New Arrivals

A Heartbeat Away
by Vision

Summary: Smarm.

Dedication: To my friend and fellow Jimbabe, BJKira.

Disclaimer: Canon characters do not belong to me. They are the property of Pet Fly and Paramount. I don't make any money etc. etc. Vision sends Becky a big thank you for all of her work.

Tossing his keys in the general direction of the basket, Jim kicked the door closed with his foot. The eerie silence of the loft immediately registered in his mind. Shuffling towards the kitchen, Jim noticed a piece of white paper stuck to the fridge door. Snatching it from the door, Jim read the note aloud. "Jim. There's lasagna in the microwave and some salad in the fridge. NO WONDERBURGER! See you in the morning. Blair."

Setting the microwave to warm, Jim retrieved the salad and a beer from the fridge. The aroma of the homemade lasagna tickled his nostrils. Setting the warmed plate of pasta on the coffee table, he settled himself on the couch. A small sticky note lay beside the TV remote. Gently removing the note, Jim smiled at the pencil scrawled words:


That basketball game you wanted to watch was pre-empted. Picked up that Santana CD you were eyeing yesterday. See you soon.


Eyeing the CD case beside the stereo, Jim took another forkful of the lasagna before turning his attention towards the unopened CD. Moments later, the sound of crinkled cellophane followed by a gentle soothing rhythm filled the loft. Suddenly feeling overcome by weariness, Jim laid his head on the back of the couch. The shrill ringing of the cell phone jolting him from his slumber. Bleary-eyed, Jim reached for the phone. "Ellison."

The voice on the other end of the line held a tone of mock irritation. "You know, Jim. Beds are a lot more comfortable."

Wiping the sleep from his eyes, Jim nestled himself deeper into the cushions. "Right, Chief. How's the seminar?"

"Boring. How was your day?"

Closing his eyes as he leaned his head closer to the phone, Jim mused. "Two robberies, one assault, normal day. Thanks for the food."

"No problem, man. I guess you found the CD."

"Yeah. Thanks. When're you coming home?"

"Be home just after breakfast. I'll meet you at the station."

Stretching his hearing across the miles, Jim found himself focusing on the steady rhythm of Blair's heart. Music and heartbeat uniting in a soothing chorus of serenity. A gentle voice trickled at the edge of his eardrum. "Jim. Hey buddy. You still with me? I think you better head to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

Shifting to a sitting position Jim shook his fog clouded head. "Okay, Chief. Good night."

"Good night, Jim."

Gently replacing the phone, Jim sighed. Glancing up at his bedroom, Jim rolled his eyes at what seemed to be an endless amount of stairs. Pushing himself off the sofa, Jim shuffled towards the kitchen and placed the half-eaten plate of lasagna on the counter. Forcing his eyes to remain partially open, he stumbled drowsily towards the bathroom. Minutes later after completing his usual bedtime routine, Jim found himself standing outside Blair's bedroom door. A large marker-etched note adorned the outside of the room. A broad smile covered Jim's face as he read the note:


If you're reading this note then I know you're too damn tired to make it up all those stairs. Crash in my room. NO COUCH! I set the alarm for seven. See you in the morning.


Settling himself on Blair's bed, Jim opened his senses to the calming reverie of security that his Guide had bestowed upon him. Burrowing himself deeper into the blanket of warmth that covered his body and his soul.

-The End-