily.


Hours later, the party crowd had thinned down to General Hammond, SG-1, and the group from Cascade.

Those left had split into smaller groups. William Ellison and General Hammond were seated on the couch in Jim’s living room, chatting amiably.

Blair and Stephen were in the kitchen making coffee, and cheerfully trying to wheedle Sally’s recipe for apple and pear cobbler from the laughing woman. Judging by the growing extravagance of what they were promising in return for the recipe, she hadn’t weakened yet.

Daniel and Carter were discussing the merits of various colleges with Daryl.

Jim, Simon, Joel, and O’Neill were seated around the dining table. The two Police Captains were catching Jim up on the news from Cascade while O’Neill just sat back and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere.

“So Connor finally went home, then?” Jim asked, having picked up on something that Simon had said.

“Yeah,” Simon nodded. “I think she knew that I wasn’t exactly going to be all that enthusiastic about pushing for an extension of the exchange period, so she never even asked. She flew out a week ago.”

“She was a good detective, Simon,” Jim noted quietly, beginning to feel guilty that he had inadvertently been the cause of the loss of another person from the team. It was bad enough that he and Blair had left with so little notice.

“But not the kind of team player I wanted on my team,” Simon told him firmly, “so you can just stop the guilt trip right now, Jim.”

“He’s right, Jim,” Joel nodded. “You have to remember how often she went out of her way to needle you, even before the whole dissertation thing, and I know for a fact that Blair never really liked being called ‘Sandy’. He asked her not to once when I was there, and she just shrugged it off and kept right on doing it.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Jim conceded with a sigh.

“So, it looks like you and Sandburg have settled in pretty well, then,” Simon deliberately changed the subject.

“Yeah, we found these two places about a month ago and couldn’t resist,” Jim smiled.

“And you’re enjoying the work?” Joel asked, happy to continue to keep the conversation centred on more pleasant topics.

“Well, I don’t know whether ‘enjoying’ is the right word, exactly,” Jim grinned and shot a sideways glance at O’Neill, “but it’s certainly interesting.”

“Don’t suppose you could use a couple of Police Captains, Jack?” Simon asked O’Neill with a grin, but the Colonel could sense just a hint of wistfulness in the Captain’s tone and facial expression.

“Hmmm…maybe if you could keep a certain stubborn Army Ranger and his long-haired geeky friend under control?” O’Neill asked with a deliberately hopeful smile.

“God, no!” Simon laughed, “I couldn’t do that when I was their boss!”


Despite Blair and Jim’s insistence that the group from Cascade stay with them, William, Stephen, and Sally declined – William had already had his secretary book them rooms on one of Colorado Springs’ better hotels. He hadn’t been exactly sure of his welcome, hence the booking, but he didn’t intend to tell Jim that. They headed off in one of the rental cars shortly before midnight after accepting an invitation to lunch the next day before they flew home to Cascade.

Joel, Simon, and Daryl accepted the offer of accommodation, on the proviso that they be allowed to help with the clean up. With additional help from O’Neill, Carter, Daniel, and Teal’c, it took less than an hour to have both homes restored to their pre-party condition.

“Our work here is done,” O’Neill declared with a grin as he ushered the rest of the team out the front door. “Have a good flight home,” he nodded to Simon, Joel, and Daryl, then looked at Jim and Blair. “Catch you guys on Monday.”


Lunch went well, and it was early evening before the Cascade group headed for the airport, where the Ellison Enterprises Lear jet was waiting to take them home.

Jim followed Blair into his house after they’d seen the others off.

“You okay, Chief?”

“Yeah,” Blair sighed as he flopped down onto his couch. “It’s just that, having your Dad and Stephen here made me wish that Naomi had been here for the party, too, you know?”

“I know, Chief,” Jim said, sorry that Blair’s mother still hadn’t bothered to contact them.

Blair had sent messages giving details of his new address and work telephone number to several of Naomi’s friends that he knew she kept on contact with, but so far he hadn’t heard anything from her.

“She’s probably still processing, Blair. You know what a shock it was for her.”

“Yeah, I guess.”


Having survived the housewarming, Jim and Blair returned to work early on Monday morning. They had a briefing to decide on their offworld schedule for the next four weeks, then each went their separate ways until they were due to meet up for lunch.

Inevitably, Carter proceeded to her lab to work on a series of experiments with the naquada that SG-7 had brought back from their last mission. Teal’c, O’Neill, and Jim were scheduled to give a refresher unarmed combat course and headed t o the training area to get ready. Blair and Daniel went to their respective offices to work on several translation requests arising from missions by SG-9 and SG-12.


“Hey, Daniel!” Blair called out as he spotted his friend ahead of him in the corridor, obviously returning from one of the break rooms, judging by the mug of coffee in his hand.

Daniel stopped and turned at Blair’s call. “Hey, how’s it going?”

“Good, man, very good,” Blair was fairly bouncing with excitement. “I’ve been going over some of the data that SG-9 brought back from their last mission, and I’ve found what I think might be a reference to the planet Teal’c mentioned when he told us about the Trak’tah,” Blair used the Gao’uld word rather than Sentinel, taking no chances with Jim’s secret or safety.

“Really?” Daniel’s eyes lit up. “So, do you have time now to show me what you’ve found?”

“Absolutely,” Blair nodded. “It’s back in my office. I was looking for you to ask if you wanted to see it. C’mon.”


Blair sat up from where he’d been slumped over his laptop and stretched wearily, rolling his neck to try and work the kinks out. “I was so sure that I was on to something!” He was more than a little frustrated. He and Daniel had been poring over the pictures that SG-9 had brought back from their last mission for hours, without appreciable results.

“I still think that you are, Blair,” Daniel told him with an encouraging smile. “From what we’ve translated so far, the inscriptions definitely seem to refer to a planet where access can only be gained to the stronghold through the use of enhanced senses.”

“Yeah, but we’ve still got no idea where the planet is,” Blair grumbled.

“Hey, kids,” O’Neill called out cheerfully as he and Jim entered Blair’s office. “Thought we might find you here when there was no one in Daniel’s office.”

“Hi Jack, Jim,” Daniel smiled wearily up at the two men as Jim made his way over to stand behind Blair.

“What’re you working on, Chief?” Jim asked, studying the laptop screen over Blair’s shoulder.

“Pictures and data that SG-9 brought back from their last mission. I thought we might have found a lead on the planet that Teal’c mentioned when he told us about the Trak’tah, but so far we’ve come up empty.”

“Maybe they didn’t get pictures of all the inscriptions?” O’Neill suggested.

“We’ve translated all the inscriptions that they took pictures off, and Major Grant is pretty definite that they covered everything,” Blair shrugged.

“What about the writing around the edges? Have you translated that as well?” Jim asked, pointing to the border around the inscriptions.

“What writing around the edges?” Daniel had stood and made his way around to stand next to Jim even as he spoke.

“The writing’s pretty small – and I’m only assuming it’s writing, since I can’t read it – but it’s definitely there,” Jim helpfully pointed to the two areas on the border where he could see further inscriptions.

“I don’t see anything,” Blair stared at the screen for a moment. “Wait a sec! I’ll enlarge the image,” he suited actions to words and the writing soon became clearly visible to Daniel, Jack, and him as well.

Daniel groaned as a thought occurred to him. “We’re looking for clues to a place that’s supposed to be accessible only to those with enhanced senses,” he began, only to have Blair start to laugh as he caught on to what Daniel was thinking, “and we didn’t think to look for clues that would only be detectable by those same enhanced senses!”

“In the words of our fearless leader’s idol – D’OH!” Blair grinned.

“I told you Homer was a source of great wisdom,” O’Neill smiled smugly. “And now, JJ and I are going to escort you two to dinner.”

“But Jack - !”

“Ah! No arguments, Daniel. Teal’c and Carter are waiting for us. You two have been cooped up in here for hours, and I know neither of you bothered to stop and have anything for lunch. Dinner now, solve the mysteries of the universe later,” O’Neill said firmly as he and Jim herded the two reluctant scientists out of the office.


Once they’d fed and watered Daniel and Blair, Jim and O’Neill had decided to head for the base gym. Teal’c had returned to his room for Kel’No’Reem – a meditative practice that he required in order to keep both himself and his symbiote in good health. Carter had headed for her lab to check on the results of an experiment she’d left running while she had dinner with the others.

Before they could reach the gym, an airman caught up with O’Neill and told him that the General wished to see both him and Colonel Ellison at their earliest convenience.

A few minutes later, the two Colonels presented themselves to their commanding officer.

“You wanted to see us, Sir?” O’Neill enquired as he entered the office, Jim just a few steps behind.

“Yes, Colonel. Close the doors and take a seat, gentlemen.”

Jim took care of the door they’d just come through while Jack closed the door that led into the main briefing room.

The General waited until both men had taken their seats before he spoke.

“I’ve received some very disturbing news, gentlemen. A routine check of the computer logs indicates that your personnel file and medical file have been accessed in the last twenty-four hours, Colonel Ellison,,” Hammond’s expression was sombre. “Doctor Sandburg’s records were also accessed.

“Any idea who accessed the files, Sir?” Jim asked calmly, even though his entire body had tensed at the General’s words.

“Nothing definite, I’m afraid, Colonel,” Hammond shook his head.

“I think we could make an educated guess, couldn’t we, Sir?” O’Neill asked grimly.

“NID?” Jim had always been good at reading between the lines when he’d been a detective.

“I’m afraid so,” Hammond nodded. “At this stage, it just appears to be their usual snooping around anything new, but I think that it would be wise if both you and Doctor Sandburg took precautions with your personal safety when away from the base.”


“I’m sorry, JJ,” O’Neill said quietly as he and Jim made their way through the base to Blair’s office.

“What have you got to be sorry for, Jack?” Jim asked, surprised at his friend’s apology.

“I promised you’d be safe here. Right now I feel like I haven’t lived up to that promise very well,” O’Neill told him.

“It’s hardly your fault that the NID seem to be taking an interest in us, Jack,” Jim shook his head. “It could have happened any time after the dissertation was leaked, or even before that, considering that it wasn’t always possible to hide what I can do when I was working a case.”


“Don’t go there, Jack,” Jim stopped walking and turned to face his friend. “What we do here is important, and once we found out about it, neither Blair nor I could walk away. We’ll just have to deal with the NID as and when they become a problem. That includes coming up with some contingency plans for anything they might pull, and we’ll definitely need you and the rest of the team to help with that. Okay?”

“Okay,” O’Neill conceded the point. For the moment, at least.

“Let’s go and find Blair and the others and let them know what’s happened.”


The writing that Jim had detected around the borders of the inscriptions had proven to be the final link they needed to solve the riddle and determine the dialling address of the planet, which had subsequently been designated as P22-401. Daniel and Blair had presented their findings to General Hammond and the rest of SG-1.

“So you think that P22-401 might be the planet that Teal’c referred to when he told us about the Trak’tah?” Hammond asked at the end of the briefing.

“Yes, Sir, there seems to be a good chance that it is,” Daniel nodded.

“Then it sounds as though it’s worthy of investigation,” Hammond stated with a smile. “Get some rest, all of you. You leave for P22-401 at 0830 tomorrow morning.”


In the early hours of the morning, a shadowy form made its way through the deserted corridors of the SGC, taking advantage of the lowered lighting levels employed during the night.

The figure paused at a door, checking quickly to ensure that no one was approaching before opening the door and slipping quickly through and into the room beyond.

The End