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Greater Love 4 - Lifted
by Maj

Summary: It was a dark and stormy night. Rated PG-13 for language.

Disclaimer: The Sentinel and its characters belong to Pet Fly, UPN and Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended.

"Jim! Jim, come on man wake up, we need your help!" Jim slowly became aware of the sound of his guide's panic stricken voice. "Jim, we're stuck in the elevator. The power's gone out and we're stuck between floors."

Cursing under his breath, Jim got out of bed and quickly pulled on some warm clothes. It had been snowing steadily for the last two days and as he looked out the window, he could see it was now blizzarding outside. It looked as though the weather had finally brought the power lines down.

He hurried out to the lift and listened. He could hear Blair's racing heartbeat and panicked breathing. In the background there was a pained groan. He rushed down the stairs to where he judged the lift to be stuck.

"Blair, can you hear me? What's going on in there?" He called through the door.

"Jim! Oh man am I glad to hear your voice. I've been calling for ages, I thought you'd never hear me." Blair's voice echoed from behind the door.

"Hang on Chief, I'll go get something to get these doors open." Without waiting for an answer he ran down the stairs and grabbed an old pry bar that had ended up in the back of his truck. Hurrying back he soon had the doors open. Not that it made much difference, there was only an eighteen-inch gap at the top of the car showing.

Jim kneeled down and peered into the dark interior. Blair's face suddenly popped up in front of him. Startled, Jim over-balanced and landed heavily on his rear.

"That's not funny Sandburg." He growled, standing up and rubbing his bruised behind.

"Nothing about this is funny, Jim! Megan's in here with me. She went into labour a little while ago. I phoned an ambulance but they said they couldn't get out here for at least an hour. I thought I could get through in the new van 'cause it's got four-wheel drive. I was trying to phone you to come with us but I couldn't get a signal in here. Then everything stopped and the lights went out. Then her waters broke and I couldn't see anything, couldn't help her. I've been shouting for ages...."

Blair's voice started to take on a slightly hysterical tone and he looked to be heading for a full-blown panic attack.

"Whoa! Slow down Chief! Breathe. First things first." He looked past Blair and dialled up his sight so that he could see Megan, sitting in the corner. "Megan, how are you doing?"

His answer was another agonised moan as another contraction hit.

"Stop asking stupid questions. I'm about to pass something the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a grapefruit, how the hell do you think I am? I swear you're gonna pay for this Sandy. You're having the next one."

"Ok. I'm going to get some lights and blankets so we can get you comfortable and see what we're doing. Try to stay calm," Jim stared pointedly at Blair, "we'll get you out somehow."

He hurried back to the loft and grabbed every flashlight and lantern he could find. He pulled some blankets from the linen closet. He snatched up his cell phone on the way out and was speaking to an emergency operator by the time he returned to the lift.

Blair was sitting with Megan when he arrived. He looked up worriedly.

"Jim, they're getting closer together." He winced as Megan squeezed his hand through another contraction. "I went to the classes and read the books. It shouldn't be happening this quick."

Jim passed the blankets and a couple of flashlights through, all the while explaining to the operator what was happening. He beckoned Blair over and spoke quietly.

"The operator is contacting the fire service, they're gonna try to get out here with some paramedics, but it could take some time. You better be prepared to deliver the baby here. She's going to put a doctor on the phone to talk you through it if necessary."

By this time the noise on the landing had attracted some attention. Some of their neighbours had come out to see what was going on. One of them, an old lady in her sixties approached Jim.

"Mr Ellison, is everything alright? Is someone stuck in the lift?"

Blair's face appeared again and he called to his worried neighbour.

"Mrs Hennessey, it's me. Megan's gone into labour and we're stuck."

Mrs Hennessey looked alarmed. "Poor girl, how is she doing? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Jim took hold of the old lady's elbow and drew her to one side.

"It looks as though we may have to deliver here if the fire service can't get through. I've a list of things we're likely to need, could you and the others try to gather these things together. I don't want to leave the two of them again."

"This is your lucky day young man. I was a midwife before I retired. I think I can organise this lot for you."

She bustled off and started dishing out orders. Before he knew it things were arriving from all directions. Pillows were passed through and placed behind Megan's back. A sheet was draped across her lap for privacy as Blair prepared her for delivery. A bowl of hot water was passed through and Blair was told to wash his hands thoroughly.

While all this was going on Jim was talking with the doctor on the other end of the phone. He agreed that with Jim's medic training and Mrs Hennessey's experience that it should all go well, but agreed to stay on the line in case anything went wrong.

Soon everything was set up and not a moment too soon. Jim heard a quietly muttered litany of colourful Australian curses.

"Arghhhh...Ok this is it." Megan yelled. Looking at Blair's slightly green complexion. "You can be sick when it's all over."

Afterwards everything seemed like a blur. Things moved along quickly and before he knew it a small head appeared, covered in a mass of dark hair. With directions shouted by Mrs Hennessey the rest of the baby was soon delivered. The cord was quickly tied and cut and the afterbirth delivered.

Everyone gathered round and peered in at the tired but happy family huddled in the lift. Megan and Blair appeared besotted with their little bundle of joy. Blair had carefully wrapped the baby in a soft blanket so that all that could be seen was its face and some dark curls at the front.

Blair looked up at Jim with tears streaming down his face.

"Jim, I'm a dad! It's a boy! Isn't he beautiful, just like his mom." He turned and kissed an equally tearful Megan. "Thank you so much."

There wasn't a dry eye in the place. Suddenly everyone was blasted from this captivating scene by the sound of sirens as the fire department and an ambulance pulled up outside.

Soon the place was full of fire-fighters and paramedics as well as neighbours and it started to get very cramped. Mrs Hennessey started shooing all the residents back to their apartments, promising to keep them informed on what was happening. The paramedics set up their gear while the fire-fighters went up to the roof to winch up the elevator car.

Once everything was set Megan whispered quietly to Blair, kissed the baby and handed him to his father. Blair brought him over and held him up to Jim.

"Just in case anything goes wrong. You'll take care of him won't you?" Megan called over.

Jim nodded, unable to speak past the lump in his throat. He knew they were not just referring to this night. Solemnly he reached down and took the precious bundle, which promptly wet all over him.

Blair snickered as Jim stood dripping and sniffing suspiciously at the baby. As soon as the cold air hit the wet blanket the baby started to yell in outrage. Jim found himself looking into a pair of eerily familiar, pissed off blue eyes. He had seen that exact same expression in his partner's eyes. Apparently Sandburg Jr didn't do cold and wet very well either.

Blair and Megan dissolved into giggles as Jim tried to comfort the wailing infant without actually touching any part of him. Jim glared at them, which only made them laugh harder.

Eventually one of the paramedics took pity on him and took the baby to check him over. Meanwhile the fire department made short work of winching the lift up. Megan was carefully moved to the stretcher and given a brief examination before being moved to the ambulance.

As they watched her being wheeled away, Jim slapped Blair on the back.

"Well congratulations dad. I thought you handled that very well. Now all you have to do is clear up the mess." He indicated the blood and fluids that liberally splattered the interior of the lift.

Blair's face drained of colour. His eyes became glassy and his knees began to sag. Jim grabbed him quickly, before he could fall and injure himself.

Mrs Hennessey saw what was happening and hurried over.

"Oh you poor thing. It's all been a bit much hasn't it?" She gently patted Blair's cheek. "You get yourselves off to the hospital now, I'll take care of this mess."

Jim helped a still somewhat shaky Blair down to the truck. While they followed the ambulance to the hospital, Blair started making all the necessary phone calls. Congratulations started pouring in and they were guaranteed a large group of visitors the next day.

The next morning found them all feeling more refreshed. Megan had settled into her room and seemed to quickly recovering from her ordeal. Everyone agreed that Blair had done a good job, with guidance, of delivering his son. Blair and Jim had even managed to get some sleep in the waiting room, after first checking on the baby and cooing over him for some time.

After a quick freshen up courtesy of the staff changing room, they gathered in Megan's room to admire the baby and await their visitors.

Simon paused outside the room and peered through the little window. He could hear the discussion taking place inside.

"I don't care where he was born Sandy, we are NOT calling him Otis. I will not name my first born after an elevator." Megan's voice was firm.

Blair smirked. "Well I think it's appropriate. Especially when you consider he was concei....ow!"

Megan's hand shot out and gave him a hefty smack up side the head.

Jim, who had just taken a sip of his drink, choked and sprayed coffee all over Blair's clean scrub top.

"Ewww. Gross man!" Blair brushed at wet marks on his front.

"What do you mean? He" Jim's face screwed up in disgust. "In the lift at Prospect?"

Blair looked sheepish and Megan blushed a rosy hue.

"Yeah. You know you complained to the building super that the lift kept breaking down...well it wasn't exactly broken. We'd been out celebrating our one month anniversary and...ow!" Megan's hand landed with unerring accuracy.

Jim had stuck his fingers in his ears and was making a "la la" noise so that he couldn't hear.

"That really is way too much information, Chief."

Simon decided now was a good time to go in, before Blair could dig himself in any deeper. Wiping the smile off his face he knocked and walked in.

"So Sandburg, I hear your son is already taking after you in the trouble magnet department." Simon presented Megan with a huge bunch of roses and kissed her on the cheek.

He stooped to peer into the crib at the recently fed and contentedly snoring baby. There was a moment's quiet as Simon studied the baby's features. From the head of auburn curls to the delicately pouting lips, he was the image of his father.

The quiet contemplation was suddenly shattered as the baby broke wind very loudly. Simon who had been breathing in the new baby smell, shot back away from the crib as a whole different smell wafted around the room.

Jim started fanning the smell away from his face. "Oh yeah! He's just like his father in a lot of things."

The End