New Arrivals
Author-Ice Bear

by Ice Bear

Summary: A nocturnal encounter livens things up at the Ellison-Sandburg household. Rated PG.

Author's notes: Sunday night, I was curled up watching a movie when Augusta, my beloved Himalayan cat, started scampering after something -- an investigation ensued, and I discovered a firefly had somehow made its' way into the house. She followed it round and round the living room before it made the mistake of a low pass. She had it on the rug, but kindly agreed to let me have it, and we took it outside so it could join its friends. Not a sight you get to see often in the city, but a lovely reminder of warm summer nights in Maine.

Disclaimer: No money changed hands for the writing of this story, and there certainly isn't enough in my bank account to buy the guys, so I just borrowed them.

“Jim? Jim! I think we have a problem.”

Sighing, Jim Ellison swung his long legs over the side of his bed, shook his weary body, and headed downstairs. “What’s wrong, Chief,” he hoarsely demanded as he loomed over his partner, who lay on the couch in the dark.

“Man, can’t you see it?”

He sighed, one hand brushing in agitation through his short hair. “See what?”

“Some Sentinel you are,” Blair huffed under his breath.

“I heard that.” The older man barked.

“Yeah, well at least your hearing works.”

“Sandburg, you have approximately 15 seconds to explain why I shouldn’t maim you for waking me up from the first sleep I’ve had in three days.” The growl in the voice was not for show.

“Like you were sleeping. If you’d tossed and turned any harder, you’d have ended up on the floor. Look, over there in the corner.” He sat up and pointed; knowing his partner could see him plainly, even in the dark.

Jim’s gaze followed the finger, and he carefully examined the far wall. “San…ah,” his voice softened as he moved forward, eyes glued to the tiny burst of light flitting near one of the windows.

Blair watched in fascination as his tough as nails partner stood entranced as he followed the path of the firefly for close to five minutes before gently capturing it in a callused hand. “Chief, would you get the balcony door for me, please?”

The TA followed the cop onto the balcony. Jim brought his fist up to chest height and opened it. Two brilliant bursts of light were emitted before the creature took to the air. The Sentinel used his enhanced sight to track the getaway of his captive.

A warm hand on his back brought his attention back to the balcony, and he smiled down at his roommate. “You got any dragons that need slaying or should I just do my nightly check under the futon for monsters before I go up?”

“Late night comedy is SO not your forte, man, so don’t go quitting your day job,” Blair retorted, his smile clear in his words.

“Hey, you’re the one who woke me from a sound sleep to save you from a firefly.”

Blair shook his head at the stubborn man before him. “Well, excuse me, but I figured it would keep you awake all night buzzing around the loft.”

“Not a firefly, Chief.”

“You need to explain that one, Jim. I mean, a month ago you were threatening to tear up the floorboards at 3 a.m. because you complained there were two beetles mating under there.”

“Fireflies are…well, they’re just different.”

“An insect is an insect, Jim.”

“Nope. Fireflies are nights in the woods around the campfire; showing you the path back from the lake; and fireworks without the noise.”

“Amazing…why is it I never knew about your love affair with the firefly?”

“You never asked. Now, if you are no longer in need of my services, I’m going back to bed. Goodnight, Chief.”

Blair watched his partner move gracefully up the stairs. Once Jim disappeared from view, he moved into his own room. Taking a small jar off his desk, he moved to the window by the fire escape and carefully opened it, cringing creaked. He held his breath for a minute, but hearing no noise from upstairs he held the bottle out the window and unscrewed the cap. “Thanks guys,” he whispered as he held the jar upside down. Three flashes of light assured him the jar was empty. He watched until they disappeared from sight.

Climbing into his own bed, he smiled to himself. “Good night, Jim. Sleep well.” He whispered before closing his eyes.

“I will now. Thanks, Blair,” Jim whispered back, knowing he wouldn’t be heard.