New Arrivals

The Choking Wolf
by Langley

Part 2 of Sentinel Urban Legends Series.

Disclaimer: None the characters mentioned are mine. Now if Santa wanted to bring me something nice for Christmas...

"Chief, you're to have someone with at all times until we catch Collins. You're the only person that who saw him murder his part-" Jim stopped quickly inside the doorway of the loft. Blair plowed into his back, sending the Sentinel another few inches inside the loft.

In the middle of the loft floor, Blair's spirit guide was hunched over, choking. The jaguar sat behind the wolf, patting the its back with a paw.

"Jim, what's going on." The younger man tried to peer over the older man's shoulder. Jim stepped over to the side causing Blair to lose his balance. He reached out and snagged his guide by the arm and pulled him upright. "Do you see what I do?"

"Oh, man." Jim had wondered after they shared the vision of the jaguar and wolf merging at the Hargrove Hall fountain if Blair would be able to see the spirit guides. /Guess this answers that question./

The wolf gagged and coughed again and something shot out of its mouth.

A human finger lay on the floor.

"Jim, do you think that came from the spirit plane-"

Jim finished, "Or is someone in the loft?"

Blair's voice guided him in searching the loft with his senses.

"Someone is in your bedroom. Stay here, Chief."

Jim drew out his gun as he walked over to the closed French doors. He heard the muffled sound of a heart beating in the room. Cautiously, he opened the door.

The sound of the heartbeat came from the closet.

Jim pointed the gun at the closet door. "Come out with your hands where I can see them."

The door swung open. A tall man with streaks of gray running through lank dark hair came out. Blood streaked clothes that looked like they had been in a shredder. He held his left hand protectively against his chest.

The hand was missing a finger.

Jim recognized the man. Collins.

"Sandburg, call for an ambulance."

Jim didn't need Sentinel hearing to hear Sandburg's muttered, "I am Phone Boy. See me call 911."

Simon arrived just as the EMTs took Collins out on a gurney. "Would someone tell me what happened here? I thought Fraser and Vecchio took the wolf back with them to Chicago."

"Diefenbaker," Blair spoke up from where he sat on the couch. "And he went back with them."

"Then would one of you care to explain how a wolf got into you apartment and bit off Collins' finger?"

"It was Sandburg's spirit guide?"

Simon turned his incredulous gaze on the Sentinel. "You can't be serious."

"Collins must have broken in here. Blair's guide must have realized that Blair was in some sort of danger and attacked him."

"I didn't hear this." Simon spun on his heel. "I want to see your report on my desk by morning."

The door slammed shut behind him.

"Jim, how are we going to explain this in a report."

Chief, I'm going to leave it up to you." Jim headed towards the stairs leading to his bedroom. "After all you are the resident obfuscator."