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CL HomeWriters' Services

The Library maintains a list of volunteer beta readers and consultants willing to advise writers on various topics. If you're willing to help writers with beta-reading or if you're willing to answer author questions in your area(s) of expertise, just email the Library and we'll add you to the list. Thanks!

Beta Readers volunteer listing
Consultants volunteer listing

TS Writer's Spelling Guide -- list of canon spellings of names, places, and terms from The Sentinel, compiled by the Library

Becky's Sentinel Transcripts -- transcripts for all episodes of The Sentinel.
Chaomath's Fannish Pursuits -- floorplans for the Loft and Major Crime sets.
LRH Balzer's Sentinel Fan Fiction and Tour Site -- includes a large collection of photos from the loft, the PD, etc.
Nightowl's Sentinel Resource Site -- comprehensive resource including story bible, timeline, and canon facts.
Starfox's Sentinel Gallery -- the largest collection of screengrabs from all episodes of The Sentinel.

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