New Arrivals

Tell Me Your Dream
by Hercat

Summary: A short drabble inspired by a Blue Rodeo song. Rated G.

Disclaimer: All characters mentioned here are the property of Pet Fly productions.

Detective James Ellison stared up at the full August moon. It was a beautiful night, clear and warm. From his vantage point on the balcony he could see out over the city of Cascade. His sentinel vision, a hundred times more acute than that of a normal human could easily pick out the citizens going about their business. Tonight however, that was not what fascinated him. He returned his gaze to the golden moon suspended overhead. He smiled and called out to his partner.

"Chief. Hey, Chief." His Guide and best friend bounced out onto the balcony, trailing the smell of dinner.

"What is it Jim?"

"Come look at the moon with me." He could see the raised eyebrow on his Guideís face. It was hardly typical for him to stop and smell the roses. A few years ago, before theyíd met it would have been impossible. Jim Ellison, ex-military and general hard-ass would never have even looked up. Yet somehow, Blair Sandburg, a bouncing bundle of anthropological energy had managed to get him to lower the defenses that had seemed so vital once.

Blair shifted over as Jim gently rested his hand on his shoulder. These were the times to be treasured. They were together and all was well with the world. He returned his gaze to the heavens above.

"What do you see up there Jim?" Blair asked him quietly. He grinned.

"Another test Chief?"

"Just curious I guess. I wonder sometimes what you see, what you sense. I mean, I wouldnít want to trade places, itís just that thereís a whole different world you have access too, and sometimes I wonder what itís like." There was a pause. "I wonder if it would help me help you to know what itís really like."

Jim took a deep breath. There was silence for a moment, then he spoke.

"Well, first I can see the moon. Thatís an easy one. I can see the craters on the surface easily." He shifted. "I can see Jupiter, itís that one over there. One of the moons is in front of it tonight, two are off to the right." Blair interrupted.

"You can see the moons? Thatís amazing man! How about the other stars?"

Jim shook his head.

"Sorry buddy, just planets. Everything else is just dots, though I can see more than most I guess."

The pair of them stared in quiet contemplation of the view.

"You know Jim, itís times like these that Iím reminded that we get a distorted view of things, working for the police. We see the violence and the anger, and we forget that most of the time this is the way things are."

"Yeah Chief, I know what you mean. Always seeing the worst side of people. The city really is beautiful tonight."

His Guide, shaman to the great city leaned closer.

"Our city Jim, our city."


Tell Me Your Dream
Blue Rodeo

As we sat in front of that August moon
You said the clouds they look like angel wings
Sometimes I wonder if you can read my mind
Cause I was thinking the very same thing
When Iím with you all the stars shine thru
My heart opens like a morning flower
You know Iíd leave it all behind
Cause my only peace of mind
Is when Iím here with you

So tell me your dream
Lay your head on my pillow
Tell me the things that you hide away
Your pain
Your pleasure
Your sorrow

Tell me the things that you hide away
Your pain
Your pleasure
Your sorrow